What do our customers say about our Florida moving services?

When choosing the right moving services, several factors come into play. Undoubtedly, selecting the right service is a challenging task since there are numerous moving companies on the market offering more or less the same types of services. You may wonder if it matters which company I choose since the types of services are similar. But, it indeed matters. Again, you may wonder whom to hire. First and foremost, hiring a licensed moving company is a must. However, although licensed, a few companies, such as Pro Movers Miami, stand out. Why choose us? Check out what our customers say about our Florida moving services. Let our reviews speak for us.

Our Florida moving services will meet your expectations both when it comes to assistance and price.

Hiring movers based on a review is the best option

Besides hiring a moving company based on a license and experience, hiring based on a review offers several advantages. Reviews provide insight into past customers’ experiences, helping you understand the quality of service. This feedback mirrors the company’s reliability, efficiency, and customer service. Reviews often highlight movers’ ability to handle items with care, ensuring your belongings arrive safely. They can also shed light on the movers’ punctuality and speed, which are crucial for a timely move. Positive reviews can reassure you about the company’s professionalism and value for money, making it easier to trust them with your possessions.

Additionally, reviews might reveal how well a company communicates, an essential aspect of a smooth moving process. By selecting movers with positive reviews, you increase the likelihood of a satisfactory moving experience where your needs and expectations are met with professionalism and respect. This is especially important when hiring interstate movers in Florida, since such moves require utmost care and strong logistics behind.

How do you know reviews are accurate?

Genuine reviews typically provide specific details about the experience rather than vague or overly positive comments. Be wary of a large number of reviews posted in a short timeframe, as this could indicate manipulation. Checking for responses from the company can also give insights into their customer service approach. Additionally, consider the reviewer’s profile and history to estimate credibility. Seeking recommendations from people you trust, alongside online reviews, can offer a more comprehensive view of the company’s reliability and service quality. Besides, this comparison between word of mouth and online reviews will help you distinguish between trustworthy moving and fake reviews. Just give yourself time to research and compare.

Why Pro Movers Miami and our Florida moving services?

Before checking up on our moving reviews, let us present ourselves. Located in Miami-Dade, we cover a huge part of South Florida with our moving services. Whichever South Florida location you are at, we’ve got you covered. Check out the areas we serve. However, our range of moving services goes beyond just location-related ones. When choosing us, you can choose from:

  • Packing services and moving supplies: each item is packed according to high packing standards, and you don’t have to worry about where to obtain moving boxes in Miami and South Florida.
  • White glove moving services: want a relocation with no clutter? Then, white glove movers are the right address to turn to.
  • Specialized moving services: At Pro Movers Miami, you can opt for tailored moving services, such as antique moving services, fine art moving assistance, luxury moving, and office moving services. 
  • Piano moving services: Not many companies are proud of having separate piano moving services. Here at Pro Movers Miami, we understand the peculiarities of such a move. Therefore, we’ve developed customized piano moving assistance conducted by experts who know every detail of different types of pianos.
  • Storage services: Choose short or long-term storage for your belongings.

However, these moving services Miami and South Florida residents choose are not all we offer. You can also choose junk removal services, hurricane trash removal, labor-only, donation removal services, and an on-demand warehouse.

infographic of our packing supplies
Here at Pro Movers Miami, you get moving supplies at affordable prices.

We offer moving insurance

Reason enough to hire us alongside our reviews. Our skilled team aims for a smooth, damage-free move, but we understand accidents can occur. Our insurance options include Full Service – All Risk Insurance, Full Replacement Value – Valued Inventory, Full Replacement Value – Lump Sum, and Full Service – Named Perils, among others. Whether you’re loading yourself, renting a truck, or need catastrophe coverage, we have a plan for every unique situation. Unsure which moving insurance fits you? Contact us for a detailed explanation and to find the best match for your budget. Now that you are acquainted with our Florida moving services offer, let’s see what our clients say about it.

Pro Movers Miami providing Florida moving services
Your items are safe since we offer insurance.

What do our clients say about our Florida moving services?

Our Florida moving services have gained impressive feedback from our clients, as reflected in the 584 reviews with an average rating of 4.5 since September 2014. Clients frequently praise our timely service, noting how our movers are not only on schedule but also super fast and professional. The friendly and hard-working nature of our team is a common highlight, with many appreciating how we manage to complete jobs on time without any losses. Customers also value our transparency, mentioning the absence of hidden fees, which often adds trust and reliability to our services. The ability to accommodate urgent moves, including Sundays, stands out as a significant advantage, pointing out our dedication to meeting clients’ needs.

Overall, our commitment to punctuality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction shines through the positive reviews, making our moving services a top choice in Florida. Thus, check out our moving reviews and gain insight into our professionalism. Here’s one of the reviews:

“Pro Movers Miami was the best choice we could have made when we moved into Boca Raton from Miami. They were more reasonable than any of the other Miami movers, or even other so called discount movers with their hidden extras. Pro Movers quoted us a price and stuck to it. They worked quickly and carefully too. Every piece of furniture was carefully padded and tied in. We had a lot of odd shaped items and those were handled without issue. It was a very positive moving experience. We would hire Pro Movers of Miami again. ” Heather W.

Thus, become a part of our story and move like a pro. Now, let’s see what our clients say about individual services.

