Ways to update your kitchen on the budget

An average kitchen remodeling costs a staggering $21,750, and some high-end ones almost $50,900. No bones about it: it’s a lot of money. But you don’t have to shell out a lot of money to have a big impact on an outdated kitchen. Whether you’ve lived in your home for years or just got keys after moving with local movers Florida, here are a few ways to update your kitchen on the budget.

How can you update your kitchen on the budget?

You can create a functional and comfortable kitchen that your whole family will enjoy without spending a fortune. According to bankrate.com, the average cost of repairing a kitchen is from 12,700 to 33,200 dollars. Instead of breaking the bank, get rid of this upgrading itch with these DIY kitchen updates, all for less than $100.

1. Hang some art

We are big fans of art in the kitchen. If you have any kind of blank walls, a place to put a frame right on your desk, or even a huge gap between your upper cabinets and the ceiling, then we say that you need to add some art! Framed items belong to your kitchen just like your dining or living room.

Living room
The style is completely up to you

2. Add a mat

The rug does so much for the kitchen: it covers an ugly floor, adds color and creates a softer surface for your tired legs. We love options at West Elm, Wayfair, and even Urban Outfitters if we had to pick a few.

3. Paint something

We do not tell you to paint your kitchen cabinets. (Although this is possible and of great importance in your space, it is not easy to do compared to the rest of the ideas on this list.) Instead, you just need to paint something. A bump-out. The only accent wall. Anything! For example, painting your doors is a great low-budget beach house improvement idea.

4. Add wallpaper

There are so many great wallpapers that you can take off these days, especially at Target. You can sort the parameters by template (for example, geometric) or color (blue, gold, etc.), to find something ideal for your space. With some nice wallpaper, you can easily update your kitchen on the budget.

5. Connect the pendant light

Do not want to start working on electricity and circuit breakers? We fully understand that! You can still add new coverage without messing with all these dangerous things. Home Depot offers many pendant lights that plug into a wall outlet (just plug one in, plug in the cord and hang on a hook on the ceiling). The home goods store also has kits for refitting pendant lights that allow you to screw a pendant light to any recessed lamp.

6. Clear the mess

Spend a few hours cleaning up the mess from your kitchen cabinets and counters. Throw away obsolete or junk food, donate dishes and appliances that you no longer use, and remove items that do not belong in the kitchen. If you are not ready to give away your belongings, you can always put them in storage Miami. You will not spend a dime on creating a neater, more functional and spacious kitchen.

7. Change the seating

If you have an island in your kitchen, then big changes can happen if you purchase new barstools. Some of our favorite barstool sites are Wayfair, World Market, and Industry West. We are also fans of two Amazon furniture brands, Rivet and Stone & Beam.

8. Get a colorful small appliance

Small household appliances are like pillows for the kitchen, but only more useful. Get a stand mixer in your favorite color, a cute coffee machine, or a pastel toaster and leave it on your worktop. As long as you regularly review or use the machine, it will be worth the space that it requires.

Coffee machine
A colorful appliance will perfectly update your kitchen on the budget

9. Add a backsplash

Once again, peeling and sticking technology comes with a win. You can add a protective layer without having to deal with grout. Home Depot has several stick-on shields that could not be easier to install. You could use false subway tiles, but it would be nice to see how the kitchen pulls those marble hexagonal tiles or copper ones.

10. Hang several shelves

Even if you are not a fan of full-fledged open shelving in the kitchen, we assume that you can handle several shelves. They not only add extra storage space but also give space to add decorative touches. And, believe it or not, Urban Outfitters has some of the coolest and most unique shelves we’ve seen.

11. Install a new tap

If you buy a faucet with the same characteristics as yours, then you can easily change it without replacing the sink or drilling new holes in the work surface. You will be amazed at the difference that the new faucet will bring.

12. Do a makeover of the countertops

Replacing countertops requires probably more work than you think. This is where transformation kits come in. They include everything you need to make your old countertop look like fancy granite.

13. And your refrigerator

It is quite possible to do over your appliances! First, you can color your refrigerator. You can also cover it with sticky contact paper. Or you can use stainless steel liquid paint to make your refrigerator and oven look like the matching set.

14. Pick up some plants

Plants will make every space look better. And they are also great for decorating a rental apartment. The easiest way to get a bunch? Shop them on Amazon. That’s right – Amazon sells plants. For the kitchen, we recommend hearty options such as aloe vera plants, spider plants, and English ivy.

15. Get a beautiful organizer

In the past, most of us would never have combined the words “beautiful” and “organizer”. There were things made for decoration, and then there were things designed for work. It is changing more and more. You can find a lot of interesting organizers. Each of them is more beautiful than the previous one. We get that you have to store things in the kitchen – just do it in a stylish organizer, and space will look infinitely better.

16. Add lights under the cabinet

The ability to see what you are doing in your kitchen is a kind of key. In addition, lighting helps add atmosphere. Enter: lights under the cabinet. They are inexpensive and super easy to install. There are several types you can choose from.

Kitchen cabinet
Adding some extra lighting to your cabinet can even make cooking look more appealing

As you can see, it is possible to update your kitchen on the budget, you just need some imagination. Of course, it might require some extra work, but you will be satisfied to see that you decorated your home with something you made.