What to do with your car when moving to another state

Finding out how to relocate your car to another state on top of moving long-distance is a huge challenge. It becomes considerably more difficult if, like the majority of households nowadays, you have more than one car. It doesn’t need to be difficult to get your vehicle sent to your new place with Pro Movers Miami. A few choices are available to make the relocation as simple as possible. However, moving is not the only choice. You might be wondering what to do with your car when moving to another state. Here are all the options you can consider when moving to another state.

Drive to your new house

The most apparent choice is driving your car to your new house. When interstate moving companies Miami take your items, you are free to go in your car. However,  it’s not the most affordable, secure, or practical choice. Driving your car is probably the most practical and economical option if your relocation is only a few hundred miles across state boundaries. This may not work out in your favor over 500 miles. To see if you should opt for a drive, you must take the following into account. First, prices of gas, food, hotel, etc. Then, you need to see how many hours you will spend in the car. You also need to take into consideration the weather and road conditions. If you think you cannot spend so much time and money on driving your car, there are other options.

cars on the street
One option is to drive to your new house

Find someone else to drive

Hiring a driver is another alternative you have when you need to move your car. This driver may be a relative, a close acquaintance, or even a qualified driver. This choice is based on the level of faith you have in that person. You need to know who you are putting in the driver’s seat. They should have sufficient driving experience to drive your car to another state. Then, they should take care not to spill anything inside your car and not smoke there. You must address each of these issues before giving someone your keys. It is not the same when you hire White Glove moving service and have professionals take care of your items. No matter who you choose, bear in mind that doing so might result in an accident or small scratches. Additionally, you should get the final price confirmed and see who would pay for the petrol, meals, hotel, etc.

All other options to ship your car

When you’re choosing a moving company, ask them if they also provide car shipping services and packing services Miami. Your overall relocation will be simpler if professionals take care of almost every aspect of your move. In addition, only people living on the East Coast have access to Amtrak Auto Train’s direct-to-consumer freight train. You must, however, ride the train with your car. Flying from Ohio to Florida might take around an hour, but it can cost more than $150. Relocating a car by water is the most practical choice. Your car will be safe on the ship. But it’s not exactly cheap. The cost of taking a car by boat is over $2,000. Furthermore, it is not always available. You can choose this option if you are moving to Florida, Hawaii, or Alaska for example.

What to do with your car when moving to another state at the dock
You can ship your car via boat

Tow, trailer or hire a car transport company

You can also attach your automobile to a moving truck. This way you can accomplish two goals at once if you own both a vehicle and a truck. Using a tow dolly or hired auto trailer would be the best way to move your car this way.
However, it may be very unpleasant and even dangerous to pull a car or trailer if you don’t have the necessary skills or experience. In addition, consider using an auto transfer company rather than driving a lot. This is a surprisingly economical, practical, and secure choice. Find out whether the company provides open or enclosed automobile transport as well.  Prices vary depending on various things but plan on spending $1700 for coast-to-coast relocation. On the other hand, from north to south, it is usually around $1000 and vice versa. You should contact several companies and ask for their estimates.

What to do with your car when moving to another state if you want to leave it behind

Not everyone wants to move their car as well. Therefore, they need to find another solution. If you are thinking the same, here are a couple of options available for you.

  • Sell your car – if you plan to buy a new car after your relocation, now is the perfect time to sell your old one. You can try selling it online or through some agency.
  • Store your car – if you still haven’t decided what to do with your car, you can store it for the time being. You can find a storage unit where you can keep your vehicle as well. This might not be the most affordable solution, but it will give you time to make up your mind.
  • Ship it after your relocation – if you feel overwhelmed, you can always ship your car later. In this case, you should also rent a unit and a shipping company.
cars in the line
You can sell your car

How to make your decision?

When you need to decide what to do with your car when moving to another state, take a look at your situation. If you want to spend time in the car driving to your new house, prepare well in advance. However, if this is something you want to avoid, you can always hire a company to ship your car. Another option would be to hire someone to drive the car to your new house. If you plan to leave your car behind, then, you can sell it. This way, you can earn money before your relocation. If you still want to keep your car, you can store it for a certain period of time while you decide whether to ship it or come back for it.