Top Florida cities for young couples

The world offers a lot of options. You have that much choice that you can’t go through them all and make a decision. But if you like warmer weather and beautiful beaches, then Florida is for you. Most people think of Miami when talking about this state but it is much more than that. There are many Florida cities for young couples where you can settle and enjoy life. Just call Coral Springs movers and go in any of the cities below. You will definitely not regret!

Top Florida cities for young couples

Florida is the third-most populous state of the USA. That means that there are many places where you can settle but the real question is what are your needs. There is one thing that we have to say. Even though Florida has an unknown number of extraordinary beaches, it does not mean that cities that are located near the center of the state are less worthy. We can include several Florida cities for young couples of our choice:

  • Coral Gables
  • Sunny Isles Beach
  • Winter Springs
  • Sarasota
  • Doral 
  • Ocoee

Coral Gables

Coral Gables represents a very interesting city that has many things to offer to you. For example, the Venetian pool is located there. It was rated as the most glamorous pool in the world, according to a very popular site TripAdvisor. But a more important thing to say is that this city has a very low crime rate so you can be peaceful while walking in the city. Also, it has big wages for graduates so it is perfect for you. Once you make some money, you can easily spend it in the numerous restaurants and shops so you will not feel that there is anything different from a major city.

You should definitely visit it
Venetian Pool is the most glamorous pool in the world

Sunny Isles Beach

Many people agree that Sunny Isles Beach is one of the best Florida cities for young couples. There are several reasons for that but one that is very important for young people is the beaches. There are very beautiful sandy beaches that will just take your breath away. Other than that, there are other fun things to do in Sunny Isles Beach. Even though this city has around 20,000 residents, it offers much more options because this city is a very big tourist attraction. When we talk about about the culture and music, Aventura Arts and Cultural Center is often home to many performances. It is very popular because it often happens that the biggest music stars in the world have their concerts there.

Winter Springs

This city has around 34,000 residents. The fun fact is that more than 20% are young people between 20 and 34 years old. It is very close to Orlando which is considered to be the strongest economy in the area. That means that you will have many options for a job and the salary will be very good paid, depending on a degree and the job of course. It has a big number of resorts, parks, restaurants… Or better said everything that a young couple wants to see.


Sarasota is a very special part of this list. The city counts around 51,000 residents but it does not feel that way. What we mean by this is that it has everything that has multimillion cities in the USA. It offers museums, operas, ballets, theaters, restaurants, etc. As you can see, there is everything that you need there, no matter what are your tastes. Also, the beaches have white sand and we can all agree that they are the best looking beaches. They are rated excellent year after year and we think that this trend will continue. Many of the celebrities have houses here so you have a chance of meeting them and getting an autograph…

That is why this city is one of the best Florida cities for young couples
Sarasota will offer you everything you need


Very quiet Florida city that has many options to offer to young couples. This is a relatively young city, with about 45,000 residents. The crime rate is the lowest among all the cities on this list. Maybe the best aspect and the best quality of the city its proximity to Miami. That means that you can very easily go to Miami and return the same way. If you are in the mood to go partying, visit one of the many clubs in Miami. Once you return to your normal everyday mood, go to your home and enjoy the quiet evening with your other half.


This is one of the Florida cities for young couples that is a little bit different. The difference lies in the fact that it is far away from the beaches, located near the center of Florida. The number of residents is low, like the other cities on this list. Also, wages are good so you should not have that much problem with your job. Even though this city lies away from saltwater, you can try visiting various lakes that are located near Ocoee. They are very popular and they are very organized to serve people’s needs. After all, they are much safer than the ocean, right?

They are a good replacement for the ocean
There are many lakes near this city!

Are you convinced to move to Florida?

As you can see, there are many Florida cities for young couples and we hope that you are firm in your idea to move to Florida. But in order to enjoy all of this stuff, you have to deal with your movers. We suppose that your budget is not that high due to your age so there is some stuff to know if you want to get a reasonable price or the move. The first thing is that you have to get moving quotes Miami. Moving quotes are very important since you get the information about your move before the actual move.

But it is not enough to get just one moving quote. The best way to pay less is to get multiple quotes. That will give you more freedom where you can compare moving quotes and decide according to your needs. This is very important to do since some companies can charge you more without you even knowing due to your inexperience. Do not allow yourself to pay more than you actually have to.