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  • All estimates are being provided over the phone, virtually, on-line or via email until further notice.
  • Pre-move wellness checks for both our customers and our crew members, where all will be asked to advise us if you feel ill or suspect exposure to the virus. For our movers it would be mandatory that they stay home, and for our customers, moving services can be rescheduled, postponed or cancelled to mitigate risk, should that be necessary.
  • Our crews are equipped with gloves, disinfectant sprays/wipes and hand sanitizer for your protection and theirs.
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  • Upon arrival, our crew will still introduce themselves, walk through the home with appropriate social distance, begin to protect the home with all safeguards like floor runners, and door jams (as they always do), but in addition we ask you now (with all due respect), to please give them the appropriate space they need to safely and efficiently service your move and allow them space to do their job.
  • When available and appropriate, open doorways and windows to increase air circulation and ventilation.
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Thank you, be well and stay healthy!

Family fun in Coconut Grove, FL

Coconut Grove is, with no doubt, a great destination for families with kids. It is the absolute oldest part of Miami. As such, it has a lot of different aspects that are there for you to discover. Family fun in Coconut Grove can definitely be many different things. The Grove’s backstreets will give you an opportunity to bike or walk through them and enjoy the view of the beautiful old oaks and lots of palm trees. Many of the gorgeous sites will be wonderful for your kids. The many wild peacocks all around the area are awe-inspiring, and the tropical birds flying over you are amazing to view at any time of day. So, before contacting your Coconut Grove movers, check out some of the things this part of Miami has to offer!

The brief history of the neighborhood

At the very end of the 19th century, many travelers arrived at the shores of Coconut Grove. In the late 1880s, pioneers such as the famous ship designer Ralph Middleton Munroe and distinguished hoteliers like Isabella and Charles Peacock inhabited this part of the beautiful shore. The above-mentioned hoteliers opened the first inn in Miami. This, in turn, attracted many newcomers to the area in the upcoming years. Also,  you can still feel the culture of the first Bohemian settlers in Grand Avenue.

Coconut Grove still retained its special vibe even in the era of the Flagler railroad. The railroad practically transformed most of Miami once it arrived in these parts. Nonconformity became a synonym of the Grove. In the 1960s with the hippie movement, many of the supporters came to this part of Miami. Today, the spirit of the past that defined Coconut Grove can be felt at many of the music festivals, such as the Coconut Grove Arts Festival and the Great Grove Bed Race.

The historic tours for the whole family

If you decide to take a tour of a historic home, it will take the family fun in Coconut Grove to a whole other level. You will travel to another age in this truly must-have experience. One of the first stops should definitely be The Barnacle State Park. Once the home to Munroe, where he and his family lived a simple idyllic life, you will have an opportunity to live through a small part of another era. With a thirty-minute tour, your kids and family will be able to see some truly amazing stuff. Some of it includes hand-hewn toys and a replica of Munroe’s ship, the Egret sailboat.

family fun in coconut grove at the beach with two parents and a child
Family fun in Coconut Grove is beyond all expectations, make sure to enjoy every moment!

If you are not a fan of the simplicity of the Barnacle, you should look up the Vizcaya Museum & Gardens. It was built by a very wealthy industrialist in 1916. He had an idea to take a part of the European antique charm to this part of Miami. As a result, there is now the Mediterranian Revival mansion. It has more than 34 rooms covered in shining antiques and wonderful sights. It is a museum with a guide that comes free with the entry price. The kids will fall in love with the amazing gardens. It is full of stone statues, mazes, and bridges which are truly a beautiful sight to see.

Amazing variety of cuisine

Whether you are a fan of international or American dishes, Coconut grove can offer some great stuff for the whole family. You can find great Peruvian, French, Indian as well as Southern comfort food restaurants all around. Be sure to ask for the children’s menu each time, as these meals might not be listed in the regular one. All of this definitely makes the Grove competitive among the best Florida cities for young couples as a Miami neighborhood.

Head into the Biscayne Bay

In the early days, the whole bay area was only accessible by sailboats. Nowadays, you can still explore the bay by boat, kayak or paddleboard. Enjoy the fantastic views of the mangrove islands while you cruise through the water. Teenagers can have fun on the paddleboards, while younger children can be taken into the kayaks. There are double kayaks with life vests available and are super safe and fun for all.

Paddleboard family fun on the sea
Paddleboarding is a great way to enjoy the beauty of the Bay

You can also rent a boat in order to cruise further out of the bay. 22 to 26′ boats are a great choice to get you out on the ocean. Alternatively, you can charter a captain to take you and your family for a wonderful cruise and Miami sightseeing like never before.

Top 10 fun places for family fun in Coconut Grove

We will now take a look at some of the best places to visit and have fun with your kids. If you already visited the best art galleries in Miami and seen all the main attractions, the Grove is the perfect next step. Be sure to look up all the places and make a checklist, as none of these are worth missing out on!

  • The Great Escape Room
  • FunDimension
  • Alice C. Wainwright Park
  • Shark Valley Tram Tours
  • Jungle Island
  • Miami Children’s Museum
  • AET Kids Fit & Fun Bus
  • Unicorn Factory
  • Funkeynetics

Moving to Coconut Grove with your family

Coconut Grove is, obviously, a great place to live. Many families desire this part of Miami for their new home. One of the reasons behind that fact is that this is one of the safest places to live.  The constant police patrols make sure to keep the crime rate in the Grove low, and now it has one of the lowest crime rates. Walled and gated houses are just a part of the offer. There are even gated communities for you and your family to enjoy the highest level of protection.

The neighborhood is also well known for some of the best private schools for your kids. St Stephens, Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart and Ransom Everglades are among the most prestigious private education institutions in Miami.

Coconut Grove marina with many white boats
If you own a boat, you can be sure it will be safe and sound in the marina

Once you make your decision, be sure to take your time and plan out your relocation carefully. Look up options for storage Miami has to offer and make a detailed agenda with your movers. It is a great moment for you and your family. It is very important to make every second of it memorable and to be stress-free.

We hope this article helped you in planning out some of the first destinations you will visit with your family once you move in. We wish you luck and joy in your new adventures!