Best student housing options in Miami

As a college freshman, you’ll have to cover quite a bit before you can move in and start attending classes. You must find a place to stay, pack your things, find movers North Miami FL to relocate you and prepare an adequate budget. But probably the hardest part is finding good student housing options in Miami. Yes, there are many viable choices and that is probably the problem. The big question is – how to find the right one. So, let us browse through the Miami housing options for students and help you find the best one for you.

happy people taking a selfie before the move
Moving as a student is challenging, but with the right guidance, you can find affordable housing options.

Student cost of living in Miami

Before you start searching for student housing options in Miami, find out about the cost of living that awaits. This factor is crucial when choosing the best housing option for students since your overall student budget will define the amount you are going to spend on rent. Here are some cost of living traits you should know. Namely, according to University Living, annually, students should budget for tuition fees, which average between $27,000 and $56,000. Accommodation costs range from $1,111 to $2,705 monthly, depending on personal preferences and proximity to educational institutions.

Additionally, students should allocate around $139 monthly for transportation, encompassing public and other modes of transit. Awareness of these average costs can aid students in making informed decisions while pursuing their studies in Miami, facilitating a smoother academic journey. And to save money from the start, choose affordable packing services Miami companies offer and move in a budget-friendly way.

Things to know about Miami real estate

The current real estate market in Miami presents a dynamic environment for prospective buyers and renters. According to Realtor, the median listing home price stands at a strong $689K, reflecting a vibrant market. Homes are selling reasonably quickly, with properties staying on the market for a median duration of 55 days. Buyers looking into the finer details will find the median listing price per square foot to be $511, offering a range of options in terms of space and value. With 6668 active listings on Realtor, there is a healthy inventory to choose from. For those considering renting, anticipate a median rent of $3.15K. The market, characterized by these metrics, caters to a spectrum of preferences, from luxurious spaces to more budget-friendly options. It is advisable for potential buyers and renters to keep a close eye on market trends to secure the best deals.

Although the rent tends to be higher in Miami, there are affordable housing options, especially for students. Besides, prices tend to change quickly, so don’t take these numbers for granted. All in all, when searching for student housing options, it would be a great idea to network with other students online and offline and ask for recommendations. And after finding the suitable option, proceed with moving preparations. And local movers in Florida can help you move. They will navigate the whole process from start to finish. And the moving price will be student-friendly.

What do student housing options in Miami look like?

As you may know, Miami Dade County is vast, and there are quite a few housing options for you. To find the best student housing options in Miami, you will surely have to dig through the Florida housing market. But when you begin your search, immediately narrow it down to the greater Miami area. Simply because you can’t spend hours driving from one place to another. Let alone driving each day to college and back. No matter how rich you are, you can’t get your valuable time back. Traffic in Miami can be horrendous in peak hours, and highways can take most of your spare time unnecessarily.

two students in front of campus
Figure out if you are renting a place or staying on campus. Both options are viable.

The next thing you want to figure out is if you are going to apply for campus and stay there with roommates. Or you will rent a property near the college. Both options are viable, and it only depends on your budget and college location if you choose one or the other. So, before you start packing and relocating with residential movers Miami, let’s quickly go through the housing options:

  • Some students apply for campus
  • Some students rent a nearby home

Some students apply for campus

Applying for the campus is the first option. And if there is unlimited space, everyone would go there simply because it is more convenient to attend classes and have fun in your spare time. All your friends will be there, and you can have an amazing social life while studying at the same time. The only downside is that not all students can go to campus. The number of students who can use this perk is limited. And usually, it goes first to the batch of students with the best grades. Then, we have a rollout for special requests, foreign students, charity programs, etc. Lastly, you have a lottery where all applications are reviewed, and based on college policies, students are admitted or rejected. Therefore, contact your student campus personnel as soon as you receive a letter of admission. Remember, the early bird gets the worm.

Others rent a property nearby

Renting a property is another great option. And there is a twist here. You can either rent a random property in a remote location or pick one located right next to the campus. Some properties are even located within the campus area, and they advertise as such. A good example is a Biscayne Bay Campus, where you have a ton of great properties with amazing Bayview scenery. Wake up and have a cup of coffee while staring at the ocean. And remember, we are talking about renting a room here, and the price begins at $1.000 and can go well beyond $1.800.

staying in campus or renting are two student housing options in Miami
Rent a place with a bunch of roommates and have a unique college experience.

