Miami Business District is waiting for your offices

Do you have a business of your own? Are you in need of new business premises? Are you considering a change of address to the ever-booming Miami Business District? Then you’ve come to the right place! We will provide you with all the basic information about this part of the Florida-based city. Furthermore, we offer some advice about the relocation and what you need to do to complete this transition seamlessly. Moving your office long-distance can be quite a challenging endeavor. However, it doesn’t need to be a stressful experience. For one thing, long distance movers Florida can help you master every angle of your move with ease. From computers and commercial storage to your staff, planning ahead of time is what counts the most!

About the Miami business district

The Miami Business District is the historic city center of what is now called Greater Downtown Miami. It provides an architecture that blends the old with the new, which is truly one of a kind. This mixture of historic and urban offers everything you need for your business. Not only that, but there is also a huge variety of ways to spend leisure time. Want to catch a Miami Heat game or a concert? The American Airlines Arena is just down the street. Want to have a fun night out or visit a celebrity-chef restaurant? The glamorous entertainment of South Beach is no more than ten minutes away. From watching the latest movies in the cinema complex to going grocery shopping at a natural foods store, this Miami neighborhood has it all.

A sight to behold

Perhaps the biggest reason as to why one ought to move office there is how visually stunning it is. With its row of skyscrapers, the Biscayne Wall Miami is surely America’s counterpart to the Great Wall of China. The so-called “Manhattanization” of downtown Miami started around 2003, and more than 50 tall buildings were erected over the following five years. This area is thus greatly reminiscent of the Big Apple, and not just in terms of what we see with our eyes. There is also a plethora of business premises opportunities once you have moved your office there. Other close-by attractions worth mentioning are the Historical Museum of Southern Florida and Miami Art Museum.

Picture of Miami Business District
The picturesque Miami Business District is the perfect place for your new business premises

Planning your move to Miami business district

Efficient planning is a must when it comes to relocating your personal home. This rings even truer when it comes to moving your business premises. Therefore, we provide you with a list of things you should pay attention to ahead of your move:

  • Inform your staff on time. Your employees need to know in advance about your planned office move. As you know, being transparent with them goes a long way. A heads-up of several weeks in advance should be enough. However, the more time you give them, the more grateful they will be. Remember, they need to plan their commute and have personal lives which probably revolve greatly around their children’s schools.
  • Let your clients know. Needless to say that customers are the core of any business. It is advisable to start informing your clients on time, preferably about a month in advance. Notices on social media go without saying, but you should probably put up some in-store signs as well.
  • Make an inventory checklist. You ought to put on paper what you need to take with you. Make a list of pieces of furniture that belong to your company and what you will be selling. Also, try to figure out if you need any new additions at your new offices in the Miami business district. Consult your staff about what they might want or need in their new surroundings.

Packaging and labeling

The organization is of great importance once you start packaging for your move. A highly recommended way of not losing track of your stuff is to categorically label it. Engage your employees in this activity and sub-divide them, for example into office areas. Provide them with labels of different colors and have them the number and map out, perhaps in an Excel spreadsheet. This will take up some of your time ahead of the relocation, but save much more of it later. Once everyone knows what their task is, you can start the packaging process. Pay close attention to computers and wrap all monitors in moving blankets or bubble wrap. You should plug out corresponding cables so as to avoid incurring any unnecessary damage. As a precaution, make sure to store all your data on external hard drives and/or online. Better to be safe than sorry!

Picture of moving boxes
Properly packaging office furniture and working tools is of great importance

Insurance and expenditure

As a businessperson, you surely know that no matter how meticulous and dedicated you are, unexpected things happen. Therefore, we recommend that regardless of the way you choose to move, you should always opt for having insurance. Include this in your expenditure plan prior to selecting a moving company or truck rental. Regarding this or any other matters, you might want to consult commercial movers Miami for more information. Needless to say that you should make sure to keep all your receipts from the move. Not just because something might go wrong, but you can probably get tax deductions on a variety of services.

Picture of calculator and expenditure list
Make sure to keep track of your costs and to retain all receipts

There is an abundance of reasons as to why people choose to move their office to Miami Business District. Not only is this part of a town brimming with top-notch business premises, but also with cultural content. However, as with any other move, you have to make careful preparations. Organization and planning are key, as are methods of packaging and labeling boxes. Once you have carried out all the necessary preparations and moved your furniture and inventory, you and your staff can start enjoying all the benefits that Miami’s business part of town has to offer.