How to move from a small to large office?

So, it is time to relocate your office? Your business has grown enough that it needs a bigger one. Well done! Your business growing suggests that it is time to move from a small to large office. What do you need to know before embarking on such an endeavor? This can affect your company’s life and your employees a lot, so please do put enough thought before committing. You need to think of answers to the questions such as how much space do you need and how big is your budget. We have assembled a list of things you need to consider before you make this huge business decision and make it a stress-free move.

How big is big enough?

When thinking about this it is common for people to underestimate the amount of space they need. You are probably sure about what amount of space would be enough for the current size of your company. However, you should never settle if you know that you can go further. This is why you need to consider getting a larger space than you think you need. This will allow you to hire more people and make proper adjustments.

A larger office means more production. More space means that you can fit more production units in your office. Do not be fooled by thinking short term. When thinking about your move from a small to large office you need to protect your company’s growth and think long term. If there are not any office spaces big enough to accommodate your needs, take into account whether there are any nearby storage spaces or whatever you need to make your business dreams come true.

How big is your budget?

When you want to move from a small to large office, your budget is one of the most important things. You do not want to embark on an office relocation without having enough net worth to sustain your company’s health. If your budget is smaller than what you need to move, consider postponing your move. This is a huge business decision and you do not want to sacrifice your company’s current production level. 

Remodel when you move from a small office to large one
See if you need to do a remodeling when you move from a small office to a large one

If you decide that your budget is big enough, there are some things to keep in mind. Other than the base rent of your new office space, you need to take into account Common Area Maintenance (CAM), tenant improvement costs, various operating expenses, and real estate taxes. You may need to do a remodeling of your new office space and that can take a hefty portion of your budget. Painting, flooring, and other technological and aesthetical capabilities of your larger office should be taken into account. Another good idea is to buy office space instead of renting.

Do keep in mind that this is a much more long term process than renting, and make your decision accordingly. It will save you a lot of money on your corporate relocation if you take time into account.

The location can make a huge difference

This is a big one. You need to see if the location of your choosing is the right one for your company’s growth. Some job markets are better for certain types of businesses and some are not. This is why you need to do your research and see if the new office space has everything necessary for the new big step in your company’s life. You should also consider the ease of access for your staff and clients, the proximity to other public services such as transportation and main roads, and the possible expenses of your employees having to commute daily.

The location of your new office can make a huge difference

Another important aspect of your new location is the proximity of your competitors. Being close to a competitor and outshining them with your service can make your company’s image much brighter than theirs. If you want to move to Miami, commercial movers Miami have got your back. They are quite the experts on conducting office relocations, especially when moving from a smaller office to a larger one.

New equipment and furniture

This is something you absolutely need to consider when moving to your new office. If you are expecting your business to grow, you will need new equipment and furniture. This is because you will probably hire more people and that makes the need for new equipment even bigger. You may consider adding a break room so make sure that you get a refrigerator and a microwave. These appliances will make your employees’ lives much easier as they are adapting to their new larger office. If you stumbled upon moving companies North Miami and went into their office to talk about your relocation, you may have seen their break room. Good companies take good care of their employees and are, therefore, motivating them to do their work better.

How does the move from a small to large office affect your employees?

This is maybe the most important question of them all. Your employees are the building blocks of your company and it would never be where it is today without their effort. This is why you need to inform them about the move some time before you commit to it. If you inform them that you are moving in a moments notice, it may affect them significantly because you did not give them time to prepare. Call for a meeting and discuss the move in detail. See if it will affect their daily commutes and expenses. They may even have to move if you have decided to move long distance. And this paves the way for another important question. Can you give some extra compensation to them regarding your move? 

Gather everyone and discuss the move

A good idea is to include them in the move. Ask everyone to pack their own offices or give them another job if they do not have a private office. Also, consider whether working from home during relocation is a viable option.