Why people move from Florida?

Florida is a peninsula which attracts millions of tourists every year. It is one of the most visited locations in the world and with a good reason. The climate is good, there are a lot of great views that will just take your breath away and one of the most important things for youth, parties. On the other hand, there are a lot of downsides which make people decide that they do not want to live there anymore. Let’s see what are the things that make people move from Florida!

Why do people move from Florida?

There are a lot of reasons why one may consider leaving this beautiful place. We are all different and so are our reasons for everything. Let’s see what are the most common reasons for doing this.

  • Climate
  • Safety
  • Transportation
  • Not much to see


We have mentioned that the climate is good in Florida. It is always sunny and you can always enjoy a day outside your home. On the other hand, it is also a reason why people move from Florida. Confused? Well, you would always enjoy a sunny day in the winter. People that do not like snow or cold weather will enjoy this. On the other hand, this weather is all year long. That means that you do not have those periods where everything resets. High temperatures during the day and humidity are two main reasons why people relocate from Florida. You may be one of those people so if you are not fond of hot days, you may think about relocating from here. Of course, you will need proper long-distance movers Florida to help you get out of this peninsula.

Bad weather?

Even though the weather is almost always good in Florida, there are some exceptions. The problem with this peninsula is that it is susceptible to hurricanes, tornados, and other problematic stuff. You certainly would not want to wake up and realize that you have to get out of the house since it will most probably be destroyed. That is why you should always know about the best moving companies in Florida. If something unpredictable happens, you can always hire them on time and relocate where is much safer.

a hurricane - people move from Florida
Hurricanes can be a drag when living in Florida


Miami has a bad reputation when it comes to crime rates. It always had a high crime rate due to numerous reasons. It is the same situation nowadays. Florida has become a big IT place in the world and we all know that there is money in this sector. Thieves know this. That is why there are a lot of burglaries during the year since they expect to find something valuable in the houses. If you are working in the IT sector, Florida may not be the best place for you to live in.


One of the reasons why people move from Florida is transportation. It is one mess where you are not sure that you will get to your destination. Well, you will but at what cost? You will have to lose a lot of nerves and patience until you get to the place where you headed.

The problem with transportation in Florida is that it is not perfect. It is far from perfection. It is always late and it sometimes happens that the transport does not even come. That means that you will have to find some other way to get to your destination. Of course, if you are going somewhere near, you can relax. But if you have to go somewhere far away from the place where you live, prepare yourself for lot of stress and nervousness.

a bus
Public transportation is far from ideal

Not much to see

When someone mentions Florida, we usually think about beautiful beaches and good parties. Besides that, you will not find that much. Yes, there are some places and destinations that take your breath away. A problem is that you can visit them in just a couple of days. Once you do that, there is not that much that you can see. Florida, Miami especially, is the place where people invest in making nice and beautiful beaches and good restaurants. The biggest income is the money that comes from tourists. It should not surprise you that the government is investing in these things. If you do not mind these activities in your lifestyle, then see how much your interstate move is going to cost and relocate to Florida! On the other hand, it can be quite troublesome for people that are not used to this.

national park sign
There is not that much to see in Florida

Miami is the number one destination

We have said that there is not much too see in Florida. Miami represents the biggest and most important part of this peninsula and it should not surprise you that everything goes there. Newcomers usually go there but there is a problem. Yes, you can settle in Miami as an expat in no time but will you be able to survive all the things we just mentioned? You should understand that Miami is a noisy and loud city. If you are looking for silence and everything that goes with it, you should consider going elsewhere…


There is one thing that we have to settle. Florida is quite a nice place to live in and there is just so much stuff that you can do. On the other hand, it is not for everybody! We are all different so we all need different things in the place where we live. That is why people move from Florida for different reasons. Some of them you can ignore, some can’t. The real deal here is to see whether you will be okay living here or not. Of course, you will need time to do this since it is not an easy job to relocate somewhere where everything is totally different. It is a very good idea to retire in Florida but can you really live there for good? Be sure that you have included all the things in your decision before making all the necessary arrangements!