Moving to Brickell guide

With one of the fastest-growing destinations in the country, no wonder Brickell is so appealing for many. Brickell, Florida, is such an attractive spot, with the newest construction condos and tripled population since the year 2000. Brickell lies directly to the south of  Downtown Miami’s historic Central Business District. That fact makes this place a densely populated residential and commercial neighborhood with a population of around 35,000. Therefore, if you are thinking about moving to Brickell, read on and prepare to leap.

Moving to Brickell- read some facts

Brickell Florida is one of the largest financial districts in the US and that fact is one of the reasons many people hire movers Brickell FL for the relocation itself. This city is also known as the Manhattan of the South and it is home to numerous banking, investment, and financial institutions. Also, Brickell has many foreign consulates, which adds to the diverse international flavor this exciting area has. Furthermore, nowadays, this neighborhood is home to numerous high-rise condo towers and apartment buildings, as well as a phenomenal selection of shopping and dining. Brickell is so appealing due to its vibrant and eclectic feel that buzzes with activity day and night. Therefore, it attracts a diverse collection of residents from all over the world. And all of them just love the area’s convenient amenities, location, and urban lifestyle that Brickell has.

The street view in Miami district
Moving to Brickell will bring you an urban and vibrant feel, with many amenities.

What to expect after moving to Brickell?

While local movers Miami will handle your relocation, we are here to help you with our ultimate Brickell guide. And the thing you should know about Brickell is that it often feels more like New York than Miami. The reasons are its fast-paced streets and many office towers. Also, Brickell is a pedestrian-friendly neighborhood and many residents here love walking or cycling. But there are so much more advantages and positive aspects of moving to Brickell.

The lifestyle you can experience after moving to Brickell

Sure, moving is always exhausting, but if you choose the right place to move to, you will be extremely happy. And if you hire good movers, you will get moving boxes Miami, pack your things, and be good to go. Instead of spending time on relocation, you can explore your future life in Brickell. So, first, living and working in Brickell means that you’ll be within easy walking distance of shopping, dining, and entertainment. Also, it seems like there’s always a new bar, restaurant, or gallery in Brickell worth visiting. Then, we have to mention that Brickell has the highest public transit ridership of any Miami neighborhood. Hence, there is always an option to get around Brickell.

Outdoor lifestyle in Brickell

Many residents in Brickell lead an active and outdoor lifestyle. They always choose to spend their time outside, which is possible due to the incredible South Florida climate. Also, the nearby beaches are a great option to spend a perfect day after you move to Brickell. Or if you love to walk, jog, and cycle, you can go to one of the most popular routes. And that is the pathway that circles Brickell Key. You can reach this tiny residential island via the Brickell Avenue Bridge and enjoy. Because this pathway provides a peaceful and quiet escape from the city noise. Also, the breathtaking views of the port, cruise ships, and sparkling water will leave you breathless.

Woman riding a bicycle
Most Brickell residents enjoy an active lifestyle.

Parks in Brickell

After you move to Brickell with help from the best Miami movers, there are many parks you can enjoy.

  • First, you can visit Allen Morris Brickell Park, a small park that dots the neighborhood. This park will provide a quiet surrounding where you can sit and relax under gorgeous tropical trees.
  • Then, along Miami Avenue, south of SW 15th Road, you can find Simpson Park, a beautiful oasis in the middle of the city. This exquisite park comprises over 8 acres of old-grown tropical hardwood hammock. Also, it provides locals with a popular place where they can have a nice and relaxing picnic.
  • Last but not least, just north of Brickell, you can find Bayfront Park, one of the most popular parks in the Miami area. This is the place where the city gathers as a community. Hence, it always has a lively and multicultural vibe.

The cultural scene of Brickell

After you move to Brickell, you will be able to enjoy the vibrant cultural content. And that whole world of cultural activities is within easy walking distance. So, for instance, you can visit Museum Park which hosts popular music festivals. But it’s also home to a pair of excellent museums. Then, you can visit Perez Art Museum Miami which offers amazing contemporary art exhibits. Also, you can see the Frost Museum of Science which offers you enough to fill an entire day. This special center has a planetarium and a 3+level aquarium. And it teaches natural history through kid-friendly interactive exhibits. Therefore, you can enjoy these places if you move to Brickell with your family.

Aerial view of a beach
After an exhausting day, you can enjoy a relaxing day on Brickell beach.

Brickell beaches

If you need a quick getaway from city life, you can always visit the Miami beaches across the Biscayne Bay. First of them is South Beach, the most popular area among visitors due to its carefree and trendy vibe. However, if you need a more quiet beach experience, visit North Beach. Or you can spend your day fishing on Sunny Isles Beach at the Newport Fishing Pier. Also, if you are moving to Brickell with your dog, you can always bring him along to one of the dog beaches.

So, after reading our guide, you are now ready to decide whether Brickell is the best choice for you. And if it is, you are more than ready to dive into the experience, so good luck.