How to pack and move expensive jewelry

There is always a risk with moving something expensive and fragile, such as jewelry. There is always a possibility, albeit slim, of it being lost in the transport, or damaged and broken. However, there are some easy steps that can make a great deal of difference in the process of packing and moving your jewelry. The first tip is to always work with professionals. Professionals, such as moving company Fort Lauderdale, can help you pack and move expensive jewelry in the most efficient way. There are a lot more tips and tricks on how to pack and move expensive jewelry, and the most successful ones are listed down below.

Pack and move expensive jewelry
You should make a list of every piece of jewelry you own.

First step: account for your items

The first thing you should do if you are planning to pack and move your expensive jewelry is to catalog everything. You should do this so you can have everything in check after the move. You can also give the list to your moving company if you are planning to get packing services so they can be certain that they have packed everything. It is really important that you make a detailed list and take pictures of each piece of jewelry. Additionally, you should make a detailed list including the description of each item and a serial number of each piece.

Time to pack your jewelry

The best tip is to leave the packing to the professionals, such as Pro Movers Miami, as they know all the tips and tricks of the trade. If you want to pack your expensive jewelry by yourself, there are some things you will need to do. You will need to be extra careful with packing necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. The best piece of advice would be to pack them all in separate compartments to avoid any unnecessary tangling and scratches. Another thing to keep in mind is to remove any jewelry that you have on you while doing the heavy lifting. This will prevent any unwanted damage such as bent and scratched bands or chipped stones.

When packing jewelry, every item should be packaged individually to avoid damage.

How to move expensive jewelry

There is a couple of different options of how to transport expensive jewelry. One of the options is to do it yourself. If you have a small number of items to move, you can always wear them. Another option is to hire a professional moving service, even for local moves and moving to Florida. If you have a big and expensive collection of jewelry, you can always hire an armored courier service and have a piece of mind.

Insurance is vital for you to pack and move expensive jewelry

You should have all of your jewelry re-evaluated or reappraised. This will help you determine the current value and replacement cost of the item. Another important tip is to always ensure jewelry. This way you can go through the moving process without the added amount of stress.