Best practices for relocating expensive rugs in Florida

When you are relocating there are plenty of things to pack and think about. Some of your belonging will be easy to pack since they will fit in a box. On the other hand, there are items such as rugs, which are definitely not easy to move. You can’t pack them in boxes or bags, and what is more, you need to take some extra care of them. However, there are many steps and tips you can follow and there are moving companies in Florida that can be of help. So, do not worry. We got you covered! In our article, read about some great tips for relocating expensive rugs in Florida. Let’s get started!

Stay organized and plan your move

When packing, it’s vital to stay organized. Also, time plays a big role. So, if you want to save time, think about all the necessary equipment you will need before the packing day. What is more, make a list of the items you need to do and purchase. You won’t forget anything this way. It is a good idea to hire long distance movers Florida, if it is too difficult for you to relocate on your own.

a man and a woman carrying a rug
Relocating expensive rugs in Florida is not easy – so plan your relocation wisely

Gather your friends to help you or hire movers

Depending on your household, you may be able to pack and move on your own. But, usually, even though your household is not that big, you will need some additional help. Rugs, especially big ones, are rather heavy and large. So, you will need your friends’ help to roll and carry them. However, If that is not an option, there are many professional and experienced companies in Florida that can give you a hand. So, think about all of these factors before you start to pack your things.

The first step is to clean your rugs before packing them for a move

The first thing that probably came into your mind is cleaning the rugs before packing them. Perhaps, you’re just moving locally to another neighborhood or maybe you are moving across the nation. Whatever the case, you need to ensure that all of your belongings are clean before you pack and load them. The same thing goes for rugs. Rugs may be items that are full of pests, dirt, and dust, especially if you have pets. So, do not forget to vacuum your rugs thoroughly before packing and moving them. You do not want dirt to ruin your priceless rugs, so take time and clean them carefully.

a vacuum cleaner and a rug
It is extremely important to clean your rugs before rolling them

Rolling and tying up comes after cleaning

Before you even start rolling and tying your rugs, it would be a great idea to turn your rugs upside down. The top side of the rug, also known as a pile, should be facing out. Maybe you are wondering why are you supposed to do this? It is because the backing of a rug is delicate and easily damaged when rolled up. Afterward, you should start rolling your rug. Here, you have to be careful and move slowly. Also, do not forget to always roll your rugs on a flat surface. It is essential to have a tight bundle that will ensure that transporting your rug to your new home is a lot easier and safer. And finally, it is highly recommended not to use packing since it will harm your rugs.

Pay attention to how you wrap your rugs after rolling them

No matter how long your rugs will stay rolled, you need to wrap and protect them. It wouldn’t make sense to take all the precautions to secure your rug only to throw it into a filthy moving truck. You’ll want to use a blanket or packing paper. However, do not use plastic. This is a common mistake that many people make. It can ruin your carpets completely, especially is your carpets are going to spend some time in storage units.  Leaving the plastic wrap on your rug for a long period of time might cause condensation, which can harm your valuable rug. Below you can find some of the wrapping and tools you will need to properly pack your rugs:

  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Proper wrapping material or paper (in this case, kraft paper can be helpful)
  • Some rope for tying rugs
  • Scissors or a knife

If this is a lot to remember, you can opt for hiring a luxury moving company. They can be of great help when relocating expensive rugs in Florida.

a man and a woman relocating expensive rugs in Florida
Be careful with your rugs and prepare the equipment beforehand

Think about where you put your rugs in a moving truck and unpack them as soon as you can

After folding and wrapping the rug properly, you will move it into the truck. In some cases, you will maybe also store it in a storage unit. Whatever the case, be careful and keep your rug upright at all times. This will provide you with a lot more space in your truck and it will also protect your rugs from damage. However, if you have to lay your rugs down, try not to put anything on top of the rugs. Surely, you do not want to cut or damage them. Also, remember to unpack them as soon as you can. It will surely take some time to get them out, clean the floors in your new home, and so on. But, once you do all that, slowly and carefully unroll them and straighten them out.

If this is all too much, we got you covered – hire professional moving companies

If you are still wondering how to pack and wrap your rugs for relocation, or if this seems rather difficult, hire movers. Moving companies offer many services that are going to handle and move your belonging with ease. That includes rugs as well. What is more, if you are using moving services your belonging will also be insured. So there is really nothing to worry about. We hope our tips helped and relocating expensive rugs in Florida should from now on be a piece of cake for you. We wish you a happy move!