Moving to a new city alone – How to cope with it

Not many people like to be alone all the time. Having your own space is important, but moving to a new city alone can make you feel lonelier than you have ever felt before. Loneliness can impact your mental health. That’s why proactively working on quickly building a strong foundation after a move is crucial in battling loneliness. Often times, the fear of the unknown can overwhelm our heads with scary thoughts and feelings. However, having a sturdy support system is what can help fight off those unpleasant thoughts and feelings. If your upcoming move to Fort Lauderdale is something you’re finding it hard to cope with, there are many expert movers in Fort Lauderdale that can help you with those fears, at least in the moving department. But apart from moving itself, there are many ways you can make moving alone easier on yourself.

Make your new place of residence feel like home

We all know that feeling of uneasiness when we have to spend the night at someone else’s home. It might be comfy, it might be well put together, but it just doesn’t feel like home. That’s why it’s crucial to make your new home feel cozy and homey quickly after the move. Feeling at home in your new apartment will give you a sense of security we all crave, and you’ll actually start looking forward to coming home after a long day to comfortably relax and de-stress.

Plants on a table in a very cozy looking living room.
Make your new home feel cozier by decorating the way you like!

How to make your new home actually feel homey?

  • Fill your new home with familiar stuff. Using the old furniture, decorations, or even painting your new home the same colors that your last home was painted might give you a sense of familiarity and thus make your place feel cozier.
  • Start daily rituals involving your new home. Doing enjoyable things in your new home will help you transfer those positive feelings from activities to your home.
  • Think about home improvements. Think of your new home as a project. Remodeling, decorating, and making improvements can be fun. This can help you perceive your new home in a more positive and fun way. Not only that, but the changes you make can also make your new house or apartment feel more pleasant and welcoming.
  • Make your home feel safe. Making sure your home is safe can put your mind at ease. There are some safety measures to check as a new homeowner. However, since safety is extremely important, having someone more experienced help you with making sure your home is safe might be prudent.
  • Have people you care about visit. What often makes a house feel like home are people we care about. Unfortunately, when relocating alone this is not always a possibility. However, having people you love and care about visit as often as possible can make your new house or apartment start feeling more like home.

Make new friends quickly after moving to a new city alone

Friends are arguably not as easy to find when you’re an adult. When you’re a child you’re constantly surrounded by your peers both at school and outside of it. As an adult, however, you’re a lot more isolated and probably don’t have as many opportunities to meet new people. Moving alone makes finding friends even harder since you might not have any friends that could introduce you to their friends. This doesn’t necessarily have to be true. You can always meet people out and about, you just have to be brave enough to strike up a conversation. Meet your new neighbors, baristas at your new favorite coffee shop, colleagues at work, or even try some new activities where you could meet people.

Two friends laughing over drinks.
Making new friends after moving to a new city alone can make you feel less lonely!

Occupy yourself with activities

Keeping your mind and body busy will make moving alone to a new city easier to cope with. Simply doing things will keep your mind engaged in positive and productive things, rather than in negativity. Joining clubs, classes, courses, or even a gym can be a great way to keep yourself occupied, but also to meet new people.

Get a pet

Having a pet might help you feel less alone. Your new home won’t feel as empty, and you’ll have someone joyously awaiting your return after a long day of work. Not only that but a pet will help you stay occupied without much room for negative thoughts. Even more so, going on a run or a hike with your dog or playing with your cat will keep you moving. Pets are also a great way to make friends. Not to mention all the love and warmth a pet can bring to a home. You will never feel completely alone with a little furball by your side.

When you have a new pet things can sometimes get a little messy! But let’s face it, it’s all very much worth it. However, sometimes we simply don’t want some important things ruined. Storage Miami can help you safely preserve important stuff while your pet grows up. This way you can have the best of both worlds by both preserving important things, and watching your new companion grow up.

Allow yourself to feel lonely

In today’s day and age feeling bad or weak is often frowned upon. Many people are afraid to admit they’re struggling. However, struggling is nothing to be ashamed of, and it happens to all of us whether we care to admit it or not. Moving to a new city alone is one of those things that can take a toll on a person’s emotional wellbeing. Losing your social network, comfort, and security can be stressful. And even though some people handle it better than others, solitude can become overwhelming for anyone.

With all this in mind, the best tip for coping with loneliness is to let yourself feel it and be okay with it. While this might sound easier said than done, it is definitely doable. Admitting those feelings to yourself and being okay with them is halfway to conquering them. However, this doesn’t mean you should isolate yourself. Accept your feelings, but at the same time work on overcoming them. If at any point in time you feel as if the feelings are becoming unbearable, talking to a trained professional is always and options, what more, it is advisable! Keep in mind that your mental health is just as important as your physical health!

A lonely woman scrolling through her phone.
Allow yourself to feel lonely. Suppressing negative feelings is never good!

So does moving to a new city alone have to be hard?

Finding yourself all alone in your new home after all the moving stress dissipates can certainly leave you with a feeling of uneasiness. Hiring reliable movers such as Pro Movers Miami can help you stay calm and grounded during the whole moving process. This will allow you to be present at all times and mentally prepare for what’s to come. Thinking and planning ahead can help you avoid the intense feelings of loneliness if you do it properly.