What do our clients say about our packing services?

Packing –  a process that must be flawless where mistakes are unforgivable. We can proudly say that our packing services in Miami and Florida go beyond expectations, which you can see from the customers’ reviews.

a screenshot of a moving review about our Florida moving services
Once you hire our packers, you will want to hire nobody else.

As you can see, our movers pay attention to detail, are patient, and still finish the packing process on time. We are fully aware of both the financial and sentimental value of your precious belongings. If you opt for our packing services, you can be sure each of your items will be approached individually and wrapped without any chances of damage.

Clients praise our furniture moving services

Clients have high praise for our furniture moving services, recognizing the exceptional care and efficiency we bring to one of the most challenging aspects of moving. The process of packing, disassembling, and reassembling furniture can be daunting and time-consuming. Yet, our white glove movers make it seem effortless, ensuring a smooth transition for your items. Here’s what our clients say:

“My roommate and I needed some help getting furniture that we purchased from IKEA to our condo in South Beach. I am writing this review because I wanted to let everybody know, how good those guys really are. They treated us like royalty! True gentlemen! They even got a parking ticket for leaving their truck in front of my building and did not complain at all! Max and Alex took everything out of the truck, got the parking ticket. Had to park their truck like 10 blocks away, than come back and put IKEA stuff together for us. We just watched them work. Not sure but for a girl putting IKEA anything together is a challenge but thanks to promovers we got everything done in one shot. Thanks a lot guys and sorry for that parking ticket 🙂 Love u!” Leslie D.


a review of What do our customers say about our Florida moving services regarding furniture move.
Your furniture is safe with us.

If you want to experience the same, feel free to hire our dependable white glove movers, who will approach your furniture move with utmost care and devotion. You won’t have to lift a finger. 

What do our clients say about our Florida moving services when it comes to office move?

Commercial moves are our specialty. As a company that has been running a business for a long time, we are fully aware of how important it is to run a business smoothly. Thus, we’ve developed tailored commercial moving services conducted by the finest commercial movers in Miami and beyond.  But let the reviews speak for us. Here’s one of the customer’s experiences with our commercial moves:

“Few days ago, we had to move our office in Miami from one floor to another. Promovers arrived a day prior to start packing everything. We had about 20 cubical a that needed to be taken apart and put back together. Movers did a great job. Most importantly, everything was put together the right way. Also, we had about 300 binders with documents. Everything was moved and not mixed up! Great job and thank you!!!” Natalia P.

Customers praise our efficiency

Customers consistently commend our efficiency, highlighting our team’s ability to manage even the most demanding tasks with positivity and professionalism. One client mentioned a last-minute, significant job that spanned three long days. Yet, our team, including Ernest, Damian, Jesus, Joel, Maxi, and Martin, maintained smiles and delivered exceptional service throughout, earning heartfelt thanks and hope for future collaborations.

Another client praised the stress-reducing experience provided by Damian, Ernesto, and Jesus. Their politeness, respectfulness, and efficiency stood out, marking a departure from the typically stressful moving process. The speed and professionalism of these team members made a lasting impression, showing our readiness to tackle any job. these reviews underscore our team’s commitment to overcoming obstacles, proving our dedication to making each move as smooth as possible.

Reviews point out our price transparency

Our customers frequently highlight our commitment to price transparency, a key factor in their satisfaction with our services. This aspect of our business sets us apart and builds trust with clients from the outset. They appreciate knowing exactly what to expect financially, without fear of unexpected charges appearing later. This clarity helps clients budget more effectively for their moves, contributing to a stress-free experience. The absence of hidden fees ensures that the quoted price reflects the true cost of the move, aligning with our ethos of honesty and integrity in all our dealings. By maintaining transparent pricing, we not only meet but often exceed customer expectations, reinforcing our reputation as a trustworthy moving service. This has resulted in positive feedback and repeat business, as clients feel confident in recommending our services to others seeking a fair, reliable moving company.

infographic of our moving prices
Our Florida moving services prices are transparent without any hidden fees.

Clear communication is the trait our clients love the most

Our clients often emphasize how much they value clear communication, identifying it as one of the most appreciated aspects of our service. This focus on transparency forms the core of our client interactions, ensuring that everyone involved has a comprehensive understanding of the moving process, from initial planning to final execution. This level of openness fosters trust and sets the stage for a successful move.

We understand that meeting deadlines is crucial in the moving industry. Our team goes above and beyond to ensure that every move is planned with precision, guaranteeing that timelines are not just met but often exceeded. This commitment to punctuality is a testament to our dedication to client satisfaction and the efficiency of our operations. Our ability to orchestrate perfect logistics incorporated into our Florida moving services for any move without interruptions is another point of pride.

Pro Movers Miami contact
Contact us and move like a pro.

Reach out to us and ensure you get flawless Florida moving services

Now that you are acquainted with our moving services and have an insight into what our customers say, you can make your decision on what service to use. Whether you choose distance-related services, packing, or storage, you won’t regret your decision. Besides, you can opt for specialized assistance if you are moving antiques, fine art, or luxury items. Rely on our dependable movers and ensure safety, efficiency, and transparency. Get your moving quotes Miami residents ask for, and relocate like with true professionals. Let our moving reviews guide you on what Florida moving services to use and transfer your belongings like a pro!