Coral Springs real estate: What to expect

Coral Springs is a prosperous city that successfully combines the calm of suburban life with the amenities of a metropolitan area. Often overshadowed by its more famous neighbor, Miami, Coral Springs has its own charms and opportunities, especially when it comes to real estate. As Miami movers can attest, Coral Springs has become an increasingly popular choice for individuals and families seeking a new home. But before checking Coral Springs’ property market, it’s crucial to understand its characteristics, from property types to price trends. That’s where this article comes in. Our objective is to provide you with a comprehensive guide on what to expect when venturing into Coral Springs real estate. Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or an experienced investor, you’ll find the insights you need to make a decision.

a couple with a real estate agent about to invest in Coral Spring's real estate
Coral Springs’s real estate options are numerous.

An insight into Coral Springs and its lifestyle

Before investing in Coral Springs real estate, it’s important to get a feel for the city and see if its way of life is a good fit for you. Located just a short drive north of Fort Lauderdale, Coral Springs is more than a quiet suburb; it’s a place people go to for top-notch shopping, fun entertainment, and unique local spots. The community is made up of people from different backgrounds, including those from Haiti, Colombia, and Cuba, adding a special mix of culture to everyday life. If you love nature, you’re in luck. The city is full of parks and is close to the ocean, making it a peaceful place to live.

Whether you’re into exploring different cultures or enjoying the great outdoors, Coral Springs has something for everyone. If this sounds like the perfect place for you, consider hiring some of the best moving companies Broward County has to offer and make Coral Springs your new home.

Factors to think about before buying a home in Coral Springs

Before investing in the Coral Springs real estate market, there are several factors you’ll want to consider to ensure you’re making a good decision. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Budget Considerations: One of the first things you’ll need to consider is your budget. Coral Springs offers a range of properties, from budget-friendly options to luxury homes. It’s essential to get an idea of average home prices in the areas you’re interested in to see if they align with your financial capabilities.
  • Proximity to Amenities: Depending on your lifestyle needs, the distance to fundamental amenities like schools, hospitals, and shopping centers could be a deciding factor. It’s always more convenient to be located near these amenities, not only for day-to-day living but also for the property’s future resale value.
  • Crime Rate and Safety: Safety is a priority for most homebuyers. Researching the crime rate in different neighborhoods can provide peace of mind and help you make a confident decision. Websites and local news outlets often provide this information.
  • Accessibility: If you rely on public transportation, check the availability and convenience of local options. Even if you drive, consider the typical commute times to key places like work, school, or family and friends. The average commute time in Coral Springs is 29.3 minutes, according to DataUSA.

Taking the time to evaluate these factors carefully can guide you toward a property that not only meets your immediate needs but will also serve as a wise long-term investment. And after the evaluation, schedule residential movers Miami offers and focus on real estate tasks.

Crime & Safety in Coral Springs

Coral Springs scores relatively okay in terms of safety compared to other cities in Florida. If safety ranks high on your list of priorities, it’s important to look into various aspects, such as crime rates, in the neighborhoods you’re considering. While safety generally is better in Coral Springs than in some other areas, different neighborhoods may have their own safety profiles. Check different sources for crimes & safety.

And here’s the info according to Namely, Coral Springs has a C+ grade for crime and safety. The city’s specific crime rates per 100,000 residents are notably lower than national averages: Assault is at 65.9 versus 282.7 nationally, murder is at 0.7 versus 6.1, rape is at 23.7 versus 40.7, and robbery is at 31.1 versus 135.5. On the property crime front, burglary is at 73.3 versus 500.1 nationally, theft is at 1,040.5 versus 2,042.8, and motor vehicle theft is at 118.5 versus 284. These lower crime rates should be weighed along with other factors like budget and amenities when thinking about buying a home in Coral Springs. Overall, combining safety statistics with these other factors mentioned above can help you make a well-rounded decision when choosing a home in Coral Springs.

a couple checking different factors before moving to Coral Springs
After carefully considering different factors, you can proceed with buying or renting.

Coral Springs’s real estate: Should you rent or buy?

This will largely depend on your personal preferences. Renting is always a good option if you are not sure whether you want to settle down or not. On the other hand, buying is a great option, too, if you need stability and security. However, this decision requires careful consideration. Thus, take your time and explore the real estate market thoroughly. Now, let’s check renting and buying options. After making a decision, schedule some of the fines moving services Miami companies have to offer.

Renting in Coral Springs

Information on renting in Coral Springs can differ depending on the source, yet a general picture emerges from the available data. According to Niche, the median rent is $1,645, higher than the national average of $1,163. Rent Cafe, updated in July 2023, cites an average rent of $2,460 for an apartment measuring 1,129 sq. ft. Zumper, with data from October 2023, places the median rent at $1,750. Point2homes reports an average apartment rent of $2,460 and an average single-family rent of $3,679, with a 2% year-on-year increase.

