What kind of movers to hire when relocating art pieces from Coral Gables to Fort Lauderdale?

Regular home relocation can be extremely difficult, but when you add a few art pieces into the equation, the entire project becomes much harder. Simply because you must pack everything properly, dedicate an adequate budget, and find a good art moving company. And there is always a chance to damage something, so this relocation is risky, and your moving preparations and logistics must be impeccable. Therefore, the key player in this story is your moving company. However, finding the right art moving company is challenging since numerous companies are on the market. But don’t worry. Today we will help you find and hire the best one for relocating art pieces from Coral Gables to Fort Lauderdale. Thus, check this article out and find out the main traits of a reliable art moving company you should hire.

professional art moving team will help you with relocating art pieces from Coral Gables to Fort Lauderdale
If you hire a proper art moving team, relocating art pieces from Coral Gables to Fort Lauderdale shouldn’t be a problem.

Hiring professional art movers when relocating art pieces from Coral Gables to Fort Lauderdale is a must

Art pieces are usually fragile, unique, and very valuable. Therefore, they require special handling attention and care. Thus, you should avoid DIY moves at all costs. Explaining all the dangers of moving art pieces on your own is unnecessary. Besides the dangers, a DIY art move may cost you a fortune in case of damage – and the outcome may turn into both financial and emotional loss. So, the best way is to hire moving professionals, such as Pro Movers Miami, who are experienced and skilled in art moving, and, in this way, ensure both the peace of mind and the safety of your artwork.

Art pieces require different types of moving services

Now that you know that DIY move is not an option when it comes to relocating art pieces from Coral Gables to Fort Lauderdale, it’s time to think about what services to use. Of course, besides the services of fine art movers, you should think about others that suit the type and condition of your fine art items. For example, you may need white glove moving services to pack fragile and rare items since these movers have enough knowledge and equipment to conduct such a peculiar move. Besides, some items may require storage services during the transition period, and only professional storage should be considered since it has all the necessary conditions for keeping fine art safe. Therefore, when hiring moving companies Miami Dade County offers, think about the following services:

  • fine art moving
  • packing services
  • white glove moving services
  • luxury moving services
  • storage services 
  • commercial moving services 

How to find reliable art movers?

Everything begins with a search for a reliable art moving company. There are numerous moving companies Coral Gables offers you can choose from. However, only a few stand out and specialize in relocating expensive art pieces. Therefore, you must sit down and browse online until you find such a company. However, browsing for one can be daunting and time-consuming. Besides, you may come across a lot of scams on the internet. But how to know whether a company is reliable while searching the net? The answer is simple. If a company provides the license number U.S. DOT number on the website, you can proceed with hiring. Next, a company must provide an accurate address on the website.

Another way is to read online reviews of their customers. Now you may wonder how to know whether the testimonials are authentic. Figuring this out is easy. If, for example, a review sounds too good to be true or is a generic response, it is probably a scam. These are all the red flags to avoid, so read the internet information with your eyes wide open. Alongside these tips & tricks on finding a reliable moving company, there are some common traits to have in mind.

a person browsing the internet
Browse online until you find a legit and reputable moving company.

The main traits of a trustworthy moving company

After reading the reviews and checking their license, you can also rely on the following traits when searching for the right movers in Fort Lauderdale for your art move:

  • They have the knowledge and expertise needed 
  • They possess specialized artwork packing supplies and moving equipment and vehicles
  • Art movers must respect the deadlines and are attentive

The next thing you must pay attention to is the quality of the service when relocating art pieces from Coral Gables to Fort Lauderdale. As a matter of fact, you must be sure your movers are ready to undertake any task you toss in front of them. You want to focus on the safety of the relocation and for your art pieces to be transported safely. Your movers must possess everything we have mentioned above. Those are the basic requirements for each high-quality, reputable company. Therefore, inspect your movers adequately and make sure they have all the perks required.

