Pros and cons of moving to Canada

Canada. One of those states where you can experience freedom as it was meant to be. Sitting on top of the North American continent, it acts as a polar cap to everything South of it. A big number of people are deciding to move to Canada in the last few decades. It is a growing country where you can express yourself, and create good business opportunities. Like every country in the world, Canada has its pros and cons. Why is moving to Canada a good option? Why is it bad? Everything from the weather, to business opportunities will be covered in this article. Are you ready to read about one of the best countries in the world? If you are, we are glad, because you are in for a good read!

canada flag overlooking a landscape
Moving to Canada can be a great decision!

We will first cover the pros of moving to Canada. Why is it a good decision? If you want to move your office there are many commercial movers Miami based that are ready to make your move a worthwhile endeavor!

Pros of moving to Canada

Here is everything you need to know before you decide to move your household goods across the country lines:

The very strong employment market

Canada is slowly becoming one of the economic powers in this world. The constant influx of citizens and constant creation of various businesses is currently making a boom in Canada. Its very open policy towards immigration has benefited the country’s economy by a huge margin. This affects the employment market because immigrants are applying for more and more jobs. This is beneficial both to the business owners and employees.

A good question is how did Canada’s economy flourish, while the rest of the world suffers? This is because many countries are employing different policies about immigration, while Canada has not changed its policies. This is why Canada is mostly unaffected by the changing of the political climate around the world. Expats who are qualified for jobs and have enough experience are very welcome in the northernmost country of the North American continent.

If you want to immigrate to Canada, visit their immigration website!

World class healthcare

Everyone knows that Canada has an amazing healthcare system. Free healthcare is a human right and Canada officials are very aware of that. However, it is not entirely free, as it is paid with tax money. If you are paying your taxes consistently, that means you will have $4.000 worth of healthcare in Canada. You also do not have to worry in the case of an emergency if you have enough money to pay the doctors directly. It is all done through health insurance which is a system many countries in the world could look up to. Some countries in Europe already follow this model of healthcare! However, this universal healthcare has one setback. The waiting times for examinations and procedures can take a long time.

Low crime rate

Canada has a reputation as an incredibly safe destination. This includes smaller cities and major ones alike. Very low crime rates and almost non-existent terrorist threats make Canada a great place to live and raise children. Canada’s police have very good equipment and will conduct their business accordingly 99 percent of the time. A great reason for moving to Canada. Also, if you need Miami moving and storage, now is a great time to look for it. You never know when will the visa for Canada be approved!

Great education and social programs

There are very good social and welfare programs that deal with a plethora of problems. These problems include those such as unemployment and poverty. The social programs have a great effect on education as well. Canada’s schools are one of the best in the world. People that enroll in Canada’s education system very often end up with enough qualifications to land a high-paying job. Also, the social programs work so that people that were not able to get enough education still get decent jobs.

Friendly culture

Canada boasts one of the friendliest communities around! Many people report having great neighbors and friend circles. In comparison to Americans, people usually say that Canadians are less focused on work as opposed to Americans and enjoy other activities in life more.

woman in front of canada's flag
Free-spirited people all around the country!

Cons of moving to Canada

High costs of living

Make no mistake, with the constant influx of citizens and many high paying jobs, the costs of living are going up as well. A good economy means a higher standard of living. That, in turn, affect the costs of living. However, if you manage to get a good job, you will very easily be able to enjoy life without any repercussions.

The healthcare system

Yes, this one is both a pro and a con. Canada’s healthcare is free and very well equipped, but the long waiting periods for procedures can really cause major harm to certain individuals. The country has private health insurance, but some people cannot afford that and rely mostly on state healthcare. This is especially relevant in bigger cities. So we rate this one as a double-edged sword.

Government regulations

Many people complain because there are too many government regulations. From personal conduct to arbitrary rules such as the amounts of certain nutrients in food in restaurants. A lot of people have a feeling that the government is micromanaging its citizens and limiting many things.

The weather

This one just has to be on the list. Being close to the North Pole makes Canada a very cold place throughout most of the year. Be ready to face cold weather, and even extreme freezing temperatures during the winter months.

a lake you can visit after moving to canada
The weather is cold, but just look at the beautiful natural landscape!

This should about cover everything there is to know about the pros and cons of moving to Canada. A good honorable mention that can be added to the cons list, is the amount of time it takes to become a resident. The immigration process is, although very forgiving and accepting, quite slow at times. However, it is still up to you to make your decision about moving to Canada. If you overlook the cons, it is a place of opportunity and a chance for a new, exciting life!