Considering these figures, a middle-ground estimate for apartment rentals could be between $2,000 and $2,500. It’s crucial to note that rental prices can change almost daily, making consultation with a real estate agent essential. Once you’ve made your decision, Coral Springs movers can assist in facilitating a smooth move.

a real estate agent showing the best Coral Springs real estate options to a family
Your real estate agent will show you numerous options available in Coral Springs

Coral Springs real estate: Buying a home

The Coral Springs real estate market offers a variety of options for potential homebuyers. According to Niche, the median home value in the area is $393,300, significantly higher than the national median of $244,900. provides further details, stating that Coral Springs comprises 31 distinct neighborhoods with 453 homes currently for sale. These homes vary widely in price, ranging from as low as $110K to as high as $3.3 million. The median listing home price stands at $600K, with a cost of $295 per square foot. Meanwhile, the median sold home price is slightly lower at $575K.

Given this array of choices and price points, it’s clear that Coral Springs caters to a broad range of budgets and preferences. Whether you’re looking for a cozy starter home or a luxurious estate, chances are you’ll find something that fits your needs. However, because the market is dynamic, it’s advisable to consult with a real estate agent for the most current information.

Best neighborhoods in Coral Springs to rent or buy a home

Taking into account all the factors discussed above, including real estate prices, crime rates, and proximity to amenities, you can narrow down some of the best neighborhood options for renting or buying a home in Coral Springs.

  1. Heron Bay
  2. Kensington
  3. Eagle Trace
  4. The Isles

The key takeaway is that, depending on what you’re looking for, Coral Springs offers a range of neighborhoods to fit different needs. Consulting a real estate agent who specializes in the area can provide you with the most up-to-date information, helping you make the best decision for your future home. Now, let’s check each neighborhood before hiring white glove moving companies to relocate you.

sold sign
Heron Bay is a neighborhood with affluent homes.

Heron Bay real estate

According to MandelWillSell, Heron Bay stands out as one of the more luxurious neighborhoods in Coral Springs. The average price for a home here is around $942K, with prices ranging broadly from a low of $3.2K to a high of $2.5 million. With 124 listings available, the market offers variety in terms of size and style, and the average price per square foot is $315. Given its premium pricing and diverse offerings, Heron Bay is ideal for those looking for upscale properties and amenities. Whether you’re looking for a high-end family home or an extravagant mansion, Heron Bay has options to suit various luxury tastes.

Kensington neighborhood

The Kensington neighborhood in Coral Springs presents a more moderate but still upscale option for homebuyers. According to the available data fromMandelWillSell, the average price for a home in Kensington is approximately $692K. The prices vary within a range from a low of $420K to a high of $975K. Currently, there are 29 listings offering a somewhat smaller but targeted selection of homes. The average price per square foot is $294, slightly lower than in more luxurious neighborhoods like Heron Bay. Kensington could be an excellent choice for those who want a blend of comfort and affordability while still enjoying the benefits of a well-regarded community.

Eagle Trace homes

Eagle Trace in Coral Springs combines easy access to amenities with robust security features. Its location near main roads allows quick trips to Broward County’s shops, dining, and entertainment, while 24-hour security provides residents with a sense of safety. Now, regarding the real estate. Namely, according to Realtor, the median listing home price in Eagle Trace is fairly high at $1.04 million. Homes here tend to sell relatively quickly, with a median time on the market of just 34 days. The median price per square foot is $356, indicating the premium nature of these homes. Currently, there are 16 active listings to choose from.

A family with a real estate agent checking Coral Springs real estate
There are excellent neighborhoods to choose from in Coral Springs.

The Isles

When it comes to Coral Springs real estate, The Isles is a sought-after neighborhood in Coral Springs, popular for its quality schools, low crime rate, and well-maintained homes. Properties here often feature up to six bedrooms, and prices typically start just above $800,000. Residents appreciate the convenience of nearby parks, stores, dining spots, and entertainment options. Additionally, the community offers its own amenities, including a dog park and a playground for children. Overall, The Isles presents a family-friendly environment with a focus on safety and community amenities. And if this neighborhood is your choice, hire local movers Florida has and move without any stress.

A quick guide to choosing the best real estate option in Coral Springs

Coral Springs offers a combination of suburban tranquility and urban amenities, attracting a diverse community. With neighborhoods ranging from the luxurious Heron Bay to the family-friendly The Isles, there’s something for every budget and lifestyle. Prioritize your needs, whether it’s proximity to amenities, safety, or budget constraints, to narrow down your choices. Both renting and buying offer advantages depending on your long-term plans. With its rich cultural fabric, quality schools, and range of outdoor activities, Coral Springs proves to be a versatile choice for both families and individuals. Consulting a real estate agent for the latest trends can help fine-tune your decision.

professional mover next to a van
Hire professional movers in Coral Springs and move without any stress.

Moving to Coral Springs

If you’re considering a move to Coral Springs, it’s essential to get a sense of the local real estate market and lifestyle. Known for its diverse community and quality amenities, Coral Springs real estate offers a range of options, from upscale homes in Heron Bay to family-friendly environments like The Isles. Budget, safety, and proximity to amenities are critical factors to consider. Given the variety and sometimes complexity of options, hiring high end movers can smooth the transition, ensuring a seamless and stress-free relocation. From its top-notch schools to its recreational spaces, Coral Springs is a well-rounded destination for both families and individuals. Make sure to consult a real estate expert for tailored advice.


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