Moving from a small apartment to a large house in Coral Gables

We’ve probably all dreamed of moving from a small apartment to a large home. Whether it’s expanding your family, needing more space, or looking to move to the picturesque Coral Gables area, there are a few things to consider before taking this step. You’ll have the opportunity to move into a larger space and furnish and decorate it the way you want. On the other hand, living at home comes with many other responsibilities and is much more expensive. To prepare for moving from a small apartment to a large house and make it enjoyable and comfortable, Miami movers will guide you on what to expect during this move and how to be prepared.

a large house
Moving to a large house brings new challenges.

What to expect when Moving from a small apartment to a large house in Coral Gables

When you move from a small apartment to a large house in Coral Gables, expect both excitement and challenges. The extra space can be exhilarating but also calls for thoughtful planning. For a smooth move, you might consider hiring moving companies in Miami Dade County, as they are familiar with the local logistics. In your new spacious home, you’ll have more room for personal spaces dedicated to hobbies or even a home office. Coral Gables offers a luxurious setting, so you might find yourself investing in high-end furniture to match your new surroundings.

Prepare before the move

Some work must be completed before you can import items. By now, you know the house well, and you know that you need to redo the floors, paint, and change the windows. If you have the possibility, do all of this work before you move. It will be much easier than dealing with all these issues after the move. Before you move in, conduct a thorough site inspection to ensure that there are no systematic, structural, or electrical problems with your home. Also, visit your new neighbors and learn about your new neighborhood.

renovation equipment in the house
Before moving from a small apartment to a large house, inspect the new home and make any necessary repairs.

Give yourself time

Become familiar with your new home and gather ideas on how you want to decorate it. Don’t just stare anywhere. You will have time to live in your new home for a long time. Going from a small apartment to a large house is a big change and a bigger space. Don’t rush to buy things. You have an empty bedroom, which can be used for other purposes. Therefore, don’t rush everything will fall into place.

Make sure your move from a small apartment to a large house in Coral Gables is efficient and safe. Leave your move in safe hands, such as moving companies Coral Gables. Your belongings will no longer be your worry, and you will have more time to do some work in the new home.

Plan to equip an additional space, but do not overload

Moving from a small apartment to a large house gives you more space. Therefore, you will need more furniture to furnish your new home. Make a plan of the rooms in the house and the way they will be furnished. Using online tools can also be helpful. It is essential not to overload your new home with new things. You wanted more space, not more furniture, since more space doesn’t necessarily mean you should fill it all up with furniture and items. Here are more ideas to consider when planning to equip your new, larger space:

  • Minimalist approach: Consider adopting a minimalist design. Fewer items can make your space look elegant and easier to manage.
  • Functional furniture: Choose furniture that serves multiple purposes. For example, a sofa bed can act as both a couch and an extra bed for guests.
  • Room themes: Decide on a theme for each room. Knowing the theme can guide you in purchasing items that complement each other rather than clash.
  • Quality over quantity: Instead of buying many pieces of furniture, invest in fewer, high-quality items that are durable and make a statement.
  • Space for movement: Ensure there’s enough room to walk around. Overstuffing rooms can make even a large house feel cramped.
  • Kids and pets: If you have children or pets, keep their needs in mind. Perhaps allocate space for a play area or pet zone.
  • Home office: Don’t forget about workspaces. One advantage of a larger home is the opportunity to have a dedicated office or study area.
  • Outdoor spaces: If your new home has a yard or balcony, think about outdoor furniture, too. A simple setup could include a few chairs and a table.
  • Art and decor: Use art pieces or decorative items sparingly to add personality to rooms without overwhelming them.
  • Storage solutions: Even in a larger home, good storage is key. Built-in cabinets or stylish shelving can help keep clutter at bay.

