Preparing for a cross country relocation with cats

Cats. Those majestic creatures that so many people love. It might seem like this love is not two-sided, but they have their way of showing their appreciation for their owners. Whether you have one or more cats, you surely only want the best for your furry babies. In the eyes of a cat, moving is not the best thing. It’s a catastrophe. For indoor cats, your home is all they know. And you are about to pop their safe bubble to go somewhere else. If you were in their spot, you would also feel stressed about it. If you want to diminish your stress so that you can help your cat combat theirs, hire Pro Movers Miami. They will take care of the moving process, while you can focus on the things that only you can, your cats being one of those. To help you, we will explain how you should prepare for a cross country relocation with cats.

Cross country relocation with cats – can it be done without stress?

Cats are notorious change haters, and moving changes everything. But occasionally, people have to move, and their cats with them. Before you get some moving quotes Miami, you should start the preparation process for your cross country relocation with cats by:

  • Getting them used to their carrier
  • Keep up the routine
  • Make the most use of boxes
Picture of a grumpy cat
Cats don’t like change

Get your cat used to the carrier

If you didn’t make many trips to the vet with your cat. chances are high that a carrier is not your cat’s favorite spot. Since you will be moving cross country, your cat will spend time there. You will want your cat to travel comfortably, and they won’t do it unless they like their carrier. Cats like to sleep in hidden places, and this is one such place. Bring it into a room that your cat likes to spend time in, and place their favorite blanket inside. Cats like to sleep in places that smell familiar, and this will increase the chance that they will. Once they start going inside voluntarily, you are in the clear. If it doesn’t go so smooth on the first try, some treats will likely do the job, because what cat will refuse treats?

Keep up the routine

When we say that cats don’t like change, that also includes their routine. If you think that you don’t have one, think. You likely feed them around the same time, they have their playtime and the time when they want to cuddle with you on the couch. Whatever you do daily, keep doing it. Even though they will likely pick up on your stress, at least they will have something familiar to look forward to. And for that reason, you should hire some interstate moving companies Miami, so that you can keep up your routine.

Make the most out of boxes

Cardboard boxes are a must during a move. They might be one of the few things that cats love about moving. Leave a few out for your felines to explore. If your cats feel anxious about them, spray some catnip on them, and watch the show unfold. When deciding to do this, use boxes that some moving services Miami providers won’t need, since they will likely get bitten and scratched.

Picture of a cat enjoying a box before a cross country relocation with cats
Cardboard boxes are great entertainment options for curious cats

Conclusion on cross country relocation with cats

Your cross country relocation with cats won’t go without any problems and drawbacks, and it is normal. If you feel that your cat doesn’t adjust to the new home after some time and stress relief methods don’t work, contact your vet. They will likely have an idea of how to help your cat. We wish you good luck and plenty of purring during your move!