Should you tip your movers when moving from Florida?

People express their gratitude in many ways. One of the most commonly used is tipping. We live in a world where you have to pay for everything so any additional dollar is good. Of course, people being tipped are in a good spot. But what about people tipping? There are several misconceptions about tipping. Should you tip your movers or not? Find out whether you have to tip your long-distance movers Florida!

Should you tip your movers at all?

This is the first question that we have to answer. Yes and no. We understand that you are now confused but the questions are not that easy, to begin with. Another important question is whether you have to tip your movers. Now, this is clearly no because there are so many situations where people just do not have enough to tip.

On the other hand, tipping is clearly a reflection of your satisfaction with the moving company that you have hired for the job. Your movers know that the better they work, the higher the chance that they will get tipped. They will not sit in your house until you tip them but if you do not, they will probably think that you are not satisfied with the services provided.

How much should you tip your movers?

Tipping is not always easy since you are probably constantly trapped in thinking about how much to tip your movers. Tipping is not a constant number and it depends on lots of things. If you have hired your movers just for the purpose of transporting your stuff to your new place, 20$ per worker is more than enough. On the other hand, if you have had a complete service from your moving company then you should pay from 30$ to 50$ dollars per worker. Of course, you can be flexible and tip on your own.

What is important to look for when tipping?

There are certain things that you should look for when choosing whether to tip your movers or how much to tip them.

  • The complexity of the move
  • Time of the move
  • The quality of the service

The complexity of the move

Not all moves are the same. Every move is different and you should act according to it. When we talk about the complexity of the move, we usually think about any setbacks that may have taken place. We always say that you should start on time so that you can finish everything but some people procrastinate and can’t finish everything by the time movers come. Even though almost all moving companies Davie FL offers full packing service, some people choose to pack by themselves and make a big mistake. It is not something that your movers can’t correct. They will then have to try and speed up the whole process. You should consider their sacrifice and speed when thinking about rewarding your movers.

Time of the move

It is very important to consider conditions when it comes to tipping. Some conditions are very hard to work with and that should be something that you will reward. Moving in winter may be the cheapest time to relocate but it comes with big problems when it comes to your movers. They have to be much more careful when transporting your belongings since one little mistake is enough to make your move miserable. On the other hand, working in summer can also be very hard due to the extreme temperatures.

a street - tip your movers
Consider the weather when deciding about tipping

The quality of the service

Naturally, this is the bigger factor to consider when rewarding your movers. Quality of the move is a very big term and it can consider a lot of things like the mood of the movers, willing to work hard, actual work, etc. Everyone is different so the quality of the service is not the same for everyone. Some people may cherish the speed of the move, some may cherish a good spirit of the moving day, etc. If you find your movers extraordinary, then you should reward your movers by leaving them a larger tip. Consider everything that you find important before making a decision about the size of a tip.

Of course, everything before the actual move is also important. If you have some questions for your movers, they should answer all of them. Customers usually ask a bunch of questions that are not that important. A moving company should still answer them in a friendly manner. Consider this when thinking about tipping your moving company.

a quality sign
Think about the quality of the service before tipping

Do not want to tip?

It is okay not to tip your movers. Besides not having enough money to do it, there are other important things that may discourage you from tipping. For example, the rude behavior of your workers is a big no and that is a situation where you have full right not to tip them. On the other hand, if you are not satisfied with the service provided, do not tip the movers and they will know that there are some things that they should work on. After all, they live from that business and it is in their best interest to be the best.

Other ways of rewarding your movers

Besides tipping them, there are some other ways in which you can express your gratitude. Writing a moving review is just one of them but it is very helpful for the moving company that finished your move. There are many places where you can write and put them but the best one is the actual website of the company. This way you will save time for people that are considering the same moving company. They will not have to search and lose time scrolling.

a woman working
Consider writing a moving company review


Tipping is the best form of showing your gratitude to the moving company. Workers know that they have done a good job and it is usually a good stimulus for future projects and clients. Both parties are satisfied this way. Of course, the amount of money is different for everybody since we all have a different amount of money to spend. Besides tipping, writing a helpful moving review is also good to express yourself. The best thing would be to tip your movers and write a moving review at the same time. A good thing is that this will not make you lose too much time and you can still help someone develop more!