The items you should leave behind when moving from Hallandale Beach

As you start packing your items for the relocation, you may notice that you have accumulated quite a lot of stuff over the years. The process of moving is by no means an easy one. The packing and relocating of items take a lot of time and effort. This is there are certain items you should leave behind when moving From Hallandale Beach and make your relocation easier. In this article, we are going to list some items that you should leave behind. Additionally, we are going to mention the importance of having reliable moving companies in Florida when relocating from Hallandale Beach.

Items to leave behind when relocating

First of all, before you start separating items for the move, make sure that you go over your entire inventory. Check the closet, garage, or basement if you have them. From there, move on to the rest of your home and check all the remaining inventory. Create a simple checklist of each item you put on your list of items to leave behind when moving.

Couple with checklist of items you should leave behind when moving.
Create a checklist of all of the items you plan on leaving behind when relocating.

Old furniture

To begin with, one of the first items that you should leave behind when moving is very old furniture. It may not be worth packing, relocating, and setting up in your new home if it is extremely damaged or old. By leaving your old furniture behind, you are making more space for the new ones and also making your packing process easier. However, if you do plan on moving old, heavy furniture, you should hire professional movers Hallandale Beach to help you out.


Food has an expiration date. So, before you begin packing your items, go through your foods, and get rid of anything past its expiration date. When the moving day gets closer, check your fridge and see what you can get rid of before your relocation. 

Bathroom items

There are numerous items in your bathroom that you do not have to pack for your move. Go through your bathroom and see which items can be easily replaced in your new home. Expired medication, bottles, medicine, toilet paper, etc. can all be left behind when relocating to your new home. You can buy new bathroom essentials for your home.

Declutter old clothes

As we have already mentioned, one of the first areas that you should check is your closet. Take a good look at your clothing and see what you can declutter before you begin packing. Decluttering makes a big difference during a move and is an absolute must if you want easier and more efficient packing. However, when you declutter your clothes, make sure you contact your local charity organization first before you throw anything away. You can always help others who will find those items useful.

Woman decluttering.
Declutter some of your old clothes and decide which items you should leave behind when moving in terms of clothing.

Old glassware

If you have a lot of glassware to pack for your move, you may consider decluttering some of it before you start packing. Take a good look at what you have. Take your glassware out and inspect it for damages. If you do have certain glassware collections that are damaged, you may consider leaving them behind. Alternatively, if you have valuable or antique glassware collections, you can choose to store them. However, make sure you know how to pack glassware for storage.

Broken or damaged items from your household inventory

Like we said at the beginning, you should go over your entire household inventory. Check all of your items and list them. When you begin packing after you have decluttered your inventory, you can go over all of the broken or damaged items that you can leave behind. Damaged CDs, broken miscellaneous items that you do not want in your new home, rusty pots and pans, etc. Anything that is junk, needs to be fixed or is broken beyond repair, you should leave behind during your relocation.

How to get rid of the items you are leaving behind?

So, we have listed all of the items that you should leave behind when moving. However, how do you get rid of them properly? You do not want to simply leave them or throw them in the garbage. There are several efficient ways in which you can get rid of the items you have left behind.

  • Donate. We have already mentioned this, but donating is extremely important and one of the best ways to not only get rid of the items you have left behind but also help others who need them more than you do.
  • Garage sale. Organizing a garage sale is not all that complicated. Your entire family can participate and you can have a ton of fun. On top of getting rid of the items you do not want in your new home, you are also making extra cash that you can then add to your budget for the move.
  • Online sale. You can put some of your items online and sell them that way.
  • Storage. Renting a storage unit is a good way to get rid of the items you do not want in your new home. You can put them there temporarily until you sell them or long-term until you can use those items you have left behind again.
A garage sale.
Organizing a garage sale, for example, is one of the easiest ways to get rid of the items you plan on leaving behind when relocating.


To sum up, there are quite a few items you should leave behind when moving. To go through your inventory properly and declutter, create a checklist, and go over one room at a time. Stay organized throughout the entire process. Always remember to hire professional moving companies in Broward County when you relocate to have a successful and stress-free move.