How to move antique furniture safely

When you find yourself in a situation where you have to move antique furniture, there are certain important things you should know. Preparing yourself in advance, for a manoeuver like this, can be a lifesaver. Antique furniture is fragile and expensive. So, it is in your best interest to relocate it the safest way possible. There are many ways of doing this and it is up to you to choose the one that fits your needs the best. Whether you will decide to hire professional Miami movers for everything or handle some tasks on your own, here you will find some advice on how to carry it out like a pro.

A professional moving company should move antique furniture

Moving antique furniture on your own is not as easy as it may seem. Multiple things can go wrong. So, it is better to be safe than sorry. Therefore, in order to avoid damage as a possibility, you should find the best movers Hallandale Beach can offer. This is half of the job done. Hire a professional moving company with an experienced, well-coordinated crew. Professional movers will know what to do. They will lift and carry your antique furniture, rather than drag it. The possibility of any damage will be reduced if you rely on them. Professional movers carried out this kind of move many times and will be careful and efficient.  This way, you will be able to relax knowing that your antique furniture is in good hands.

A peace of antique furniture wrapped in bubble wrap
Protect your antique furniture with the appropriate wrapping material.

Wrapping  the right way is essential

When it comes to packing, antique furniture must be protected properly before the move. Still, different wrappers are for different materials. You should take some facts into consideration. If you wrap your furniture in shrink-wrap, have in mind that it can damage it. Shrink-wrap can create condensation and ruin it. The condensation can cause discoloring of the surface, the wood can crack and you want to avoid all of that. Therefore, before wrapping your wooden antiques, protect them with blankets. Once that is done, you can continue with securing the furniture. For that you can use bubble wrap, packing peanuts, foam, or pads. However, if you are not confident to do it yourself, there are other options. The next best one is to hire professionals to pack it for you.

Clean your furniture before you start wrapping and packing

Before you start packing your furniture, it must be cleaned. If you do not, the dust will literally glue to the surfaces under the wrap. But, everyday surface sprays are not the solution. Antique wooden furniture is fragile, mostly handmade, and must be treated carefully. The way to do this is to swipe your furniture before wrapping it. Use a microfiber soft cloth, damp it in warm water with a drop of dish soap. No scrubbing is needed. Avoid applying any oils, wax, or anything abrasive. Oils or wax can damage the surface under the wrap, and anything abrasive can scratch it.

A woman cleaning an antique wooden table
Clean your furniture before the packing and save it from any potential damage.

Take weather conditions into consideration

Wood, being a natural material, reacts to its surroundings. It expands in a humid and warm environment and shrinks in a cold and dry one. This is why it sometimes makes cracking sounds. If exposed to drastic temperature changes it can split and break. Therefore, try your best to move antique furniture on a nice, mild day. If, however, this is not an option for you, you can always store your furniture and wait for better conditions. Miami storage facilities are a lifesaver in these kinds of situations. Storage will keep your furniture safe and sound and in the condition you left it.

Appraise and insure before you move antique furniture

Antique furniture is expensive, fragile, handmade, and in many cases one of a kind. Therefore, you definitely do not want anything to happen to it. But if, for whatever reason, something does happen, make sure you can claim some kind of compensation. So, take a photo of your furniture before packing it and examine it after you unpack it. This way you will know if any damage was done during the move. In order to protect yourself from losing money and your furniture on its value, make sure your antique furniture is insured.

A mover and a woman shaking hands before she decides to move antique furniture with his help
Talk to your movers and see what kind of insurance options they can offer you.

To sum up everything

As you can see, there are a few very important things to consider when you are moving antique furniture. Most people make a mistake and try to handle everything by themselves. We, as professionals, know how demanding it can be to prepare, pack, and carry such large items that are more fragile than they look. That is why we always recommend hiring professionals and making things much easier. To make it all simple for you, here is a list that will remind you what you have to do:

  • Call movers if you want to move antique furniture safely
  • Check, clean, and pack your items the right way
  • Make sure everything is ready
  • Also, make sure you got that insurance that we mentioned

Good luck

We hope that you found some useful tips and information. It is important to be careful and we know that you will be. Remember to follow our guide and your own moving plan and everything will be fine. While reading this, you may have gotten the idea that there is too much to think about, especially when it comes to packing. Still, if you focus and start on time, you will see that this is nothing too difficult. Now, you’re all set to move antique furniture the right way. Good luck.