How to pack your glassware and fine china for storage

There comes a time in everybody’s life when their home is just too cluttered. If you happen to trip on something lying on the floor somewhere in the house, or push something off of a cupboard because there is no room, maybe it is time for you to consider renting a storage unit. Storage units are a great way to declutter your home and get rid of some stuff that takes up space in your home. But there are some things that may be tricky to pack for storage. Fragile items such as glassware and fine china can be more complicated. That is why we have created this guide! We want to help you pack and store everything the right way! So, without any further ado, let’s hop in!

pack your glassware and fine china for storage the right way
Pack your glassware the right way!

Pack your glassware and fine china for storage – how to do that?

When looking for storage Miami, there are a couple of things you need to think about. First of all, you need to see all the available sizes of storage units at your disposal. If you do not have a lot of stuff you want to store, it is a good idea to go for a smaller one. Smaller storage units cost less and will not impact your budget in the long run. However, if you have a lot of stuff you need to store, you should consider getting a larger unit. It will cost extra, but it is better than risking to break something in your cluttered home.

delicate glasses
Glasses such as these are delicate

In addition, if you have something other than glassware and fine china, you may want to consider getting a climate-controlled storage unit. These units have temperature and humidity meters that monitor the state and health of the storage unit. This does not, however, impact glassware so if you only have that, renting a regular unit should do the trick. Let’s see what is the best way to pack your glassware and fine china for storage.

Getting proper packing equipment

When you want to pack fragile items for your storage unit, you need the proper packing equipment! You can buy low-quality packing material but that is not wise. For example, low-quality packing tape can break much more easily than one of better quality. That is most moving companies Davie FL use high-quality packing materials.

A great reason to follow in their footsteps is the assurance that your items be safely packed in high-quality materials, and that there will be a lower chance of any kind of breakage and risk of damage. So, go to your local hardware store, and look for packing paper, packing tape, moving blankets, foam nuggets, air-filled wrap, and different sized boxes. You should also grab cellular boxes if they have some in stock. These boxes are like the ones you get when you buy a pack of wine bottles. You get a box with cells in which you can put glasses or other slim items.

Getting different sized boxes

Different sized boxes are a very important aspect of packing for storage or moving. This is because of higher flexibility when it comes to packing efficiency. By having different sized boxes, you will allow yourself to carefully stack the boxes in such a way so that you can use as much space as possible. You can put heavier and bulkier stuff in bigger boxes, and smaller and lighter stuff inside smaller boxes. Then you can put the heavy stuff on the bottom to serve as a foundation and stack the lighter stuff on top. You can also fill in the gaps between boxes by sliding smaller ones inside. This is called the Tetris method, and most moving companies in Florida use it when they are loading their trucks. If your local hardware store does not have different sized boxes, worry not! You can always buy boxes online!

fine china
You better get boxes for your fine china!

Packing glassware

Let’s get down to the actual packing process and learn how to pack your glassware and fine china for storage! You should start with glassware. The best way to pack glassware is by using cellular boxes. We have already explained what these are, now it is time to explain how to use them. First of all, you should grab your glasses and start wrapping them in packing paper. Take one glass and wrap it in packing paper, and put some foam nuggets inside. When you do so, put it in one cell, and then, do the same with a new glass. When you do so, put it inside the first glass and continue doing so until you reach the top of the cell. If you have enough glasses to fill the entire box, continue applying the same method for each cell.

However, this may make the box a little too heavy. If it comes to that, you can reinforce the box by taping pieces of cardboard on the outside of the box. Packing fragile items has never been easier with these cool tips!

Packing fine china

When it comes to plates and other fine china, the process is a little bit different. The same thing you are going to do is wrapping and stacking. However, you should take a box that fits your plates perfectly. You do not want any extra space. This can make the contents of the box tumble inside and risk damage being done to it. But, if you cannot find the perfect box, you can use foam nuggets.

So, take one plate and wrap it in packing paper. You can even wrap it in air-filled wrap for extra protection. Then you should put some foam nuggets inside the box, and put the plate inside. Take another plate and apply the same process. Continue doing so until you reach the top of the box, and then do the same with a new box if you have more plates and fine china.

This should be about it when it comes to packing glassware and fine china for storage. With all that said, good luck with packing for storage!