Real estate red flags to watch out for when buying a house in Miami

Buying a house in Miami could be a great investment for you these days. The Miami real estate market has been consistent in its great reputation for the past 10 years. Miami’s real estate appreciation is above average and Miami property values have appreciated by +4% in the last decade. One of the main reasons for that is that properties are selling fast due to low mortgage rates of 2.875%. Maybe that will not last for a good time, so if you have been thinking about that, the time is now. Let moving companies Miami take care of your moving process and feel free to stay permanently in Florida where the quality of life has been progressing for years. Of course, pay attention to some red flags when you are buying and think well.

Let’s list some of the most common red flags to watch out for when buying a house in Miami

When you do your research for homes for sale, you will see a lot of houses that look absolutely perfect. Still, if you have great intuition or awesome observant skills, you can easily notice that something smells fishy here. That could be a first red flag for you since your common sense will tell you that something does not add up. Especially these days, markets are very competitive and homeowners developed a great set of skills in covering things up. For example, when you walk into an open house that has been upgraded, deep-cleaned, and staged with modern furniture be extra careful when you notice it is “too much”. Still, when you find your perfect place, Miami beach movers will help you in the moving process and getting all things right. Here are some most common red flags to pay attention to:

  • foundation issues
  • too much scent
  • too many houses on sale in the neighborhood
  • mold and any kind of infestation
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Buying a house in Miami can be really tiresome and chaotic.

When buying a house in Miami, pay attention to foundation issues first

If you really like the house and the foundation is bad, maybe you will think that correcting the foundation will be a piece of cake. Well, trust us when we say it is not. Repairing the foundation is one of the most costly, time-consuming, and stressful activities that you can have. You will already have tons of stress if you are moving into the unfinished home, so don’t add unnecessary obligations to your list. The best way to check the potential issues is to start by looking for horizontal cracks in the foundation itself. Then we have misaligned windows, sunken porches or stairs, cracked tiles, etc. Uneven floors are also a clear sign of a bad foundation. While most houses have tolerable issues, if they have multiple signs that we mentioned, that definitely screams a bigger issue with the house foundation.

Too much scent

Sometimes, homeowners will try to fool you with freshly baked cookies or something similar. However, have in mind that the more aggressive the scent, the greater is the possibility that they are trying to mask some bad smells. When there’s too much going on such as wax warmers and candles, that can only mean that they are trying to hide something. Check carefully every room you enter. Sniff outside, too because that is also important. Check everything thoroughly, before you decide this property is your dream home. Believe it or not, fresh paint is also a sign of hiding the bad smell. Maybe not always, but you have to admit it is a good trick since at the same time it seems like you are renovating which can actually boost your wish to buy and hide the smells additionally.

When there are a lot of houses on sale, check out the neighborhood more.

Too many houses on sale in the neighborhood

If you have a strong wish to buy something and you don’t like it 100%, you can easily change the house. However, if the neighborhood is bad, you cannot affect that. In case the neighborhood seems to be leaving in masses you should investigate why and what is going on exactly. Then, if you find out something, you should certainly rethink your new home purchase, especially if you are a first-time buyer. Take a look around and check out other houses that are on sale. Maybe you will find out that the crime rates are high and in that case, you should really avoid buying a house, even when you like it a lot.  Do some digging to figure out the reason why something is happening before putting your money on the line.

Mold and any kind of infestation

The best way to detect mold is to discreetly open bathroom and sink cabinets to take a look around water pipes or drains. Even small black or gray spots will show you that you might have some serious issues in the future. Also, make sure to check out the caulking around faucets and tubs for black spots. In addition, patches on the ceiling can also show you the signs of mold. When we are discussing the pest problems, it is important to mention that usually the first thing home-buyers do not pay so much attention to it. Still, it is important to pay extra attention to it, especially if a house has a pool. Pests  Keep an eye out for live or dead insects, scratching noises, or gnawed wiring. Pay special attention to pantries and behind appliances for any of these signs.

Pay special attention to signs of mold and infestation.

All in all, buying a house in Miami is not an easy task. You really need to pay special attention to all warning signs, no matter whether they are hidden or obvious. So, if you want to move to Florida and have good reasons for it, invest your time in doing your research and don’t rush with your buying decisions. The right home will wait for you.