Moving your offices? Know what to pack and what to throw away

Upsizing or downsizing your office, better working conditions, and a superb location are all valid reasons for office moving. Your business will thrive after the relocation is finished, but most people are afraid of the moving process. There is no reason for that, as movers and packers Miami are at your disposal at all times. In fact, moving your offices has never been easier. You only need to decide what do you want to pack and what to throw away. We are here to assist you with this question, of course.

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When moving your offices, the organization is the key, so start planning the relocation on time.

Moving your offices requires excellent organization

Before you start packing the items in your office, there are a number of things you need to do. In order for moving your office space to go smoothly, you need to start with the preparations on time. It is recommended that the planning lasts for at least three months. After all, you do not want your business to suffer due to relocation.

  • Inform your employees about the move – First things first, inform the people you work with that you are relocating. You need to have everybody on board in order to keep the spirits up.
  • Find the new location – Carefully choose the new location for your office relocation. Keep the future of your business in mind, and how you can improve it with the relocation.
  • Hire professionals for the relocation – Compare several moving companies and choose the most reputable movers that will give you access to the perfect Miami storage facilities and enjoy the relocation. You will not have to lift a finger after you hire the pros.

What to pack and what to throw away?

Although this might not seem too big of a task at the beginning, it is actually much harder than it looks. We highly recommend that you go through each document carefully, and each item in your office and take a good look at it. Ask yourself whether you actually need that specific item. Furthermore, check whether you have used something often, rarely, or never in the office.

These questions will help you determine if something is ready for a trash bin or can be relocated to your new office. Think of this as a perfect opportunity to declutter and to get rid of the items that suffocate your working area. Here are some examples of items that you should throw away:

  • Old documents – Documents that are no longer valid and that are useless are ready to go to the trash bin. Of course, you can choose to shred them as it is a much safer option given the possibility of theft.
  • Broken items – Get rid of everything that is broken. Not only is it bad Feng Shui to have broken items inside your working area, but it is also not good for your image. So, throw away the broken keyboards, computer screens, but also chairs, coffee mugs, plates, everything.
  • Furniture – If you are going to use a different design at your new office, the current furniture will go into history. Maybe your current furniture is old and has not been stylish for a while and the time has come for a change. Go ahead and order new furniture for your new office, and toss the old furniture out.
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You should only pack and relocate the items that are in superb condition and that you are using on an everyday basis.

What else can you do with the items from your offices?

You will definitely relocate one portion of things to your new office. Moving your office space also means that you will need to throw away some of the items. But, instead of throwing everything away, there a couple of things that you can also do with them.

Sell some of your items when moving your offices

Relocating offices is not cheap, so you might want to earn some money. Sell some of the items online, as it is fast, easy, and productive. Old computers, chairs, and desks can serve to another company with a tight budget. Make someone else happy and earn some money along the way. This is a great way to boost your relocation budget as well.


Another excellent thing that you can do is to basically donate what you no longer need. You can donate all of the dishes that you had in your office kitchen, chairs, desks, etc. It will make the total weight of your items smaller and consequently, your relocation costs will decrease. There are many organizations that sell your stuff and give the money to those in need. For example, Goodwill Industry International can be just perfect for you.


Take the items that you are about to throw away to a recycling center near you. There are plenty of them as the awareness of eco-friendly ways of disposing items is rising. In this way, you will know that you have done the right thing by recycling your old and broken items, and you will be helping to save the planet.

Hire professionals for your office move

Offices differ from homes. Your office contains a lot of electronic devices, and you do not want to see any of your PCs broken into pieces, or having some internal damage. In order to avoid the risk of damaging your valuable items, hire experienced professionals that will be happy to help you. Plus, you will have insurance in case of an accident. You will also avoid all the stress when you know that your working equipment is in professional hands. Learn how to interview Miami movers and you are good to go.

storage units with blue doors
If you cannot relocate everything, and throwing away is not the option, you can always store your items safely in storage units.

Moving your offices does not have to be stressful. Yes, you will need to make a decision on what to keep and what to throw away, but with our tips from above, everything becomes much easier. Good luck!