Where to donate items before moving in Miami

Decluttering is an important step to do before you start packing. This way, you will cut the size of items you need to pay and make some room for new items. Additionally, you will save money as packing services Miami will have less work to do. It’s a win-win situation for you. However, not all decluttered items are destined for the trash. The majority of them could find a better home and still be useful. You have a couple of options, but one of them deserves an advantage and that’s a donation. Donating decluttered items is a good way to help the ones in need. There isn’t a better feeling in a world than helping other people, and you can achieve that if you donate items before moving in Miami. Here are some places where you can donate. 

What are the charities where you can donate items before moving in Miami? 

You should start decluttering at least a week or two before you start packing. This way, you will have time to go through every room and separate items you won’t move. When you look for moving companies Miami, you can also search charities that are near you. Additionally, keep in mind that not all donation centers offer a pick-up. Here are some charities you should check out. 

  • Goodwill Industries of South Florida 
  • Miami Rescue Mission 
  • Chapman Partnership 
  • Eve’s Hope Pregnancy Center 
  • Dress for Success 

If the donation center does have a pick-up option, you should be careful not to book at the same time as the arrival of local movers Miami. When movers arrive, it can become a little bit chaotic, and you don’t want to add other people to that situation. 

poster that says spread kindness
Charity is a great way to spread kindness

Goodwill Industries of South Florida and Rescue Mission 

Goodwill Industries of South Florida is one of the more popular charities where you can donate your items. They have over 3000 stores in the country, and you can find a good number in Miami and South Florida. This organization has over 100 years of experience in the reuse and repurpose of donated items in good shape. They accept everything from furniture to jewelry, but they don’t have a pick-up option. You won’t make a mistake if you choose them as your place to donate. 

Donation is a better option than just leaving the items behind when moving from Hallandale Beach. Miami Rescue Mission is a stop you should make when you want to donate. This organization accepts most household and clothing items, appliances, furniture, and has a pick-up option. You just need to make a reservation online. 

person typing
You should make a reservation for your pickup

Eve’s Hope Pregnancy Center or Dress for Success 

These two organizations have something in common as they are more oriented to women and children. In Eve’s Hope Pregnancy Center you can donate maternity clothing, baby clothing, and items. This organization wants to empower women and help them to make better choices in life. The Dress for Success focuses more on working women, and they accept professional attire. Both these organizations don’t have a pick-up option. These were just a few places where you can donate items before moving in Miami.