Professional movers’ traits to look for

Has the time come for you to pack your bags and depart for another city? This is a quite difficult decision to make, and it gets even harder when you take the relocation process into consideration. You need to make a lot of things click together, from finding a new place to live and investigating your new neighborhood to packing your stuff. So it would be wise to leave some of those duties to the professionals. What you need is someone who could help you with the organization of the relocation so that you could guard sanity during those turbulent times. A clear and sharp mind can concentrate on other important decisions and tasks. The question is how to spot professional movers’ traits that guarantee the quality?

To find out the answer to that question, stay with us as we have used this article to point out some of the traits that show you that you are dealing with quality movers. Movers Hollywood FL would be a great place to start your search for trustworthy relocation partners.

Picture of a warning sign
It is easy to spot scamming and amateur moving companies if you educate yourself on the matter

Professional mover’s traits that you want to stay away from

The first problem that you might experience when searching for quality movers is the lack of information on that topic. Relocation is not something that most people do on a regular basis so picking the right company can be a tricky task. Our first advice would be to compare moving quotes Miami, but be careful and do not to fall for the lowest price, because you could end up regretting your decision. Some of the problems you could face if you pick unprofessional movers are:

  • Problems in communication. If you hire unprofessional movers you could face all sorts of misunderstandings including movers arriving late or problems with arranging the final price because of the hidden costs.
  • What if the guys who come to do the estimate are just scanning your property so that they could come back later to take your valuables? Although this is far-fetched don’t leave any chance of something like this happening by educating yourself on this matter.
  • Damage to your belongings. This is a possible scenario if you hire movers who don’t take their job seriously. In order to complete the job as soon as possible, they will throw the boxes causing damage to your stuff. In the end, the initial low price could prove very costly.

Quality website and good reviews are professional movers’ traits

These are the first two indicators that you should search for. The website should have enough information about the company with pictures of their vehicles and tools as well as pictures from previous jobs. A good moving company will give it’s best to prove that they are the right choice for you. Next, take a look at the reviews on the website or social networks if they have a profile. Look for reviews that you think are authentic. If there are no reviews that could be a signal that something is wrong. Don’t forget to leave the feedback yourself in order to help others dealing with the same problem.

Picture of a quality website that is one of the professional movers' traits
Professional movers’ traits include a website that is rich with information and content about the moving company

Check if the moving company has all the necessary certificates

Professional movers’ traits include all the right paperwork including licenses in order to operate on the market. If this is missing there is a fair chance that you are dealing with deceivers. Browse through their info to see if they are a registered company. They should have headquarters with a permanent address. Another important clue to help you determine if you are dealing with amateurs is the insurance. Every professional moving company should provide you with several insurance options as well as with the possibility to use third party insurance. Some of the basic insurance options that most moving companies provide are basic liability protection, declared value and full value protection. Choose the insurance based on your needs but educate yourself on the matter before you choose anything.

Picture of various certificates
Look for certificates that prove the quality and professionalism of your moving partner

Cutting-edge equipment is one of the professional movers’ traits

In order to get the work done in a quick and professional way, the movers should have up-to-date sophisticated tools. The state of their vehicles tells a lot about the qualifications of the movers. Their trucks must have company markings and logos, while their employees should be uninformed. While this is not crucial for the job it speaks volumes about the company. Are you willing to trust the safety of your belongings to somebody who can’t get the basics done?

Flexible pricing is a major red flag in the moving industry

Are the prices confusing and difficult to grasp? There are a lot of variable clauses and additional costs? This is signal that the initial low price could mount up to a considerable amount.  Therefore you should be careful when going for the lowest price. Secondly, watch out for companies that ask for large deposits. Deposits should not be more than 20% of the whole deal. A lot of moving companies won’t even ask for the payment before the truck arrives at its destination.

These were some of the basic indicators that could help you to recognize professional movers’ traits. While this text should give you enough information to choose wisely, it is wise to seek advice in your close environment. If some of your friends whom you can trust recommend you a specific moving company, look no further your search is complete. Your friends can help you a lot during the move. Our last piece of advice for you would be to hire a local moving company. You can drop by their offices to ask about the terms and look for potential red flags at the same time.  We wish you a safe relocation and a good start at your new address.