Top reasons why moving to Aventura appeals to young families

Florida has demonstrated for many years that it is a desirable area to live in. Additionally, Florida is home to other well-known cities including Miami, Tampa, and Orlando. Even though these cities are popular, you can hire the best moving companies in Miami to relocate to Aventura. Despite being a tiny town, Aventura is one of the best cities to live in Florida. It boasts all the advantages of Florida, like excellent weather and no state income tax, as well as ones unique to Aventura. If you choose to relocate here, you won’t make a mistake. You’ll discover why moving to Aventura appeals to young families.

It has some of the best schools in Florida

Since young families usually have small children or are planning to have them soon, it is important to consider schools. The high standard of education and the excellent schools are some of the things of which the city is proud. The Aventura City of Excellence School, located along NE 188th Street, is one school in the city that has a 10/10 rating from Great Schools Rating. Other noteworthy schools in and around the area include the 8/10-rated Aventura Waterways K-8 Center and the 8/10-rated Virginia A. Boone- Highland Oaks School. In addition to these outstanding schools, the city places high importance on education, which encourages families to pursue the same degree of education. More than 90% of people complete high school, and around 50% have a college degree. Therefore, find your moving company Aventura and join this well-educated community.

moving to Aventura appeals to young families because of schools
Aventura has one of the best schools in the entire state

Aventure is close to the beach

Miami is known for its beaches, and Aventura is one suburb that provides quick access to the area’s many beaches. You can use the William Lehman Causeway, which connects to Collins Avenue, and runs across several beaches of the Atlantic Ocean. Golden Beach is located just across from it. Families that appreciate the sun, sand, and surf will love living here because of how near it is to all of the city’s beaches. Life in Aventura is like living a few steps from a vacation spot that you may enjoy whenever you want and without paying any additional fees. After your relocation with interstate moving companies Miami, every young family will appreciate relaxing at the beach. In addition, it is important to spend time outside with your kids being active instead of sitting in front of computers for hours. This will be beneficial for your entire family.

Moving to Aventura appeals to young families because of the weather

Families in Aventura can all agree that they like the warm, sunny weather that prevails for nearly the entire year. People do not need to dress in heavy jackets, boots, and gloves during the winter here. From January through December, you can see people wearing summer clothes that include shorts, t-shirts, and flip-flops. Depending on the month, Aventura has temperatures that range from 37 degrees Fahrenheit to 84 degrees Fahrenheit on average each year. Additionally, cooling rainstorms might occur during particular months, and the wintertime is often when the humidity is at its lowest. The monsoon rains are often expected between June and October while sea breezes help with the high temperatures during the hot days. Even though sometimes the heat can be unbearable, it is usually what makes people go outside and enjoy the beach. You can do the same after relocation with long distance movers Miami.

palm trees
The weather and the beaches are one of the reasons why families like Aventura

It has a lot of amazing shopping options

Aventura is the ideal destination for you if you and your family like going shopping. The Aventura Mall, which is located inside the boundaries of this city, is Florida’s largest retail complex. With over 300 retailers, 18 fast-food restaurants, and roughly 10,000 parking spots, it is also the third biggest in the US. In addition to this well-known mall, Aventura offers a variety of additional shopping destinations, such as the following.

  • The Shoppes at the Waterways
  • Intracoastal Mall
  • The Village at Gulfstream Park
  • Sky Lake Mall

If this list isn’t enough, you will discover that there are a few additional malls close to Aventura for you to explore. These include the Mall at 163rd Street in North Miami Beach and the California Club Mall in Ives Estates. When you have a family and kids, you always need to buy something almost every day. Therefore, having many shopping options is a huge advantage.

Clean air is also an advantage

The environment in which children are raised is perhaps one of the biggest worries for parents today. With all the development going on all around, it can be challenging to find a city with very low pollution levels. As one of the rare places, Aventura’s air is clean. The city’s air quality rating is 17% higher than the national average, and its pollution index is 86%, better than that of most of the nation. Additionally, it has been reported that Aventura has a score of 71 for air quality on a scale of 100, with a higher number suggesting better quality. This is extremely important when raising kids. In addition, this would be one of the main reasons why young families are moving to Aventura. The health of your family should be the top priority. Aventura certainly makes it easy to maintain good physical and mental well-being.

people sitting at the bench
Clean air is yet another advantage of living in Aventura

Cultural diversity in Aventure

Cultural diversity is the last reason why moving to Aventura appeals to young families. Although Caucasians make up the majority of the population in Aventura, there are many other cultures present as well. Approximately 35% of the population in this city is of Hispanic heritage, with smaller percentages being African-American and Asian. Along with residents of many various ethnicities, Aventura is also home to people that have different socioeconomic and religious origins. Aventura and Miami are particularly distinctive because of this. You can see diversity in this city’s restaurants, stores, events, and neighborhoods. You definitely won’t regret moving with your family to Aventura.