Useful facts about off-season moving in Florida

When you decide to move, you will probably hear about peak and off-season for moving. If you are working in tourism or living in a city where tourism is the main business, you are then familiar with these two terms. Summer is a very popular season for people to go on vacation or relocation to another city. Therefore, moving companies in Florida have more work during the summer months than during winter. Days last longer during summer and the weather is usually warm and pleasant. Also, kids are on school break, so families tend to move during this period. However, while this all sounds nice, moving during the off-season has its advantages. Just like beaches are less crowded during the off-season, so is moving business less popular. For this reason, here is what you need to know about off-season moving in Florida.

What should you know about off-season moving in Florida?

Off-season relocation means scheduling your relocation in the period between November to April. Summer is considered the peak season for moving companies Coral Gables as people tend to move more during this time. The reasons are many, but the more prominent ones are nice weather and school break. However, while moving on sunny days sounds tempting, it’s not as perfect as it seems. First, summers in Florida are usually very hot and humid. Carrying heavy boxes in temperatures of 82°F and very high humidity sounds more like a nightmare than a nice dream. Additionally, traffic is almost unbearable during summer as Florida reports around 120 million visitors each year. Also, Florida has about 32 million tourists during summer. For this reason, moving during the off-season now sounds more attractive than usual and some of the benefits are the following:

  • Cheaper moving prices
  • Less crowd
  • Better weather
  • More flexibility
  • Better offers
aerial photo of a beach and road in Florida
Moving to Florida is always a good decision, especially during the off-season

Relocating during the off-season is cheaper

Moving is not cheap. It’s a big job to do as you need to pack and move all your items. Now, if you live in a huge home or moving long-distance, the price of relocation will be higher. However, there is a difference in prices of moving services during peak and off-season. As the demand is bigger during peak season, prices could be also higher, especially if you didn’t book a moving company in advance. The situation is different during the off-season, so you can find moving services even up to 30% cheaper than in peak season. Additionally, it’s possible to get moving discounts and better deals during the off-season. Business is slower during winter and moving companies are trying to attract more customers with better deals and discounts. For this reason, a great way to save money when preparing for a relocation is to move during the off-season.

More options and flexibility

You will hardly get the desired moving date during peak season. As more people want to move, fewer moving dates are available. This is especially apparent when you are trying to book a moving company a week or two before your planned moving date. First, you can hardly find an available moving date that late. Even if you manage to find one, you will pay more for the moving service than usual. Also, better moving companies and services such as White Glove moving service are usually booked full by the time summer begins. So, you will probably hire a less reliable moving company with not-so-good moving services. On the other hand, when you are moving during the off-season, you have a lot better possibilities and moving companies for cheaper prices. Not only do you get to choose your moving date, but also you can hire a better moving company.

a picture of white van
One of the advantages of off-season moving in Florida is better deals with a moving company

Weather is better

This statement might not sound true and it is not in other states that are not Florida. Florida has a subtropical climate which means long, hot, and humid summers and mild winters. Summers in Florida are almost unbearable most of the time because of high temperatures and high humidity. This is not a huge problem if you spend your days on the beach. However, doing even the easiest task in this weather is almost impossible and you know that moving is not even remotely close to easy. So, winters are the perfect time for relocation. For example, Miami’s weather in December is great for relocation and visiting. The highest temperatures are around 75°F and the lowest one is around 60°F. Humidity is low and rainfall is rare. All in all, the weather is rather pleasant for any activity and traffic is better and less crowded.

Better deals for housing options as well

Other businesses that heavily depend on the season just like moving one, are tourism and real estate. This is especially prominent in Florida due to tourism. For this reason, you can get better deals for renting an apartment during winter. Usually, better deals are found between October to April. It’s not a drastic price difference, but you can still save some money. For example, the price difference for a one-bedroom apartment in June and January is around $50 to $100. While this doesn’t sound like much, it’s better to have $100 more in your pocket than to give to someone else. However, the only downside could be fewer options. As tourism is the biggest business in Florida, seasonal rentals are very popular. For this reason, prettier apartments might not be available during December as they are mainly on the market during summer.

better apartment can be find in off-season moving in Florida
There are better deals for apartments as well

Should you move during the off-season?

Now, as you know a few more facts about off-season moving in Florida, you can decide what is the better option for you. The off-season is great when you are moving to Florida where the weather is still nice. Additionally, the weather is better for relocation during winter than summer in Florida. However, preparing for relocation to an area where winters are very cold with snow is much harder. There are many other benefits of moving during winter besides the weather. Now, you need to see if you can accomplish preparing for a relocation. You can get better deals and prices. So, you can say that relocation off-season in Florida is a better option than moving during peak season.