Protect your personal information during a Florida move

No matter whether you are moving to a different country or just around the corner, you need to ensure that your personal information is safe. Nowadays, it is much easier to become a victim of identity theft, for example, due to the Internet and careless behavior. Nevertheless, with a few simple steps, you can protect your personal information during a Florida move. Needless to say, you want to have only the best movers by your side, and we can gladly recommend Pro Movers Miami for the occasion.

a woman with a scarf wearing a white shirt, is holding a credit card and looking at a grey laptop
Protect your personal information by changing the passwords on your electronic devices before and after the move.

Hire reliable movers

In order to safeguard your personal information, it is very important to avoid rogue movers. Hiring movers that are reliable and experienced will minimize the chances of your personal information getting stolen or being leaked to someone else. In order to choose one of the reliable moving companies Plantation Florida, you can do several things.

  • Ask for a recommendation – Ask your friends or relatives for a moving company they used for moving. Straightforward recommendations with the first-hand experience are the best way to hire a certain mover.
  • Check the moving company online – Go to FMCSA site and check whether your moving company is licensed, what kind of reviews do they have, and whether they have a lot of claims going on. This is one of the best ways to learn about your moving company.
  • Compare moving companies – Do not hesitate to compare several moving companies before choosing the one that suits your needs most. In order to protect your personal information when relocating to Florida, you deserve only the best movers.

Destroy all the old documents when relocating to Florida

Before the move, you will have the opportunity to declutter and get rid of the old documentation. However, you need to this properly, otherwise, you can become an easy target for identity stealers. If you want to get rid of documents which are bills, invoices, tax documents, etc. it is best to shred them. If possible you can also burn them in your fireplace. The only thing that you should avoid is throwing the whole documents in the garbage where someone can easily read them.

Protect your personal information by destroying all the old documents. A crumpled yellow paper inside and outside the garbage bin, a close-up photo of the bin
It is very important that you do not throw documents in the garbage. Instead shred them so that nobody can use them anymore.

Secure your electronic devices with a strong password

We live in a modern era where is it so easy to become a victim of hackers, but also in a world in which it is so easy to protect your personal belongings. In order to avoid compromising your personal information during the Florida move, change the passwords before you set off. Once you arrive at your new destination, change the passwords once again. Changing even one letter or a sign would be sufficient to secure your accounts. This will not take more than 20 minutes, and you will be much calmer during the move itself.

Protect your personal information by keeping them with you at all times

Moving companies often suggest that you should keep your most valuable items next to you. While there are countless benefits of hiring movers and packers in Florida, some items are best left with you. And your personal information is definitely one of those items. Your credit cards, medical records, insurance policies, birth certificates, all the financial documents should be near you. Keep them in a folder and place it so that they are always within your hand reach. You need to monitor your personal information at all times during the move.

Do not announce your new address to everyone

Your personal belongings are most fragile before you move and after you move into your new home. It is not a good idea to announce to everyone that you are moving. Some unwanted people might hear it. Your reliable movers should know of course, and your closest friends and relatives that you trust wholeheartedly. When you arrive at your new home, make sure to change the locks immediately in order to keep your personal information safe. If it is not a new house or was rented before you came chances are a lot of people might still have a key to it. In order to avoid this, change the locks and give copies to your family members. Also, check out the list of must-have apps when moving to a new town, as it will help you not to get lost in any way.

a contract and a pen placed over it
It is necessary that you keep your personal information at your side at all times in order to avoid any possible theft.

Change the address on time in order to protect your personal information

You should redirect all of your mail to your new address in time. Bear in mind that once you submit a form for a change of address to the U.S. Postal Service it may take 7-10 business days for it to be completed. In this way, you will avoid receiving delicate information at the address you no longer live in. The same applies when it comes to your utilities. Remember to cancel all of your utilities and subscriptions at the old address, and to redirect them to your new address.

Moving can be risky, as during the move your belongings and personal information are exposed. However, when you follow our useful tips and tricks and hire a reliable moving company, the chances of something going wrong are really slim. Take precautionary measures in order to protect your personal information. However, make sure that you do not obsess over it. Instead, remember to eat healthy food, get enough sleep, and have some fun in the meanwhile. Florida is known as the Sunshine State, and we are sure that you will love every second of it. Good luck!