When moving from a small apartment to a large house, focus on high-traffic rooms

Don’t give yourself too many tasks when you move into a large home. First, focus on furnishing the rooms necessary for your daily functioning, such as the living room and bedroom, the children’s room, the kitchen, and the bathroom. The other rooms will find their place over time. Allow yourself to relate to the space, and everything will fall into place. Don’t hesitate to ask for help in packing and unpacking your furniture. This job requires a lot of your time and skills. With their experienced and trained crews, the packing services Miami movers provide will come in handy.

a man and a woman sitting on the floor, surrounded by packing boxes
After moving into a new home, furnish the rooms necessary for daily functioning.

Make a change

In a spacious home, you will find new spaces that can make your life more comfortable. Also, if you have hobbies such as fitness, modeling, or love to play pool, now you have the opportunity to set aside a space for yourself. Create a new furniture arrangement that will spice up the new corner. Be open to change and fresh arrangements. Embrace the new space as an opportunity to enrich your lifestyle with dedicated areas for activities you love. For example, make:

  1. Game room: For pool or board games, allocate space that can accommodate a pool table or gaming table, along with some comfy chairs.
  2. Reading nook: Create a cozy corner with a plush chair, a small table, and a reading lamp.

Dedicate a room for the home office

No matter whether you work offline or online, it is always a good idea to have some space designated for your home office. A separate workspace helps to maintain a work-life balance and boosts productivity by reducing distractions. If you’re moving to a new home, consider enlisting the help of office movers to safely and efficiently transport your work essentials, such as your desk, computer, and filing cabinets.

When setting up your home office, choose a room that has ample natural light to help reduce eye strain. Invest in a comfortable, ergonomic chair and a sturdy desk to create a workspace that encourages focus. Storage solutions like shelves or cabinets are crucial for keeping your office supplies organized. If you often participate in video calls, consider the room’s acoustics and background as well.

Attention to the budget

Buying a home in Coral Gables is a significant investment in itself. Plus, your bills will go up. We all imagine perfectly decorated homes in magazines and on websites, but uncontrolled loans will get you nowhere. Therefore, weigh your wishes and possibilities carefully and take one step at a time. Some things can wait. And when it comes to Coral Gables real estate, you can expect the following prices according to Realtor: The listings vary significantly in price, starting as low as $1,200 and reaching up to $69.9 million. The median listing price for homes here is around $1.7 million, which translates to about $845 per square foot. The median selling price for homes is $742,500. Such statistics indicate that Coral Gables caters to various budgets and lifestyles, making it an appealing option for different kinds of homebuyers.

House maintenance

When you buy a home, your wish for more space comes true, but you also have obligations. The maintenance of the house will be your responsibility. You wanted a yard and a front lawn, but don’t forget that lawn care is now your concern. To keep your new property in tip-top shape, do a few things regularly:

  • Preventive maintenance: Leaving things around the house or leaving them to chance can create problems that can be costly. Regular maintenance is essential: gutter cleaning, plumbing maintenance, roof inspections, and air duct cleaning are just a few examples.
  • Maintenance of open spaces: You’ve wanted a large garden and lawn, so you should maintain them, too. Some of the regular tasks include mowing lawns, watering plants, pruning trees, and snow removal. If you have the right tools, you can do the work yourself or hire help.
  • Home repairs: When you lived in an apartment, if there were any malfunctions, your job was to inform the landlord and solve the problems that way. In the big house, repairs become your responsibility. You have to arrange the repair yourself or ask for appropriate help.
a brick house with a lawn
Living in a large house comes with greater responsibility and expense.

Get professional moving help when moving from a small apartment to a large house

If you have decided to move to a larger space, start organizing the move-in time. The moving process requires good organization and support. You may think that your apartment doesn’t have too much stuff. It happens to everyone until they face the packing process. Therefore, before you pack, get rid of unnecessary items. Regardless of the size of your new home, don’t clutter it with unnecessary stuff that you no longer use. When moving from a small apartment to a large house, reliable help is more than welcome. You need to pack all these things and find movers who will handle your move and tailor it to your needs. You will find them under the name of white glove moving service, and you will be sure to get top-notch service and dedication to the challenges of every new move.