What to consider when shipping luxury cars to Miami

Shipping a luxury item like an expensive car requires some time and good organization skills. The safety of your car is the number one priority so take your time to research and inform yourself about everything. Having to deal with the transportation of your valuable possessions can bring a lot of stress which is very understandable. If you feel overwhelmed, asking a friend for advice is always a good option. In the meantime, here are some helpful tips on things to consider when shipping luxury cars to Miami. 

shipping a luxury car like this in the photo to Miami requires a lot of planning
Shipping a luxury car to Miami requires meticulous planning

What to have in mind when shipping luxury cars to Miami

You have to be prepared

Be thorough and meticulous when researching. Luxury cars are very valuable and owners also have a great emotional attachment to these grandiose vehicles. When you are in need of shipping luxury cars to Miami the safety of your vehicle is the first thing you need to consider. Shipping such valuable item (or items) require professional assistance. It is extremely important that you find trustworthy movers and packers Miami. It is not easy having strangers take care of your precious car, but it’s important that you find someone you can trust.

Bonus tip: If you aren’t the one picking up the car make a list for the person who will do it instead. This is important so they can check on the spot if the car is in the same condition as it was before shipping.

Do a full check of your car

When you are settled down with the decision to ship your car, it is time to do a full check-up of your vehicle. Consult your mechanic and get your car inspected to make sure is in the state you want it to be. Taking photos of eventual scratches or damages on the car is a good tip. When the car arrives at the destination, you can look at the photos to be sure there are no new damages. Go through your car and remove anything that can move during transport and cause damage. Using this space to move your other luggage is not worth the risk of damaging your expensive car. You should ask should your tank be emptied before transportation, as fuel can be a potential hazard. In other cases, it’s necessary to have some fuel in the tank and a full battery, so make sure you check that.

interior of a luxury car
Go through the interior of your car and get out all the things that can potentially cause damage

Find a reputable and trusted company

As previously mentioned, you want to book professionals who can be trusted with moving your valuable possession. Reading company reviews is not a waste of time, so do your research properly. Asking for a friend’s advice is also always welcome. If you have friends that share your love for good cars, there’s a high chance they have some tips for you. You will find a lot of information and eventually get yourself the best luxury moving company, just be a little patient and trust the process. Having experienced professionals take care of your vehicle can save you from a lot of stress. Don’t forget to pause and give yourself a break. This is not an easy process, but you will get there. 

Choose the right type of transportation 

You need to consider how you want your car to be shipped. Think about what type of transportation is the best for you or contact professionals to assist with that. Moving your car can be done by land traffic, by water, or by air shipping. The last option is the most expensive one and also the fastest. You should consider the distance from place to destination to decide on the type of transport you want. Check interstate moving companies Miami if you are relocating your car from another state. Having an enclosed trailer for shipping is the best option if you want land transportation. These containers are made from durable materials that will protect your car. A cheaper but also less safe option would be an open trailer. This means your car would be submitted to good and bad weather conditions, so it’s not recommended for luxury items.

person signing a document
Consider getting insurance for additional risks, it might make you feel less anxious about the shipping

More to know

  • Don’t decide on a company just for price reasons. Having your car safely relocated is more important than saving some cash. In case of damage, your financial loss can be bigger so don’t risk it. 
  • Do your research before shipping luxury cars to Miamiand prepare. Booking a company that carries the etiquette of white glove movers Miami means getting a more detailed and perfected service. Think about what you want from a company and stick to it.
  • Most companies offer insurance coverage on a lot of risks, but risks of fire, flood, and earthquakes aren’t usually covered. Think carefully about having extra insurance, just in case. 
  • Consider that the shipping can take weeks for overseas destinations and organize according to that.

We understand you are worried about shipping your loved and valuable car. You can make it easier for yourself by carefully researching all the necessary information beforehand. This mostly considers which company would take care of your vehicle, so don’t be afraid to ask questions. There are no stupid questions, and you should require any information that will assure you your car is in safe hands. Don’t minimize the possibility of risks that are usually not covered by insurance. It’s better to spend some more money on another insurance policy than risk damage. More importantly, it will give you peace of mind