Best cities for renters in South Florida

Regardless of your age or profession, Sunshine State can be your phenomenal choice once you decide to move. This is one of the best states to live in the country and continues to attract newcomers each day. Whether you are coming from another state or already live in Florida, you might be interested in South Florida. Whichever city you choose in this area, you will enjoy new experiences and opportunities. But, if you want to pick the city in South Florida according to your needs, stay with our residential movers Miami. Today we will remind you of the affordable and efficient services in our offer you’ll need after you opt for moving to one of the best cities for renters in South Florida. Let’s find out which cities in South Florida you should consider as a renter. With our help, you’ll make the right choice quickly and with no regrets.

Prepare for life in some of the best cities for renters in South Florida

If you are dreaming about living in a city with year-round sunshine, then you should check out some of the top South Florida cities. Spending a lot of time on the numerous beaches all along the coastline, soaking up the sun and breathing the fresh air. But that’s not all, cities in South Florida have a rich culture, sports, commerce, nightlife, and many other advantages. Each one is unique in its own way, and you will never get bored at your South Florida home. Even when it’s raining, Flordia cities have a special vibe unlike anywhere else in the country. Enough reasons to hire one of our finest moving companies Miami and get ready for the move.

The residential area in one of the best cities for renters in South Florida
Discover some of the best cities for renters in South Florida.

Nevertheless, you want to be sure you can find an affordable home before you decide on moving. Here is where to look out for a new home for rent:

  • Palmetto Bay, a suburb of Miami;
  • Homestead, a city within Miami-Dade County;
  • Coral Gables, a suburb of Miami;
  • Weston, a suburb of Fort Lauderdale;
  • North Miami Beach, located midway between Fort Lauderdale and Miami;
  • Fort Lauderdale;
  • Miami;
  • Boca Raton.

Choose the city that suits your needs, habits, and lifestyle

Whether you will pick a small city with only 24,000 residents or you will choose Magic City with over 478,000 people, make sure you are ready for it. Well, sometimes in life we all need an escape from hustle and bustle and the first option is ideal in this case. But sometimes you don’t mind a vibrant environment with a powerful energy you can feel on the streets wherever you go that day. Although it is overwhelming for many, life in the City of Miami can be an excellent way to make their career dreams come true. So, before you start looking for an affordable home for rent in south Florida, consider which lifestyle you prefer more at this stage of your life. It is okay to embrace a smaller community and get some new experiences. So, don’t underestimate these kinds of options, too.

A beach sign in Homestead, FL
Homestead has an incredible beach.

Homestead is one of the best cities for renters in South Florida

This is a city in Miami-Dade County with a population of 86,803 residents. The median rent for an apartment in Homestead, FL is about $1,740. Some of the most popular neighborhoods in Homestead are Florence At Crystal Lakes, Esplanade, Bali at Oasis, etc. If you choose neighborhoods Such as Esplanade or Florentina, you can expect monthly rent of nearly $1,354. But if you opt for Towngate North, Venetia Groves, or Valencia Gardens, you should know here monthly rent is nearly $2,611. Whichever neighborhood you choose, our experts from moving company Homestead FL will do all it takes to make your relocation safe, quick, and pleasant. This city is popular among families, single adults, and seniors. This city has many parks, excellent schools, great restaurants, and many shops. If you are coming from a large city, this is going to be an ideal place for you.

Consider moving to Palmetto Bay

If you seek a perfect place to raise a family, you should not look any further than Palmetto Bay. This city is located on the shores of beautiful Biscayne Bay and has a population of 24,748 residents. It is a very safe and family-oriented place with top-rated schools. Parents in Palmetto Bay are comfortable with letting their kids walk to school since all neighbors here look out for each other. According to crime statistics, this area is a lot safer than many other places in the country.

A blue chair on the beach
Palmetto Bay is one of those fairytale places with a beautiful beach.

Although we are talking about a very small community, here you can enjoy all those benefits of city life. With all the needed amenities such as good transportation, quick access to waterways and beaches, restaurants, and different shopping options, Palmetto Bay is a fantastic place to live. Our moving companies  Miami Dade will be at your disposal once you decide to move to Palmetto Bay. While you are calculating your budget, it is helpful to know that the median rent in this city is about $1,691. If this price range suits you, start looking for an apartment in Palmetto Bay or simply visit this magnificent small city.

Consider moving to North Miami Beach

With a population of 44,321 residents and so many amenities, North Miami Beach is an attractive place for all those who are looking to move to the area. This city has that small-town vibe and offers plenty of sun, sand, outdoor activities, and events. Here you will find cultural richness and diversity, many restaurants, and shopping options. Also, the city abounds with fantastic neighborhoods where residents are welcoming. Its neighborhoods are reasons why this is one of the best cities for renters in South Florida. The median home rent in North Miami Beach is $2,236. The city has an excellent location close to Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and Miami International Airport. Once you find a perfect apartment here, our movers North Miami Beach will provide you with efficient and cost-effective services. We will help you get closer to this piece of paradise in South Florida.