How to make your home more kid friendly after the move

There are many things you need to do after the move. You need to unpack everything, rest, play with your children, meet the new neighbors, etc. However, it can be hard to make a schedule and stick to it. But everything will fall into its place whether you follow a schedule or not. There is, however, another thing you need to take care of after the move. Your kids need to be safe in the new house and there probably aren’t any safety measures. That is why you need to make your home more kid friendly and also make your new place feel like home! To help you with this endeavor, we have created an article that deals with just that! So, without any further ado, let’s dive in!

Make your home more child friendly!
Make your home more child friendly!

Make your home kid friendly, how?

So, after waving your Coral Springs moving company goodbye, it is time to childproof your home! How to do it exactly? There are many ways to do to, some are expensive and some are not. You first need to determine your budget before deciding what to do. Of course, your child’s safety is of utmost importance, so spending a few bucks more is definitely worth it. Let’s see what you can do!

Put doorknob and table corner covers

This is one of the first things you should do. Whenever I think of doorknob covers, I remember a situation from my childhood. I was playing with my brother and came running down the stairs. And reaching the bottom of the stairs I tripped on the carpet and went flying towards the entrance door. I would have had serious head injuries if my mom did not put doorknob covers on. Thanks, mom! And that is exactly how you should make your child’s life safer. Go online and buy doorknob covers, they are not expensive and can save your children from serious head injuries.

It is the same deal with table corner covers. If your child can reach the table with their head, there is a big risk involved. You do not want your kid to bump their head on sharp table corners. The best way to keep them safe is to get table corner covers. Believe me, they will come in handy!

Staircase gates

You have probably seen these somewhere. It is simple, but there is a bit of work involved. The key idea is to put gates on both ends of the staircase. Your local movers Florida might have mentioned something like this during your move! This is very important if your children have not yet learned to use the stairs. This can prevent major injuries if your children happen to trip while climbing or descending the staircase.

kid's drawing
Let your kids unleash their artistic freedom!

So, get two gates, and put one on the bottom of the stairs, and one on top. You may need to look for professional help when doing something like this if you want to do it correctly. These gates have locks that are out of reach for our children. When they grow up and are able to unlock the gates themselves, they are probably ready to use the stairs. A great addition to your home and a great way to make your home more kid friendly!

Do not put things on the top of shelves

Putting shiny and colorful stuff on the top shelf is a recipe for disaster. Your child is probably going to do everything they can to reach it. Naturally, they are going to try to climb the shelf in order to reach the shiny object. This may result in your child getting injured from falling or even worse, pulling the shelf along with them. In order to prevent this, put the stuff on the low shelf where the kid can reach it without climbing. Their attention span is short during a young age so they will probably leave it after a few minutes of playing. It is better to risk your child breaking the object than risking them getting injured. 

Get fixed cushion sofas

What do children usually do when they see a bed with many cushions. They will, of course, take the cushions apart and start playing with them. A cushion fort is very likely to appear. One way to make your kids unable to make a mess of your sofa is to get fixed cushion sofas. All of the cushions are sowed into the sofa so your kids will not be able to take it apart.

Paint your walls with semigloss paint

This will make your home more kid friendly, and give it new life in the process! One of the best low budget home improvement ideas around! Your kids will sometimes get bored with using their notebooks and papers and start doodling on the walls. One of the best ways to make this less of a problem is to use semigloss paint. Semigloss paint will allow your children to paint the walls as much as they want and you can just wipe everything off with a fiber cloth. It is great for markers, crayons, chalk. You will be able to wipe everything off with just one swipe! Do not be afraid to paint your kids’ room with semigloss paint, and if this proves like it is not enough, paint your entire place!

paint colors
Paint the walls with semigloss paint!

Kids’ counters

Kids’ counters are a great idea because your child is going to want to spend time with you while you are in the kitchen. The best way to prevent them from doing anything harmful is to give them something to do. If you make a small counter for them which they can use to draw, play, or whatever else, they will most likely not try to climb on your counter and possibly hurt themselves. With all that said, good luck with making your home more kid friendly!