Reasons you shouldn’t skip a home inspection when moving to South Miami

Miami has great weather, a variety of cultures, no income tax, and endless fun things to do and we can see why you want to buy a home here. Even though buying a new house can be quite exciting, there are so many things to consider. You want a house in the best neighborhood with a beautiful kitchen and a big yard. And then you think you have finally found the perfect house. But don’t rush. First, you should make sure to have an inspection contingency in your contract. Doing so can save you a ton of aggravation and thousands of dollars in the long run. So before you start looking for a home and moving companies Miami, here are the reasons why you shouldn’t skip a home inspection when moving to South Miami.

A home inspection can find deal breakers

A home can look amazing. However, it may have some big technical or structural problems. It might have problems with the roof, plumbing, HVAC systems, etc. A good home inspection is going to give you an idea of the house before you buy it. If the home inspection reveals any major issues that would need costly repairs or heavy maintenance, it’s best to back out of the deal.

home inspection in south miami
The home you want to buy may look really good, however, it might have some major issues.

When you have an inspection contingency included in your contract, it will give you a way to back out. Even if you’re officially under contract. If the home inspector finds any big issues, but you really like the house and you don’t want to back away, you can ask the seller to fix them before closing the deal. Sellers will usually agree to take care of any big issues. Or they will offer the buyer the credit to fix these issues themselves.

You might discover expensive repairs

The home’s equipment and systems might seem to be working absolutely fine. But in reality, they are on their last legs. A home inspection can discover the condition and age of the home’s equipment and systems. It can also predict when will they need to be replaced and repaired. This may not be a deal breaker for you, however, it can help you figure out the budget for major repairs in the future. On the other hand, you might be able to use it to negotiate the price.

Insurance might not cover these repairs

An inspection won’t just help you estimate and identify the problems of a home. Additionally, if you choose to buy the house, your insurance company will get a report as well. If your insurance company doesn’t have a report, they may not be able to cover any early issues found after the purchase without a home inspection. So if you skip a home inspection when moving to South Miami, you will have to pay for the repairs out of your own pocket. 

businessman giving woman a contract to sign
If your insurance has a home inspection report, they can cover repairs.

There might be health and safety hazards

A home inspector will reveal safety and health hazards. Without this, you might not know about possible dangers in the house. Issues like structural damage cracked foundations deteriorating pipes, and old electrical wiring can put you at great risk. An inspector will point out these problems and tell you how to replace or fix areas and items.

It will reveal any illegal additions

That home theater in the basement you really like might’ve been built without permission. A home inspection will check for basements, rooms, and garages that might’ve been finished or added illegally. If the house contains any illegal additions it means that you’ll be owning property that doesn’t exist officially. As a new house owner that has illegal additions, you can lose your insurance coverage and financing. Additionally, this can make working on these areas of the house quite difficult. If the home inspector finds any illegal additions, ask the seller to get proper licensing now. Also, don’t forget to use this information for price negotiation back out of the deal.

You will lose out during negotiations

Buying a house is a big purchase. That’s why you need to make sure you are getting the best deal. A good home inspection will help you score a better deal. A report of a home inspection will notate any possible problem areas the house has. This can help you negotiate a better price. This is one of the reasons why you shouldn’t skip a home inspection when moving to South Miami. If you skip the home inspection, you won’t be able to use the cost of any needed repairs as a bargaining chip when negotiating. 

man and woman having a negotiation
If you home inspection when moving to South Miami, you will lose on negotiations.

A home inspection when moving to South Miami will give you peace of mind

A completed home inspection when moving to South Miami with the help of residential movers Miami can give you a picture of the condition of the home as well as its value. Not knowing the exact condition of the home can make you feel anxious and unsure. And you shouldn’t feel like that when you are making a big purchase like buying a home. If an inspection reveals too many problems or just a couple, you have the opportunity to either walk away or make the purchase while being aware of everything you need to know about your new home.

Final words

Even though it’s difficult to compete with other people who are bidding for the house you want to buy, a home inspection isn’t something you should skip. To protect your mental, physical, and financial health, there is no substitute for a home inspection. And also to protect your belongings after you buy a house in South Miami, the best thing you can do is hire movers South Miami. They have all the skills and knowledge to make the moving process seem like a breeze.