The most popular cities for relocation in Broward County

Welcome to Florida, Broward County, one of the most beautiful places in the world. We at Pro Movers Miami would like to help you in search of your new home. In this article, we’ll introduce the most popular cities for relocation in Broward County. So let’s not waste your time and dive in and explore Broward County together!

One of the most popular cities in Broward County is Hallandale Beach

This is a heaven on Earth location that has only 37,000 residents. As the name said it’s near the coast and it’s composed of many beaches. The weather is perfect with hot and sunny days throughout the whole year. The temperature varies between 61°F to 90°F throughout the year; while the temperature is rarely below 48°F.  This city is full of artists and it attracts a lot of young professionals. If you’re a fan of galleries and museums this is the place for you; so visit the Art and Culture Center of Hollywood. It is also a great place with excellent dining options, and distinctive stores. If you want more active nightlife or just retire then contact some of the best moving companies Hallandale Beach to help you move and trust us you won’t regret it.

Beach will of palm trees during the sunset;
Just imagine your day after work ending like this, no wonder why this is one of the most popular cities for relocation in Broward County.

Also, professional movers are quite important when you’re moving to Broward Country in general. They know how to navigate through the place, they know the streets and the traffic. Reliable movers won’t trick you or do anything that you didn’t agree with. So if you’re not sure search for them online but be careful since there are a lot of scammers. Also, off-season moving in Florida is cheaper than during the moving season.

Coral Springs is another very popular city in Broward County

We have to mention that the best thing about the whole state of Florida is actually that it doesn’t have a state income tax. The sales tax rate in Coral Springs is 7.0% while the average property tax rate is 1.1%. The best thing about this city is its diversity, in every possible aspect. Also, the communities in Coral Springs are perfectly planned and that’s crucial if you want a safe city to live in. The city of Coral Springs has a population of 121,096 people.  The median price for a house is $599, 000. 00. while the average price/Sq Ft is $281. The average size of the apartment is 1,129 sq. ft. and the rent is $2,416. When it comes to prices of real estate this is a bit more expensive city but it offers a lot. For example, the average commute time is only 28 minutes!

If you want to raise your family here we just want to say that this city has SAT score is 1083. Also, there are a lot of popular schools both private and public. Some of the best are

  • Primrose School of Cooper City
  • Eagle Ridge Elementary School
  • Coral Springs Elementary School
  • Park Springs Elementary School
  • Summit Academy Charter School
  • Riverside Elementary School

If you’re interested in schools do your research, but trust us they’re good. Also, you’re 50 miles from Miami so if you’re looking for some of the best universities, check it out. We don’t have to mention the beaches and the weather, as they’re so if you want to enjoy a beautiful sunset with a cocktail in your hand, welcome to Coral Springs.  Once again if you’re looking for a stress-free move contact the best Coral Springs moving company to escort move you.

Two senior citizens sitting on a benach close to the beach while thinking about the most popular cities for relocation in Broward County;
The perfect place for senior citizens.

Florida has its own Hollywood

So if you’re moving from California and you’re looking for the next Beverly Hills you’ve found it; it’s Hollywood in Florida. The cost of living isn’t as high as in California, but this city has the best amenities. Compared to California it’s much cheaper according to the Livingcost the average cost of living for one person is $2122/month; now compare that to $3274 per month in Hollywood, California. Also the average price in Hollywood, FL is $3665/month. When it comes to families the average monthly expense with rent is $5914 which is quite high, but if you want good schools, a good car, and living near the dream beach, it comes at a cost. Also, it is highly debatable because of what you do.

Now let’s focus here more on jobs. For example, the Executive Administrative Assistant position will pay up to $48 per hour in Amex; compared to Store Clerk who’ll be paid between $14.40 and $21.90 an hour.  Also, this place is becoming more lucrative for seniors who want to spend their final days in this paradise city. On the other hand, a lot of freelancers like to live here since the nightlife is amazing and it’s not as expensive as Miami. If you do any job remotely and it pays well, this is the place where you would want to be right now.  So don’t overthink it and hop in if you want to enter the Hollywood Beach Broadwalk on time. Hollywood North Beach Park is also pretty amazing if you ask any movers Hollywood FL who will be glad to move you.

Ferris wheel and palm trees;
This dream-like city is in the palm of your hand.

A final thought on the most popular cities for relocation in Broward County

First of all, thank you for reading this article and we hope that it was useful. Secondly, in a nutshell, Broward County has a lot of beautiful places, in our option, they are Hollywood, Coral Springs, and Hallandale Beach. There are plenty more don’t get us wrong, but these are our top three picks as the most popular cities for relocation in Broward County. Thank you for reading our article and we hope that you liked it. We have more moving tips for free in our blog sections as well as descriptions of other places from Broward County and other parts of Florida. Have a wonderful stay in Broward County and a stress-free move.