Visit the best art galleries in Miami

As the cultural center of Florida, Miami has plenty of attractions for new residents to enjoy. Concerts, music festivals, theaters, and cinemas are abundant. There are even a ballet and a symphony orchestra, both of which put on different events quite often. And if you are an art lover, we have great news for you! You will have a lot to do after you move to Miami if art is your passion. In some places, the architecture itself is enough to take your breath away. In others, you will find street art like you’ve never seen before. And for a more traditional art-fueled outing, you can visit the countless museums and galleries. The best art galleries in Miami alone are enough to occupy you for several weeks. So take a look at some of our recommendations and start planning your cultural sightseeing!

The best art galleries in Miami for those looking for a traditional art gallery visit

Miami is an excellent place for art lovers to move to. There are so many museums, galleries, and events happening that even if you started visiting them the moment your movers Homestead FL leave, you’d have exhibits to enjoy for years to come. But sometimes, you just want to spend your afternoon on a typical gallery visit, walking through a sleek, cold building and looking at the walls full of carefully curated art. Here’s where to go for that!

A person walking through an art gallery.
Miami has excellent art galleries for all art lovers.

Emerson Dorsch

The Emerson Dorsch Gallery in Little Haiti has grown immensely over the last fifteen years since its opening. With exhibits of everything from paintings to photography to video to sculpture, the gallery has something for anyone’s taste. It often features local artists, both newcomers and well-established talents. And for some extra flair, opening nights and special performances are not uncommon.

Oliver Cole Gallery

The Oliver Cole Gallery in Wynwood is perfect for those who want to discover new and up-and-coming artists. The growing collection features all sorts of mediums, including painting, photography, sculpture and more. The owner is a big fan of technical pieces so you can always expect to find perfect execution here!

Gary Nader Art Centre

The Gary Nader Art Centre is not just one of the best art galleries in Miami but also one of the biggest. The exhibition space stretches over more than 55,000 acres which include a sculpture park. The gallery thus features hundreds of pieces by contemporary artists working with different mediums.

Dina Mitrani Gallery

If you’re a fan of photography, then you definitely want to give the Dina Mitrani Gallery a visit. The gallery features only photography so lovers of the medium will enjoy something just for them.

The best art galleries in Miami for fans of contemporary art

Miami is a mecca of modern and contemporary art. It is the sole focus and feature of many of the best art galleries in Miami. Not to mention, the city itself is one big gallery of ArtDeco and MiMo architecture. So let your movers do the packing and unpacking for you while you check out these awesome oases of modern art!

An abstract sculpture.
Fans of contemporary art and sculpture will have plenty to see in Miami.

Museum of Contemporary Art, North Miami (MOCANOMI)

Although it technically belongs on the list of the best museums in Miami, MOCANOMI is also well worth a visit for anyone who loves contemporary art. Even though its collection isn’t terribly vast yet, you should prepare to spend at least a few hours here. The exhibits are often the type that takes time and thought to fully comprehend.

Fredric Snitzer Gallery

The Fredric Snitzer Gallery has been a staple of the Miami contemporary art scene since the ’70s. This makes it one of the oldest still open art galleries in South Florida. As such, it is an absolute must-see for every art lover in Miami. And with so many years of experience, you can be sure the collector will choose only the best art to show.

Avant Gallery

You can find pretty much anything but the kitchen sink in the Avant Gallery. Actually, you can probably find the kitchen sink as well. The space shows off all kinds of contemporary art, including photography, paintings, sculptures, and yes, even furniture!

Spinello Projects

Fans of contemporary and experimental art cannot miss seeing the Spinello Projects while in Miami. This is what put Miami’s contemporary art on the map, to begin with! You will find both local and international artists exhibiting some of their best here.

The best art galleries in Miami when you’re looking for something alternative

Sometimes, a traditional art gallery just won’t cut it. So what do you do when you yearn for more than seeing art on the walls? Where do you go for something more alternative? These Miami art galleries may be the answer!

Touch the art at Artechouse

Everybody knows that one of the first rules of an art gallery is not to touch the art. But that doesn’t apply at Artechouse! The immersive experience where you are encouraged to touch, move, participate in and become one with the art is unmatched anywhere in Miami.

See the art from queer and POC artists at the David Castillo Gallery

If you want to see art made primarily by artists of color and queer people, then the David Castillo Gallery is the perfect place for you. This top-notch gallery isn’t afraid to show things that are outside of the box. The eclectic mix of photography, painting, and sculpture shows the world through the eyes of an artist living outside of the norm.

Artist in a studio.
See art by diverse artists in the David Castillo Gallery.

Take a look behind the scenes at the Bakehouse Art Complex

The Bakehouse Art Complex takes you through artist studios, woodworking shops, welding rooms, photo labs, print rooms, classrooms, and of course, galleries. It is an opportunity to sneak a peek behind the scenes. You can see not just the art, but also how it’s made and where!

The best art galleries in Miami for fans of street art and street culture

Street art and street culture are not your typical art gallery exhibit. But they are an important aspect of Miami culture. And to fully experience South Florida art, you must dedicate some time to its street art. One of the best art galleries in Miami for that is the Yeelen Gallery. It showcases street culture like no other indoors gallery. Featured in it, you will find pieces heavily inspired by the local Caribbean-influenced culture. And for a more traditional way of viewing street art, check out the Wynwood Walls. This outdoor museum shows off street art in its natural habitat – the walls outside. But it does so with the added benefit of curation. So don’t hesitate a second longer! Go out and explore the art of Miami in its many amazing galleries!