How to store musical instruments

Keeping your instruments in a storage unit is a good idea if you’re not using them on a daily basis. Moreover, some people prefer to downsize when relocating, so they may not have enough space in their home. Some instruments are really bulky, such as pianos, and they can definitely be stored away and still be safe. However, like all other items you want to place in your storage unit, you have to take into account the way you care for them and keep them protected. Especially if you’re considering long-term storage! That’s why movers in Fort Lauderdale are ready to give you a few tips to store musical instruments without a hassle.

a grand piano
Sometimes, you may have the need to store a piano in a storage unit. Here’s how to do it properly!

It isn’t hard to store musical instruments properly

First things first, you have to pay attention to what kind of storage Miami you are getting. Since there are two main types of storage, it isn’t hard to pick one, and that one should be climate-controlled storage. If you want to store musical instruments the right way and make sure they are in good condition when you take them out, this is the way you want to go. If your storage unit isn’t climate controlled, you risk having mold and condensation on your instruments. This is what we all want to avoid, as these instruments are usually very valuable as well!

Secondly, try to take apart anything that you can. Take away any loose pieces and store them in a separate case or container. In case you want to store any string instruments, you should definitely loosen the strings a bit. If they are tight, but you’re not using the instrument regularly, they can easily break in storage. The same goes for drums – loosen the drumheads slightly before putting them in storage. The only difference is with your piano. Professional piano movers will tell you that this instrument is built to last a long time, so there is no need to alter the strings in it.

violin on music note sheets
If you loosen the strings on your violin, they are less likely to break while in storage.

Clean it and pack it carefully

You should clean each instrument thoroughly before placing it in storage. Each instrument needs a different kind of care, but cleaning them before placing them in storage will help keep the dirt and dust off for as long as possible. Once you finish this task, pack the instrument in its original case. These cases will protect them the best, as they fit the shape perfectly. In case you don’t have a case, or you have a large and bulky instrument that you’re not sure how to pack, get in touch with professional packers. They’ll know exactly how to help you out!

guitar case on a street
The case you have for your instrument will always offer the best protection.

Last, but not least, always elevate your instrument when putting it in storage. Whether it is on shelves or on top of other items in the unit, it doesn’t matter. As long as they are off the floor! This is done in order to avoid moisture in your storage unit or rodent damage in case unexpected things happen. Also, remember not to place anything on top of your instruments, so they don’t get squished.