Tips for moving from FL with your pets

Moving can be quite stressful for humans let alone animals. Our trustworthy little companions can find it difficult to bear all the noise, hurry and hustle that will surround them on a moving day. They can sense that something is going on, but because they can’t read or talk unless you own an African grey parrot, they can get nervous. For best relocation deals check your residential movers Miami to find out about the best quotes for your relocation. It is important to have professional moving partners to ensure a stress-free relocation. So, if you are moving from FL with pets, you would probably want to know what is the best way to protect your little friend? Then stick with us as we have a short guide that could just save your day.

Preparation before moving from FL with your pets is the key

Like with everything in life preparation is the key. If you plan all the steps properly, that is already half of the job done. There are several tasks you have to get done before the actual moving day. do this to minimize the stress levels for you and for your pet.

  • Get the paperwork for your pet. When moving out if the state your pet will have to be equipped with an Identity card as well as rabies tag. Make sure you get your pet’s veterinary records before you move, and give them to your new vet.
  • See the Vet. Before you leave pay a visit to the vet. Besides getting your pet’s documents your vet is the person who could give you the best possible advice for moving with your pet. If your pet is anxious about traveling, maybe your vet could help you to change that behavior with few tricks
  • Learn about pet policies in your new living area. First of all, if you are renting, check the rules your new landlord has on owning pets. Secondly, every state has different laws concerning animals that are kept as pets. If you own some exotic pets check the state regulations, maybe your pet won’t be allowed to cross the border.
  • Find a new vet. Ask around about good vets in your new living area, so you have the ground ready when you arrive. If the animal gets very nervous during the move, visit the vet as soon as you get to your new location

    Good plan is necessary when moving from FL with your pets.
    Moving from FL with your pets requires a few basic tricks in order to be done correctly.

Get your pet used to the situation

Let your pets participate during the packing process. They will explore around that pile of stuff in the middle of the room and cats will probably enter the cardboard boxes. This will help them relax and get adjusted when the movers arrive to load the truck. However, if they don’t seem to like the packing process ensure that they have a quiet and separate room during the process. You can also ask a friend to keep your pet in his house until everything is finished.  If you need additional help for your relocation look up moving companies Sunny Isles Beach to get the best possible deals.

Picture of a tabby cat
Introduce your pet to the carrier slowly to reduce the fear from it

No matter how far or close are you moving you will probably have to use a carrier. Because of that, it is necessary to help your fluffy friend explore the carrier. Stat by leaving some treats and toys inside the carrier to create a positive experience for your pet. The safest bet is to take your pet with you and to travel by car. Your presence and familiar voice can only help them calm down if something goes wrong. Nevertheless, you should try to prepare your pet for a long car ride. Take them for a few 15, 20-minute rides around the block so they can get familiar with traffic noises and window sights.

Moving from FL with your pets – specific animals

When we talk about relocating with a pet, the first things that spring to people’s minds are dogs and cats. While that is true in most cases people own a wide array of different pets each requiring different preparation process for the move. If you are considering professional help, choose wisely and watch out for scammers.

Moving with your birds

Our feathered friends are delicate and intelligent creatures. Because of that, they tend to have strong reactions to changes. To ensure everything goes smoothly transport the bird in your car. Put the cage on the backseat and try to keep the bird from the direct sunlight. You can also use a blanket to cover the cage as that will calm the bird down. Remove everything sharp from the cage to prevent injuries to your bird. Make regular stops to let the bird eat and drink water.

Picture of a rosella parrot
Place parrots on the back seat of the car with a blanket over the cage

Moving your fish tank

Depending on its size, moving a fish tank can be quite a daunting task. Maybe the most sensible option is to give the tank to a friend and buy a new one when you arrive. But let’s start with the basics. First, you should drain some of the water from the tank and use it to transport your fishes. You can place them in clean plastic bags, just make sure you left some room for air. Use the manual to disassemble the tank and pack it in a cardboard box filled with soft materials.

Arriving at your destination

When you arrive at your final destination you will still have some work left. The worst part is over and your beloved pet is the new surroundings. Therefore you should introduce him to space gradually, room by room. Don’t worry if your cat or dog hide under the bed and refuse to eat in the beginning. Everything is new and strange to them and they will need some time to adapt.

So there you go, now you know some basic tips for moving from FL with your pets. It is not that hard as long as you prepare well. We wish you a safe relocation and a happy life with your fluffy or feathered friend.