Pros and cons of having a home office in Kendall, FL

Mesmerizing sandy beaches, gorgeous weather, and friendly people is what makes Florida such a popular touristic destination. But the Sunshine State is far from being a “retirement home” when it comes to financial prowess. Miami is one of the world’s major financial centers which offers many opportunities for pursuing a career. There is a constant influx of new residents here, and now Florida boasts a labor market of over 9 million people. Contact your Kendall movers if you wish to make a permanent move to Miami this summer. But one question remains, do you wish to work as a freelancer or you are better suited for an office job? This is an important question that can shape the whole course of your career. With that being said, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of having a home office in Kendall. Stay tuned.

Financial aspects of having a home office

Whether we would like to admit it or not, finances play a major role in our lives. There aren’t many other things that could make us feel as nervous and concerned as debts, loans, and credits. So, how that translates to working from home:

  • Less money spent on transport. When you are working from your home you don’t have to spend money on public transport tickets, or gas bills. Maybe you won’t need your car at all anymore. That will certainly save you some money.
  • No more eating in expensive restaurants. Now you have enough time to cook your own meals.
  • Save money on expensive suits. Since you are working from home you can dress as you please.
  • Save a lot of time. If you are efficient you will be able to save some time, and we know that time equals money.

    Picture of a woman on a train, wearing a mask. Having a home office means that you don't have to lose time and risk your health in public commute.
    Save money on metro tickets, taxi fares or gas.

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Health benefits of working from home

When we are completely focused and devoted to our work we tend to forget about our basic needs. What happens is that people let their health deteriorate because they simply “don’t have enough time”. Well, good news! Working from home will allow you some of the following:

  • Prepare healthy meals. You will now have more than enough time to test your cooking skills.
  • Covid-19 outbreak. The recent outbreak of the deadly virus showed us all the benefits of working from the safety of your home. Work from your terrace, and don’t worry anymore.
  • Working from home reduces stress. No commute and hectic office atmosphere. You can now make a cup of tea and enjoy the peace of your home.
  • More time for physical exercise. Does your busy schedule prevent you from working out? Now you don’t have any excuses.
  • Get Some Vitamin D. Things get even better if you have your own yard. Take your laptop outside and get a healthy dose of sunshine.

    Picture of table and chairs in a backyard.
    If you are working from home you can set up your home office anywhere. Use your backyard and enjoy a sunny day.

Other benefits of having a home office

Aside from obvious economic and health-related advantages, working from home has many other advantages as well. Let’s see what are those:

  • More time with your family. Do you believe that family is the most important thing in the world? Then working from home is the solution.
  • Much needed comfort. When you are working from home you can dress as you please, sit in the garden, have a glass of wine, play your favorite music, the list goes on. All that comfort will help you relax and you will be even more productive.
  • Flexible working hours. Hate getting up early in the morning? You can now work when you are most productive.
  • Decorate your “office” as you please. Since your home is now your office you can decorate your home the way you find most suitable.

So, what are the cons of having a home office?

Okay, we have seen some of the advantages of having a home office, but what are the downsides?

  • Lack of human interaction. Since we spend most of our days working, that means we have only a few hours for friends and family. If you live alone and work from home, you won’t be able to even see your co-workers. This could be quite depressing after some time.
  • No obvious difference between home and office. Since you will be working from your home all the time you might find it difficult to distinguish leisure time from work if everything happens in the same place.
  • Distractions. Working from home requires a lot of discipline and concentration. Are you sure that you won’t be tempted to watch an episode of your favorite TV show? Or suddenly decide to wash dishes and vacuum your home? Don’t let your productivity plummet.

    Picture of a woman and kid looking something on a laptop
    There are some downsides as well. Some people find it difficult to concentrate when working from home.

Working from home could be bad for your reputation

We are witnessing an ever-growing tendency of companies letting their workers work from home. Some argue that this trend is a win-win situation. Workers are more productive, while companies spend less money on resources such as electricity and other utilities. Sadly, not everybody thinks this way, and list these two points as the main drawbacks of running a home office:

  • Problems in collaboration. If you are working from home you might have a hard time exchanging ideas and communicating with other employees and bosses. Modern technologies allow us to communicate even when we are on different continents, but some things are just easier to explain in person.
  • Poor reputation. Some people just value working from home enough. Yes, we agree that this is an unjustified stance, but some company owners believe it to be true.

Have you made your decision?

All things considered, if you want to work from a home office you need to have a lot of self-discipline. Also, you must stay focused and do not get distracted easily. If you are not that type of person, you should think about pursuing a regular office job. After all, your choices will ultimately come down to your personal preferences.