Moving from Doral to Brickell: What to Expect

Are you considering a move from Doral to Brickell, Miami? As Miami movers, we understand the excitement and anticipation that comes with relocating to a new neighborhood. Brickell, known as Miami’s bustling financial district, offers a vibrant urban lifestyle with numerous opportunities. On the other hand, Doral also has multiple options. That’s why we will provide a general overview of both areas, analyze lifestyle differences, explore the cost of living, and discuss the job market and education options. Last but not least, we will highlight outdoor opportunities and offer guidance on determining if Brickell is the right fit for you. So, let’s find out what to expect when moving from Doral to Brickell.

Brickell Key, FL
Brickell, Miami, is a very appealing place to live and work.

Why are people moving from Doral to Brickell?

Most people in Florida want to move to Miami, and Doral is not an exception, although it also offers many life and work opportunities. And Brickell is one of the neighborhoods that is alongside the most appealing ones. This neighborhood is renowned for its vibrant urban lifestyle, offering many trendy restaurants, exclusive shopping centers, and a successful nightlife scene. The availability of modern amenities and entertainment options make Brickell an attractive destination for those seeking a dynamic environment.

Moreover, the choice of employment opportunities is a significant factor driving the migration from Doral to Brickell. As a bustling financial district, Brickell is home to numerous corporate offices, financial institutions, and professional services companies. The area provides a hub for career growth and access to various job prospects. Additionally, people recognize the allure of Brickell’s central location within Miami. Situated close to downtown Miami, the neighborhood provides convenient access to major highways, public transportation, and other key city areas. This accessibility allows residents of Brickell to easily explore and enjoy all that Miami has to offer, including its beautiful beaches, cultural attractions, and recreational activities.

Doral vs. Brickell: A General Overview

Doral, located in western Miami-Dade County, is a suburban city known for its family-friendly environment and residential communities. Located approximately 13 miles northwest of downtown Miami, Doral offers a more relaxed and tranquil setting compared to the bustling urban landscape of Brickell. The area has well-planned neighborhoods, parks, and golf courses, providing a suburban escape from the city.

On the other hand, Brickell is an upscale neighborhood in the heart of Miami’s financial district. It is south of downtown Miami, bordered by the Miami River and Biscayne Bay. Brickell is famous for its iconic skyline filled with sleek, high-rise condominiums, luxury hotels, and office towers. The area provides a vibrant and fast-paced atmosphere, with a mix of professionals and entrepreneurs contributing to its energetic vibe. As you can see, these two, although different, provide an amazing feel. So, you won’t make a mistake if you decide to move. Therefore, hire movers Doral has, and move to this amazing Miami neighborhood.

Brickell Bay
Brickell is a perfect place to start and improve your career.

Doral vs. Brickell: Lifestyle

When comparing the atmospheres of Doral and Brickell, they offer contrasting experiences. Doral provides a more laid-back and family-oriented ambiance, focusing on suburban living and a sense of community. In contrast, Brickell pulsates with electric energy, appealing more to singles and young professionals. The neighborhood’s lively streets are filled with upscale dining options, trendy bars, and entertainment venues. The constant buzz of activity and the diverse mix of residents and visitors create a vibrant and cosmopolitan atmosphere. Another notable aspect of Brickell’s lifestyle is its cultural diversity and international influences. The neighborhood has a cosmopolitan flair, attracting residents from various parts of the world. As a result, Brickell has a variety of cultures, traditions, and cuisines. International businesses, consulates, and foreign residents contribute to a vibrant and multicultural environment. This diversity creates a unique opportunity to engage in different cultures and enjoy dining options, cultural events, and artistic experiences.

Cost of living

Before hiring local movers in Florida and moving from Doral to Brickell, evaluating the difference in living costs is important. Since Brickell is part of Miami, the home prices are logically higher than those in Doral. According to, if you want to buy a home in Brickell, you must pay around $621,912, more than the national average. The median home rent is also higher – around $2,306. With higher prices, it is no wonder that most residents rent their homes. The area feel (dense urban) also contributes to the overall cost of living. On the other hand, if you want to buy a home in Doral, you can expect to pay $420,300. When it comes to renting, the prices are similar to those in Brickell. Namely, you’ll pay around $2,194 for rent. All in all, both places have home prices more expensive than the national average.

After buying or renting a home in Brickell, you don’t have to worry about where to put your belongings until you make a home arrangement plan. You can always count on our storage services. And for a next-level storage experience, you can opt for white glove storage options.

A woman searching for a job before moving from Doral to Brickell
Both Doral and Brickell offer amazing job opportunities.

Doral vs. Brickell: Job market

Regarding the job market, both Doral and Brickell offer unique opportunities in different sectors. With its strategic location and proximity to Miami International Airport and major highways, Doral has become a thriving business hub. The city boasts diverse industries, including logistics, distribution, manufacturing, and professional services. Major employers in Doral include Carnival Corporation, Univision, Ryder System, and World Fuel Services, among others. The city’s business-friendly environment has contributed to its growth and job market expansion. However, despite these great opportunities, people still want to move to Miami. And when it comes to Brickell’s job market, it is primarily centered around the financial and professional services sectors. The neighborhood houses numerous banks, law firms, consulting companies, and financial institutions. Companies such as JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo, CitiGroup, and Visa are in Brickell. With its growing reputation as a business and innovation hub, Brickell continues to attract professionals.