Moving expertise and reputation

If you are looking for the best luxury moving company when relocating art pieces from Coral Gables to Fort Lauderdale, you must ensure they have a good reputation. And of course, as we have already mentioned, enough knowledge and experience in the field. Moving companies that have been in the moving business for more than five years are already a good choice – simply because the moving industry is highly competitive and the real estate market volatile. If your movers managed to stay in business and keep their reputation intact, it is good enough for you.

So, while searching for a moving company, you will confirm their legitimacy and reputation on various websites. But to avoid scammers and fraudulent movers, you should check if FMCSA or the US Movers Association accredits them. You can check the Better Business Bureau as well if you like. Any of those websites will provide the company’s complete working history. This way, you’ll know if they have enough experience and a good reputation. But if that is not enough, obtain references or find movers through word of mouth.

A woman searching the internet and a man with arms wide open
Searching for the right art movers is the half work done.

Art movers should have the necessary moving supplies when moving art pieces from Coral Gables to Fort Lauderdale

When relocating art pieces from Coral Gables to Fort Lauderdale, art movers should have tailored moving supplies. The unique needs of art pieces mean that a one-size-fits-all approach won’t suffice. For instance, delicate paintings might require acid-free packing paper and bubble wrap to prevent damage from scratches or moisture. Similarly, sculptures or other three-dimensional works may need custom-built crates to remain stable during the move. Besides, good art movers will know to use corner protectors for frames, glass-covered artwork, and strong, durable moving boxes. Many art moving companies, including moving boxes Miami companies offer, understand the importance of using sturdy, high-quality boxes of various sizes. These can be tailored to fit each unique art piece, ensuring their protection securely. A reliable art moving company should have all these supplies readily available and know how to use them effectively. This expertise is paramount to safely relocating your treasured art pieces.

Art movers must respect the deadlines and are attentive

Art movers must respect deadlines and be highly attentive, particularly when moving interstate. Transporting artwork over long distances introduces additional challenges and risks, requiring a meticulous approach. The interstate moving companies Miami offers understand this well. They know that punctuality is critical to minimizing the exposure of artworks to potentially harmful elements during transit. Additionally, staying on schedule can reduce the overall stress of the move for the client. The movers also recognize that attentiveness is key. Whether it’s paying attention to the details of the artwork’s packing requirements, handling instructions, or the conditions during transit, every detail counts. This high level of care and respect for deadlines characterizes the professionalism of these companies, making them ideal for such delicate tasks as art relocation.

Prepare your artwork for transport to Fort Lauderdale

Preparing for this kind of relocation can be frustrating. You must obtain all the required packing materials and secure your moving cargo. So, if you decide to do this yourself, you should check out a local hardware store and obtain enough cardboard boxes, labels, packing tape, and bubble wrap. You can even order everything online or purchase from your moving company. And those materials are only the beginning. You can buy much better and higher-quality ones if you must protect more valuable pieces. And in this case, you should. So, aim for customized and oddly shaped boxes as well as proper buffers and paddings for your artwork. Once you have your materials with you, pack gradually and at your comfortable pace. However, in order not to bother finding the supplies, the best way is to use packing services Miami companies provide. This way, you ensure the utmost safety of your artwork.

a couple preparing a framewor when moving art pieces from Coral gables to Fort Lauderdale
It is important to prepare your art pieces from the slightest detail before relocating.

Other ways to prepare your artwork for the move

Since the artwork is pretty demanding to pack and packing services may not be enough, you can also use other moving services to make sure your art pieces stay intact. Namely, you can use a white glove moving service for further protection. The benefits of using such a service are endless. The fact that the movers use white gloves is enough to know the amount of safety when relocating art pieces from Coral Gables to Fort Lauderdale. Besides, these movers use specialized packing materials, such as customized containers. All in all, using these services provides an unparalleled moving experience.

