Top reasons for leaving Florida

It is not all rainbows and butterflies in Florida, as so many people think. Yes, of course, there are numerous reasons to come here and enjoy the warm weather, beaches, and so many other awesome things that Florida has to offer. On the other hand, there are reasons for leaving Florida as well as there are reasons to move to Florida. You are probably wondering, what are those reasons? Sounds hard to find them, but it is not, it is quite easy actually. Like any other place in the world, it has its flaws and virtues. So, let’s see what a reason can be to leave this very appealing place. Also, we will help you prepare for moving and find reputable long distance movers Florida to help you with it. Let’s dive right in.

Florida is lovely

Florida indeed can be a lovely place to live in. There has to be a reason why so many people are moving here and retiring. Florida can give you the peace of mind and calmness that we all need at some point in our lives. That is why so many, especially older people are moving rapidly to Florida. Simply because it is heaven for retirees. There are people from all over the world that are coming to live here, so you can say that Florida is multicultural, diverse, and friendly. So, this is another plus.

Florida beach
The sunny beaches of Florida are surely a reason to stay. But is that enough?

When you hear that someone says Florida, what is the first association? What is the first thing that comes to your mind? Probably the beaches, the sun, sunset at a beach? And occasionally, a crocodile or two.  All that sounds so good. However, there are reasons for leaving Florida, and we will see what those reasons can be.

There are actual reasons for leaving Florida

There is no place in the world that is perfect to live in. Simply because people have different needs and standards. Yes, Florida has some questionable laws, long hours in traffic, and slightly lower income. Although there is no income tax, nature is stunning, and there is a lot to do here. It all depends on which part of Florida you choose to be honest. If you decide on any coastal neighborhood, you will have access to all those wonderful sunny beaches along with many job opportunities. Tourism is heavy there so you can work and have fun at the same time.

On the other hand, if you decide on living in Downtown Miami or Fort Lauderdale, you can expect to pay much more for properties and groceries. Also, commuting is terrible if you must go from one part of the city to another. So, it all depends on where you are, what kind of job you have, and whether you have kids or not. But there are a few things no one likes about Florida. Some can cope while others run away from it. We will cover those in just a minute.

What about the weather?

Despite all the beaches and the warm weather, there are many reasons for leaving Florida. One of those reasons is in fact that “lovely” weather we have just mentioned. We are not saying that people do not like the warm weather, because most people do. We are saying that warm weather gets humid really fast, and from humidity, it goes to a strong and big hurricane. That is right, hurricanes are the real deal in Florida. When you decide to move there, you need to be well aware of this fact, because if you moved here unaware of hurricanes in no time this will be one of the main reasons for you to leave Florida, and once you do, residential movers Miami will be more than happy to offer their services.

A bad weather
Hurricanes are rare but they are a real deal in Florida. Think about this topic on time.

It is sad that the feeling you have about Florida when watching movies is quite different from the reality. You will rarely see someone depicting Florida as a place full of hurricanes, humidity, and high temperatures. Yes, it is a tropical place for sure, but you can’t know enough about hurricanes unless you move here. And most people move out as soon as they feel one of the forces of nature on their skin. Not to mention that the damage on your property can hinder your progress significantly and set your budget years back. So, despite having sunny weather and lovely beaches, it can’t be compared to the damage bad weather in Florida can do. And the safety aspect is probably the main reason why people leave Florida. Sadly, we can’t control the weather.

Animals are great

Indeed, animals are great, and Florida has thousands of different species to marvel at. However, when you live in Florida there are some things that you must get used to. Things like an exotic animal in your home, basement, attic, or backyard. And there are hundreds of confirmed cases out there. You have probably heard about the stories of an alligator in a pool or in a backyard. All these true stories are good enough reasons for leaving Florida. Having a snake, spider, or possum in your home is not pleasant at all. Therefore, do not freak out. This is completely normal, and it happens.

having wild animals near your home can be the reasons for leaving Florida
The reptilian state mascot is astonishing. But not when it is in your backyard.

On the other hand, this can be one of the main reasons to leave Florida. Reason enough, and we didn’t even mention the cockroaches. And speaking of which, they are huge. Another situation where you need to keep your cool. Cockroaches have moved so many people from their homes, especially in Florida. So, yes apparently this is another big reason to leave. And if it is a reason for you, call your local movers Florida and start packing. There are many places where you can live in peace without being afraid of wild animals disturbing your home.