Moving from Doral to Brickell: What to expect regarding education

When it comes to education, both Doral and Brickell offer a range of options to meet the needs of families with children. Let’s explore the educational scope in each area:

  • Doral: It takes pride in its quality and variety of educational institutions. According to, there are 25 preschools, 16 elementary, 15 middle, 7 high schools, and 22 private schools in Doral. Besides, there are 12 public charter schools. Doral’s public school system, operated by Miami-Dade County Public Schools, includes highly rated schools offering diverse academic programs.
  • Brickell: This area has numerous elementary and high schools, and most notable are: Key Point Academy, The Gordon School, Delcampo International School, and others. However, the great thing about moving from Doral to Bruckell is that you will have proximity to other Miami schools.

When considering education in both areas, families and individuals with children should consider several factors. These may include elements such as the desired school’s academic reputation, curriculum, extracurricular activities, class sizes, and proximity to home. Transportation logistics and commute times should also be considered, particularly when accessing schools outside Brickell. You should research and visit schools, speak with parents and educators, and consider personal preferences and priorities when evaluating educational options in Brickell. However, when moving, it is hard to research school options. But there’s a solution to this. Hire movers Brickell FL residents trust and dedicate to your research while the movers take care of your relocation.

Outdoor options

Doral and Brickell offer outdoor options for residents to enjoy recreational activities, green spaces, and health and wellness opportunities. Let’s take a closer look at the outdoor offerings in each area. Doral has several parks and recreational facilities catering to outdoor enthusiasts. For instance, Doral Central Park is a popular destination featuring sports fields, jogging trails, playgrounds, and picnic areas. Additionally, Doral Meadow Park offers a serene environment with walking paths and beautiful green spaces. Golf enthusiasts can enjoy world-class courses like Trump National Doral and Doral Resort’s Blue Monster. These outdoor spaces provide opportunities for various activities, including sports, picnics, walking, running, and enjoying the natural surroundings. And when moving to Brickell, you won’t miss the greenery that Doral provides since Brickell, despite being an urban neighborhood, offers access to parks. Following are some of the ones you shouldn’t miss:

  1. Alice C. Wainwright Park, situated on the shores of Biscayne Bay, provides stunning waterfront views, walking trails, and picnic areas.
  2. Simpson Park Hammock is another green space that offers a serene environment with walking paths and lush vegetation.

Moreover, Brickell Key Park is a small waterfront park with picturesque views and a tranquil atmosphere. Residents of Brickell also have access to the Miami Riverwalk, which provides a scenic pathway along the Miami River, perfect for walking, jogging, or biking.

A group of friends enjoying outdoors after moving from Doral to Brickell
Brickell, although urban, has several parks you can enjoy after the move.

What to do after moving to Brickell?

Brickell, being an urban neighborhood, provides an array of fitness studios, yoga centers, and wellness spas catering to different health and wellness practices. You can visit Icon Brickell Spa, go to F45 Training Brickell, or enjoy outdoor fitness classes and boot camps in parks and waterfront areas, promoting an active and healthy lifestyle. If you want to shop until you drop, head to Brickell City Centre. And when you get tired of shopping, take a break at some of the food places. For example, go to Pubbelly if you want to try sushi, or go to Tacology if you like Mexican food. Next, to enjoy the beautiful Miami skyline, visit Sugar, one of the tallest skyscraper rooftop bars. And if you want to escape the city’s bustle, go to Mary Brickell Village. Here, you can shop, dine, and enjoy the outdoors.

All in all, Brickell has a lot to offer. Thus, explore the neighborhood as soon as you move with some of the best moving companies Miami Dade provides.

Stairs in a shopping center
Brickell offers great shopping options.

What to expect when it comes to the moving process

Now that you know what to expect from moving from Doral to Brickell when it comes to life, let us introduce you to the moving process. Moving is a demanding process, and it requires detailed planning, especially when you have other things to manage. However, there are some useful tips to implement. First, to stay organized and avoid burnout, make a moving plan with a timeline. Focus on packing. You can achieve this by starting to pack early. To save time, declutter as you pack. Consider hiring professional movers to ensure a hassle-free relocation. And if you have expensive items such as artwork and other valuables, consider hiring the best luxury moving company Miami has to offer. After hiring movers, you can focus on the paperwork behind the moving process. First, inform utility companies, schools, and other relevant parties about your change of address well in advance.

After handling the moving process and all the things that follow it, meet Brickell. Familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations of your new building or neighborhood in Brickell, such as parking restrictions and moving hours. Take advantage of the opportunity to explore your new area before the move to get a sense of the neighborhood and its amenities. Lastly, embrace the excitement of starting fresh and making the most of your new home in Brickell.

Happy people surrounded by boxes before moving from Doral to Brickell
Moving from Doral to Brickell is easy when you have a good relocation plan and the right movers by your side.

Enjoy a new chapter in your life

In conclusion, moving from Doral to Brickell offers a unique opportunity to experience a vibrant Miami lifestyle and explore new possibilities. Brickell’s appeal lies in its thriving financial district, lively social scene, and cultural diversity. However, a successful move requires careful planning and organization. Consider hiring professional moving services Miami companies provide to ensure a seamless and stress-free relocation process. From packing and transportation to storage solutions, movers can assist you every step of the way. So, if you’re ready to embark on a new life chapter in Brickell, make your move a smooth one with the help of trusted professionals. Embrace the excitement of this change and embrace the possibilities that await you in your new home in Brickell.