How to prepare for movers checklist

The process of moving your home is not an easy one, to say the least. Even if you’ve hired the best professional movers out there to help you, you’d still need to prepare for movers before your moving day arrives. But, don’t worry, you are not alone in this process.

In order to have an easier time preparing your relocation, and a successful moving day, we’ve made a checklist of things you should do to prepare for movers properly. Your moving checklist should include the following tasks:

  1. Create a moving schedule
  2. Request time off work
  3. Get enough packing supplies
  4. Prepare your electronics
  5. Clean your old home
  6. Label your boxes
  7. Make an inventory
  8. Pack an essentials moving box
  9. Protect your homes
  10. Know the layout of your new home
  11. Get a good night’s sleep

Keep reading to learn more about handling each of these tasks before the big move.

Create a plan and a moving schedule

You should start your move by making a moving plan and establishing a moving timeline. Depending on the specifics of your relocation, your schedule might differ. A long-distance moving timeline won’t quite look like a short-distance one, but you’ll need a plan for both.

Start by deciding on a moving day that suits you the best. If you can, adapt your choice according to the following:

  • Whether – You should try to schedule your move for dry and sunny days.
  • Time off – Moving during the days you have off is easier than juggling your job and your move.
  • Time of the year – Moving during a busy season might cost you more.
Couple making a checklist to prepare for movers
A well-made plan makes every relocation simple

Request time off work to prepare for movers if necessary

While moving your home is complicated, you could manage to do it while still going to your job. It would require planning and proper time management, but it is doable. However, if you can, you’ll want to get some time off work for your relocation. Having the time to completely focus on your relocation will allow you to better prepare for it, both physically and mentally, even if you’ve hired Coral Springs moving company to help with your relocation.

Get enough packing supplies

Start by calculating how much wrapping and packing tape you might need, and then add 50% more. For boxes, you should add an additional 10% of the packing boxes you think you’ll need.
If you’ve requested packing services from your movers, you won’t have to worry. Professional movers Miami always bring enough boxes and wrapping material to ensure nothing goes wrong with your things.

Prepare your electronics for the movers

While packing the cables for your electronics, make sure you know which cables go with which appliance. You can use color-coding or take pictures to ensure not a single cable is misplaced. This is especially important if you’re moving your office, where your business might suffer from any lost cable, let alone a missing computer or some proprietary documents. Make sure you do an inventory of all your electronics when you prepare for movers.

Pack and clean along the way

If you only have a day to prepare your home for the relocation, you’ll need to pack your items and clean your home simultaneously. You can pack your home one room at a time and clean it immediately. This is best done in teams. So, if both teams do their job, you can pack and clean your home in no time.

Label all of your boxes

You’ll want your movers to know exactly where the boxes go and how they should be handled. When you prepare for movers make sure that you label all sides of the box in a legible way. Avoid labels such as “kitchen” or “John’s room”, and use “fragile”, “handle with care”, or “this side up”.

Woman writing fragile on a box
Let your movers know which boxes need to be handled with extra care

Make an inventory of all of your items

While you’re packing for the move within the State of Florida, you should be making an inventory list of every box and its contents. Consider taking pictures of your items to ensure they were in good condition when they were packed. Making your inventory as detailed as possible when you prepare for movers will help you when unpacking. You’ll know exactly where to find what and you’ll avoid a lot of unnecessary rummaging through boxes.

Pack an essentials moving box

There are some things you should bring with you on your moving day. These are the things you’ll need close at hand or those you plan to relocate yourself because of their value.

Your essentials moving box should contain:

  • Your toiletries
  • A change of clothes
  • Your computer (or whatever it is you can use to do your job)
  • Some cash
  • First aid kit
  • Tool kit 
  • Anything else you think you’ll need within reach on moving day

Your valuables moving box should contain important documentation and items of monetary and sentimental value, such as:

  • Passport
  • Birth Certificate
  • Bank documentation
  • Lease/purchase contract for your new home
  • Contract with your movers
  • Jewelry
  • Any pictures you would miss

You’ll want to stay with these couple of boxes the entire time and keep them in your car during the relocation. Additionally, you can leave the second box in a bank or with a friend until your relocation is complete.

Prepare for movers by protecting your old and new home

There will be a lot of foot traffic on moving day, in both your old home and your new one. To ensure the floors and the walls of both homes remain intact throughout the process, you’ll need to properly protect them. Cardboard on the ground will prevent any damage to your flooring. And by covering some problematic corners in your home with blankets, you’ll ensure no walls get scratched or chipped.

Have a detailed floor plan for your new home

When you arrive at your new living arrangement, you’ll want to know exactly what will go where. This will substantially save both your and the time of your residential movers Miami. Additionally, you should know who will do the unpacking. If you’ll be doing it yourself, you can direct your movers to leave the boxes in their respective rooms. If the movers will be doing the unpacking for you, make sure you give them precise instructions on how to unpack your items.

House floor plan
Plan where each piece of furniture will go in your new home

Get a good night’s sleep to prepare yourself for movers and the big day

No matter how important your relocation is, you’ll still need to get some sleep the night before. Make sure you go to bed early and get enough sleep. You’ll want to be well-rested on your moving day. This will allow you to easily transition into your new home as well as keep your wits about you to avoid any moving accidents.