Tourists as the eye can see

One of the most annoying things about Florida for some people is definitely tourists. So many tourists, with their cameras taking shots and roaming out and about. This can be another reason to leave Florida. When you have many tourists in one place, there are traffic jams, slower services, and safety aspects are shaken.

Tourism is contributing a lot to the Florida economy. But as we have said, when you have more people than the environment can handle, you will face new problems. Those can be pollution, safety, longer lines in grocery stores and gas stations, and much more. Probably the biggest problem is the traffic. Most tourists bring their personal vehicle or rent one. Simply because you can’t get around in Florida without having one. Therefore, you can expect longer jams and to spend more time in traffic. So, if you are moving from Florida to New York think twice because the situation with traffic jams and tourists is almost the same. If not worse.

Commuting is awful

Among the reasons for leaving Florida is a longer commuting time. Yes, we have already explained how tourists can make this problem worse. But in general, Florida is awful when it comes to traffic and commuting. Even though there are long and wide highways with 3 or 4 lanes in one direction, you can still expect to drive at least an hour from West Palm Beach to the airport. It is just an example but again, wherever you want to go, there is an hour of driving ahead. That is why Floridians make plans on visiting one place a day, and mostly it is driving to work and back. Two hours of commuting per day is a normal thing in Florida. Just imagine what can you do with 10 hours a week if you move somewhere else where you can walk for 5 minutes and start working.

a highway by night
Commuting in Florida can cause headaches. Prepare for it.

It is surely something to think about. But keep in mind that this is not something you can improve much. Florida’s strategic place and infrastructure require people to build roads and communities in this way. If you find a job near your home, you will spend 20 minutes commuting daily. And people always aim for the Miami area, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, Jacksonville, and Tallahassee. It is understandable you want to work where you’ll be paid more. And it comes with the sacrifice. The commuting time is what you’ll have to endure if you want to live in a nice place and have a nice job in Florida. And that is probably the biggest reason why people move out. They find a better job and call one of the best moving companies in Miami straight away. If your situation is the same, you should try doing it so as well.

Safety is one of the reasons for leaving Florida

Of course, there are places and neighborhoods in Florida that are safe and hide many opportunities. IT sector is growing, and this is an opportunity for your business for sure. Call your commercial movers Miami and figure out how to relocate your business and delve into this market as soon as possible. However, since Florida is becoming an IT place to be, crime rates are higher than before.  Simply because the job market has shifted, more people became unemployed, and it led to higher crime rates. Also, public schools and their programs are not something that Florida can brag about. So, think twice before you move here because all of this can easily become another of many reasons for leaving Florida. So, let’s see:

  • Hurricanes.
  • Tornados.
  • Wild animals in your home or backyard.
  • Roaches.
  • So many tourists.
  • Lack of safety in general.

These are surely some of the reasons to think about whether Florida is the right place for you. Whether you are there with your family, or you are retiring. Always think things through and try your best to make an informed decision.

It can be so warm

Yes, as mentioned already, Florida is warm and humid throughout the year. However, this is not always a plus. It is in temperature, but it is not in everyday life. There is no break from the heat, except when there are heavy rains and those hurricanes we talked about earlier. Even then it can still be very warm. If you really, really like warm weather all the time, even in January then Florida may be in fact just the place for you.

sweating man with a towel
People with health issues can have serious problems when facing Florida’s humid weather.

But remember, such volatile weather can cause health issues or affect people with already elevated blood pressure, heart conditions, and more. If you are one of them, think long and hard if you are moving to, or from Florida. If you are about to leave, at least make it easier for you and purchase an adequate set of moving services Miami. Moving to a better place is one thing but doing it so while having an impeccable moving service will complete the effect. A wonderful journey lies ahead, make it a pleasant one.

If after everything you know about Florida, you still want to be there or move there, that is your choice. It can be a smart decision because even though there are reasons for leaving Florida. And there are always good reasons to move to Florida as well. As we mentioned already, everything has its pros and cons in life, and so does this. What you shouldn’t let yourself do, is missing on the moving companies Doral and their service. So, make the decision you think is the best, but have every information possible to do so. Good luck.