Use storage when relocating art pieces from Coral Gables to Fort Lauderdale

Another great moving aspect is using storage. However, you cannot simply book one. First, you need to check the overall condition of a storage unit and the main options it offers. For art pieces, it is recommended to use climate-controlled units. to protect them from moisture, dirt, and other conditions. Next, it is important to have storage items at hand whenever you need to retrieve your artwork. Therefore, whether you need extra home space, want to declutter, live in a temporary house until the moving day, or simply need storage before, during, and after the moving process, using storage units Miami companies provide is the best solution when relocating art pieces from Coral gables to Fort Lauderdale.

a man in storage before relocating art pieces from Coral gables to Fort Lauderdale
Using storage is a great idea when relocating art pieces.

Relocating art pieces from Coral Gables to Fort Lauderdale requires moving insurance

Lastly, whether you are doing everything yourself or using movers to handle this task, you must have moving insurance for art pieces. Especially now that you have several unique and valuable art pieces with you. So, you can purchase one from your movers or the insurance company. Do it however you like; just be sure to have one. It will bring you stability, safety, and a piece of mind. You can rest assured your artwork will be transported safely, and in case something goes south, you’ll be reimbursed appropriately.

Relocating fine art business

When you decide to relocate a fine art business, choosing professional commercial movers and their packing services becomes essential. These companies offer specialized packing supplies, including waterproof materials, ensuring your valuable pieces are well-protected during the move. Opting for white glove moving services is also a wise choice. These services handle your art with the utmost care, from packing to installation at the new location. Additionally, as previously stated, securing insurance for your art collection is crucial. It provides peace of mind, covering any potential damage or loss during relocation.

Do you need more than one service when relocating art pieces from Coral Gables to Fort Lauderdale?

The answer to this question depends solely on the type of your fine art items and the overall complexity of the move. Usually, fine art movers provide all types of moving help within the same services. However, sometimes you may need additional help, such as the help of white-glove moving professionals as well as commercial movers in case you are relocating your art gallery, for example. Therefore, when hiring moving companies Broward County offers, consult with them about the peculiarities of your move, and they will surely suggest the best moving options in order for your fine art items to arrive safely at the final destination in Fort Lauderdale.

fine art
Your fine art deserves the best moving approach.

Keep your moving budget healthy

One thing is certain. Hiring reputable art moving professionals when relocating art pieces from Coral Gables to Fort Lauderdale will keep your budget healthy. You might ask how and why. The answer is simple. By using professional moving services, you will significantly lower the chances of damage and moving mishaps.

Moreover, packing and preparing art pieces for moving is complicated. Not to mention that packing materials for this occasion can cost quite a bit as well. So, if you draw the line and do the math, you will realize that professional moving services are much safer and more profitable.

Fort Lauderdale awaits!

Once you are prepared, you can start thinking about Fort Lauderdale and your new neighborhood. Obviously, you will visit this place at least once to create a moving-in plan. But find a moment where you can make an exploring plan as well. Fort Lauderdale is amazing, and there is a lot to see there. Starting with Las Olas Boulevard, where you can shop, dine, and have a ton of fun with your family. Here, you’ll find the historic district, which is a unique opportunity to learn a bit about the place. Then, you should check out all the green areas, parks, playgrounds, and of course, beaches. There are tons of beaches for you to relax on. Hopefully, you are not located far from one.

Besides, Fort Lauderdale is a great place to continue your career or raise a family. You’ll be glad to hear that it is less expensive than most of the bigger cities in Florida. Living here is around 4% cheaper than in any other place in Florida. This includes groceries, utilities, and housing. So, you are off to a good start. All you must do now is relocate safely and explore this amazing place.

Fort Lauderdale FL
Start exploring this wonderful city as soon as you arrive. You will love it here!

Relocating art pieces has never been easier

Now you know how to handle relocating art pieces from Coral Gables to Fort Lauderdale. It is a hard and delicate task for sure. But if you prepare on time and find a reliable art moving company, such as Pro Movers Miami, you shouldn’t worry for a second.  Therefore, contact us today and schedule a safe fine art relocation. Choose the services that suit you best and let our professional fine art movers do the rest.  Good luck, and stay safe.