Is it possible to get moving discounts in October

Have you planned to move this October? If so, it is the right time to get the best moving assistance at affordable prices. When looking for the possibility to get moving discounts in October, you should check several companies. That way, you will have the possibility to make comparisons. And to choose a company like professional movers Miami, which give the best discounts for moving in October. To help you get a good discount, we have prepared a quick guide. Namely, here are several things that you should keep in mind when looking for the best discounts. Also, don’t forget that you should discuss the discount only with professional and reliable movers.

To get a moving discount in October, don’t forget to ask your movers about it

If you don’t ask, you could easily miss out on a discount. Because you’re focused on the many different aspects of moving, you might forget to ask. Also, some people are too shy or afraid of appearing rude if they ask for this benefit.

Woman Sitting on Sofa While Looking at Phone With Laptop on Lap - asking, you can easily get moving discounts in October.
Don’t forget to ask you if you can get moving discounts in October.

However, there are numerous reasons why movers are ready to give you a discount. For example, the month of October already falls out of the peak moving time. Therefore, many companies are already having fewer moving requests. And, it may easily turn out that your mover will readily approve your request. That way, you may ensure discounts not only for moving. But, you may also make nice savings by asking for packing and storage services too. That way, you may save up from 5% to even 50% on your moving budget.

The off-season is the best time to get some additional discounts

In case you don’t have to hurry with the move or to move on short notice, you will be able to get additional discounts. Namely, most people move in the period from May to September. During that time, all moving companies, including movers Marathon FL, are very busy. In accordance with the increased demand, the moving prices are also higher.

Therefore, if you can postpone your move until October, that will bring you several benefits. When you are moving in October, the weather is still nice. Rarely you can expect freezing temperatures, especially in the lover attitudes. Nature, turning into a myriad of colors, is mesmerizing. And, you will need a much lower moving budget to cover transportation costs to your new destination.

Pay in cash and get a discount

Until this date, many moving companies do accept cash payments. What’s more, they’ll even offer you a discount, whether you’re moving in October or another month. However, not all companies will offer this type of discount. So it will be up to you to decide whether you want to make such a deal. And it will be up to you to find movers who offer such a discount. You probably won’t save more than 5%. But people moving on a budget will find this option attractive.

A cheerful senior mother and adult daughter using a smartphone together.
Many companies are giving nice discounts for seniors.

Get higher discounts in October

Moving senior citizens is a rather challenging task. The task might be very ungrateful when they move to a nursing home, leaving all their life behind. Some of them are accepting the change. And some are not so happy about it. But, these sad moments can be softened by two things. During this transition, they are getting all the necessary help. Also, they are getting moving discounts from companies like local movers Miami. And they can be rather high. Some movers are granting them discounts of 20% to 30%.

Most moving companies have great compassion for seniors and their families. So, it is very other that they are offering even bigger discounts for seniors during October. And, in most cases, seniors don’t even have to ask for this benefit. The moving company officials will offer it themselves.

Discounts for students

When it comes to moving, students are considered a vulnerable group as well. And, in many moving companies, you will for sure find students working as movers. However, the month of October is very important for students. Namely, that is a period when they are, after the summer vacations, moving back to dorms.

Same as to the elderly citizens, moving companies like residential movers Miami, are granting moving discounts to students all over the year. And, during the month of October, the movers are providing them with even bigger discounts.

Loyalty is something that moving companies respect and award

Namely, if you are a returning customer, and using the same company when you need moving services, be sure that you will be awarded for your loyalty. So, in case you plan to move during October, come in touch with your mover. And, they will provide you with a nice discount. The same benefit you can expect if you are referring them. Actually, both, you and the friend that you referred the company to will be awarded discounts.

People Doing a Group Study.
In October students are going back to campus, and moving companies are willing to offer them a moving discount.

How to find out which company is offering the highest discounts?

Some of the people who are looking for discounts are usually moving on a budget. However, some of them have enough savings to pay for the move, but they still like to get some benefits. But, how they can be sure that the discounts are genuine? And that they will not fall victim to the cons allegedly offering discounts to attract naive customers.

Well, our advice is to first check the companies. That is relatively easy to do, by consulting the site of the BBB. All reliable and trustworthy companies are usually registered on their site. Also, you can collect as many free moving quotes as you like. Comparing them, you will easily find out which company is offering the biggest discounts, and what services are subject to their discounts.

Moving during October could be a great idea

As we could see, since the peak moving season is over, and the weather is still stable and nice, October could be a very good month for moving. Also, having fewer customers, most of the moving companies are ready to offer moving discounts. If you ask people what is the best time for moving, many will agree that it is fall. From our side, we have explained why is it possible to get moving discounts in October. Besides, we have also shown how you can achieve such discounts. So, we hope that this article will help you next time when you are preparing to move.