How to spend the first day in your new home

Congratulations! You have moved to your new home! And when the dust settles and you wave goodbye to your Miami movers, it is time to decide how to spend the first day in your new home. You have finally reached Miami, the city of your dreams, or just the city where your new workplace is. Whichever way you look at it, the moving process is still not over. You need to unpack all the boxes, set everything up and all of that during the first day. You may think that you have time to unpack everything, but that has the potential to drag out. So, in order to avoid that we have compiled a list of things you should do during the first day in your new home. Let’s dive in!

Take pictures of everything in your new home

This is a must if you are renting a house. It is very important to document the state of your new home in order to avoid unnecessary confrontations with your landlord. If something is broken, snap a photo of that and send everything to your landlord. However, you should take photos of everything, just in case. Better safe than sorry! You know how important this was during your moving process. You needed to snap pics of everything in order to better manage your inventory.

spend the first day in your new home by taking pictures of everything
Take pictures of everything!

This helps your long distance movers Miami immensely. That is why you need to go into your new home with the same mindset. Your landlord may even request you to send them photos of everything just to clarify the condition of the place. It is also important to have everything documented because of your security deposit. You will not be able to get the full deposit back if something is broken after you move out. 

All the boxes should be in their respective rooms

This is the next step on your list. If you had read our guide on how to create an inventory, you probably know that it is best to label each box by room. This will help you during this step because you will know what box should go where. When your movers Plantation FL unload the truck in your new Miami home, you may even ask them to do the job.

labeled boxes
Each box should be labeled!

Your mindset is also important. You should know that doing that last push during the moving day will save you a lot of trouble in the following days. We have already mentioned that it can drag out if you do not do everything you can on moving day.

Clean as much as you can

Of course, you will not be able to do a full thorough clean up of your new home. You need to spend the first day in your new home unpacking as well! Do a detailed analysis of your new home and see which places are the dirtiest. Then you should decide which area to clean up. The most important areas are the bathroom, the kitchen, and the bedroom.

You do not want to breathe in that dust that was settling for who knows how long. Especially when you are sleeping and your lungs need more air. The kitchen and the bathroom are also important because they are places of nourishment and hygiene. You cannot have good personal hygiene if the place dedicated to that is dirty. Also, you are risking getting dust in your food if you decide to prepare something after installing some larger appliances.

Placing the most important pieces of furniture

This is a big one. When you finish placing the boxes in the correct rooms, you should place all the important furniture too. This includes the dining table, beds, and other essential furniture that you will need during the first night. When you do this, you can finally sit down and have a cup of coffee and relax. A great way to spend the first day in your new home! However, you are not done yet! Do not let this short break slow down your momentum.

refrigerator first day new home
Install your refrigerator during the first day in your new home!

After the coffee break, make sure to unpack the essentials box as well. The essentials box should contain everything that you may need during the first day and night. This includes toothbrushes some towels, diapers if you are moving with a baby, sheets for the first night, a clean change of clothes, and more. A good idea is to pack a box for every family member separately. This will do wonders for your time organization. Just make sure to put them all together so you can unpack them at the same time.

Installing large appliances

If you are moving all your large appliances, this should be the next step on your list. Whether you are doing a local move, or a long distance one, taking your large appliances with you is a hard job. Make sure that you visited the new house at least once prior to the move. This will help you with imagining where to put everything. If you projected where each bigger appliance should be, you can tell your movers to put them there, or at least in the correct room. After this, you should install everything. If you do not know how, make sure to read the instruction manual in order to get an idea. Do not risk doing anything if you are not aware of how it should be done. This way you will risk injuring yourself or your loved ones.


After doing all of this, one of the things you should do right after the move is to make sure to relax. Go outside for a walk, explore your new town and try to find a good place to eat. Meet your neighbors and start planning a housewarming party. Look for nearby parks you can take your kid to. The options are endless! You just need to be organized and not push yourself too hard. If you are exhausted, take a breather and continue after a while. With all that said, good luck with your move!