This is one option, while the other is to rent a bit further away from campus, where most properties are not student-oriented. This means you can snatch a better price, and renters won’t aim at you because you are a college student and inflate the price, knowing you have nowhere else to go. Hence, if you have a few roommates with you, you can rent an entire house and use it for whatever you like. Bring all the furniture, kitchen items, and even your bed. Or you can always rent a small apartment in a location you like the most and commute to college daily. And whatever you choose, you should review your moving budget beforehand. Prepare enough for the relocation, down payment, and rent for the entire semester.

How to find the best student housing options in Miami?

This one is easy. Simply browse real estate online, and you will find all kinds of student housing options in Miami. Learn to navigate through Miami real estate content, and you will find a perfect place for you. Of course, this is the option for those who will rent outside the campus. Or if you are renting a room in one of the facilities within the campus.

Nevertheless, you must browse all related websites daily. Check out social media as well, and if possible, connect with former students or check out one of the groups. You can easily obtain references and word of mouth regarding good properties for students. And if you are lucky, you can get in touch with the renter straight away.

a yiung woman searching for the best student housing options in Miami
Miami offers diverse housing options for students, so take your time to research.

Although, if you are unsuccessful, you should seek help from a professional realtor. Or any kind of agency that will search for student housing guided by your preset requisites. They can find a real deal easier and quicker. Also, if you settle with a realtor, they can visit properties with you and teach you more about the area. And if you are in a hurry to move and you don’t know what to do with your belongings while searching for student housing options in Miami, check storage Miami moving services or any kind of service that might benefit you in this situation. Consider this option because it can help you save time and avoid stress.

Average costs of student housing options in Miami

If you prefer a private apartment, expect to pay between $1,986 and $2,705 each month. This option is close to campus and offers more privacy, making it a popular choice for many students. On the other hand, if you’re looking at University Halls, the cost tends to be a bit lower. For an ensuite or studio space, monthly rates range from $700 to $1,600. These are situated right on the campus, offering great convenience, especially for those who prefer being near their classes. Remember, the right choice for you will depend on your budget and what you’re looking for in terms of convenience and privacy.

Who will relocate your belongings?

Depending on how much stuff you have with you, you can ask your friends, family, or one of the moving companies Miami. If you are bringing a suitcase and a few bags, then you can transport everything with a personal vehicle. But if you have a few pieces of furniture, then a moving company is a viable solution. There are college moving teams specialized for this kind of situation. Give them a call and obtain moving quotes. For such a small relocation, you shouldn’t fear that you’ll have to pay much. And it is still the most convenient way of transporting everything. It is surely a long-term investment and a good one at that.

a woman and cardboard boxes
Find a reliable moving company and pack for the relocation on time.

Moving to college – the preparations

Once you rent a property, you should start packing for moving. You will pack according to the size of your new housing in Miami. So, figure out how much space you have and prepare a moving checklist. If you are on campus, give them a call and obtain a list of prohibited items. Also, ask them if you should bring appliances, electronics, and smaller pieces of furniture. Maybe your dorm room already has a few. Lastly, ask if a roommate is assigned so you can give them a call to organize together. You should communicate about the stuff you are bringing to avoid duplicates. You surely do not need two toasters and coffee makers. Once you obtain all the info necessary, pack lightly at first and bring furniture later once you settle in.

Now you know more about the student housing options in Miami. We can’t tell you the exact locations where to look because it depends on the college you are attending. At least now you know that you can rent or move into the campus. Choose between having a single room, an entire apartment, or a whole house. Or have fun on campus if you are one of the lucky ones. And we hope you are.

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By choosing our expert movers, you get rid of the stress relocation imposes.

Choose reliable movers at affordable prices

After choosing the best student housing options in Miami, it is important to make one final choice – the moving company. However, finding a suitable and affordable one is a challenging task. Luckily, you arrived at the right address. Pro Movers Miami, besides being a reliable company, offers free moving quotes Miami students choose the most. Our skilled and expert movers will take care of the whole relocation process so you can focus on your student responsibilities. Therefore, contact us today, get your free moving estimate, and move like a pro.