Low-budget beach house improvement ideas

So, you have just bought a beach house because it was cheaper but do not really like how it looks. Or maybe you want to move to a beach house? Maybe it is the old stale paint job that does not make you feel like at home. Or maybe it is the front patio that does not really give the feel of a beach house. Whatever it is, worry not! There are many low-budget beach house improvement ideas you can use to make it feel just like home! Do not start looking for moving companies in Florida just yet! Read this article first so you can be ready to improve your beach house at a moment’s notice. So, without any further ado, let’s dive in!

Low-budget beach house improvement ideas

What are the best home improvement ideas you can think of? Is it a new paint job? Or you maybe want to change the windows or the flooring. Lighting is surely somewhere further down the list. Let’s talk about these in detail so you can choose the best ideas for your new home!

New paint job

This is one of the best ways to give your new home a completely new look. If you think about it, it is the first thing that people see when they visit your home. That is a big reason to invest in this. It is also one of the cheapest ways to improve your beach house. Even if your beach home is not your primary residence, you want it to look nice from the outside. When it is your vacation and you go to your beach house, it will be an amazing feeling to see how the house fits into the background. A beautiful light blue color of your house paired up with the neverending ocean in the background. Certainly, one of the greatest feelings when you are slowly approaching your beach residence.

Paint job is a great low-budget home improvement idea
Give your house a new paint job

In addition to painting the outside of your home, you should consider giving the interior a new paint job as well. If the paint on the walls is dated, then giving it a fresh makeover will certainly make it look more appealing. You should choose bright colors for your lobby and paint the neighboring rooms in the same color, or a different variant of it. Cohesion is important when you are painting your interior. This is especially relevant if you do not have doors, but arches, so you can see the neighboring rooms when you enter the front door. So, choose a bright color you like, and get to painting!

Painting your front door

Have you ever looked at pictures from Greek postcards? If you have, you probably noticed the huge number of white houses on it. This is because white is the best color for making the sea or ocean stand out when compared to it. There is also another thing that really stands out in those photos. The blue front door. The same contrast that is applied when you paint your house white in comparison to the ocean blue. To give your house an artistic beach feel, paint your front door blue and enjoy the look of the exterior of your home. This will also add a lot of value to your house if you ever plan on selling or renting it. The best part is that it is dirt cheap!

front door
Light blue front door is a great idea

Add plants in your home

What do you feel like when you enter a home and see a beautiful plant in the corner of the room, casting its leaves and bending beautifully under the sun rays coming through the windows? Amazing, right? Well, this is one of the best ways to make your beach house feel like home. Plantlife can also add a lot of value if you are planning on selling the house. The only thing you have to do is choose the perfect one. Do not get a plant that will overshadow the rest of the furniture in the room. Just get the one that will compliment everything in your room. This is a great and low-budget beach house home improvement idea you should really consider implementing.


Windows are a big part of both your interior and exterior. If the windows that are already present in your home are old and worn out, it is wise to change them. You can get new wooden windows if you like that style but the preferred choice and recommended one are the PVC ones. They are great at keeping the heat outside in the summer months and keeping cold out in the winter months. You should definitely consider changing them. It is maybe one of the more expensive home improvement ideas on the list, but it is certainly worthwhile.

old window
If your windows look like this, it’s time for an upgrade

Upgrading your lighting

The lighting in your house can really change the mood of your rooms. Creating good lighting in your home can be considered an art form really. Just ask any interior decorator and they will certainly confirm that. Even Coral Springs movers will tell you that this is a major factor when people choose their home! This is because there are several types of lighting you can employ to set the tone in your home.

There is ambient, task, and accent lighting. The ambient lighting is the main source of light in your room and that is basically its only purpose. It is used to illuminate everything in your room to a certain extent. You can also set up gauges so you have more control of your ambient lighting. The next type is task lighting and it is used for desks and other places where you do a specific thing, for example, your workbench. And the remaining type is the artsy one. Accent lighting is used to illuminate a certain object in your room to give it more significance. For example, an artwork, or a vase. This is maybe a bit more expensive, but it is nothing compared to major home renovation ideas.