How to handle clutter when moving from Aventura to Edgewater

Moving a junk drawer or closet filled with stuff you didn’t even know you owned doesn’t make sense. If you move, you’re gonna have to pack and schlep all those extra things; and if you hire moving companies in Florida, you’ll pay more to move junk you won’t want in your new place. The choice is yours. However, if you want to keep moving days as inexpensive and stress-free as possible, follow this article on how to handle clutter when moving from Aventura to Edgewater.

Handle clutter when moving from Aventura to Edgewater

You may be for seeking items that spark joy, however, sometimes you need to get down to business, and moving is one of those times. When you handle clutter when moving from Aventura to Edgewater, it’s different than your usual spring cleaning. You might be dreading it, although decluttering now is going to save you time and money in the future. In addition, it’s going to make you happier. Before you call long distance movers Florida, keep on reading to find out how to handle clutter when moving.

handle clutter when moving
Decluttering will save you money and time in the future.

Evaluate everything

The act of picking up, packing, and lifting full boxes can give an appreciation for what we continue to carry. Moves make us consider what we have taken for granted. These times let us question our choices and our ownership. To place that thing in a box means you are going to continue carrying it. So, ask yourself, “Why do I have this item? What does this object provide me? Am I ready to continue carrying this?”

Scan for dust

Rub your finger along unused glasses, or that blender you never knew you had. Does it have dust? This easy trick is something you can do to judge usefulness. To buy something, make space for it, and then let it collect dust should tell you whether you need it or not. Dust is your good friend when you’re looking to own fewer items and lighten your load going forward.

Give yourself time

You shouldn’t wait until the day before the movers arrive to figure out what to pack and what to get rid of. Instead, you should plan about two weeks in advance. Movers Edgewater FL suggests marking out a few hours a day to tackle a different room or closet in your home. By working in smaller chunks, you are not going to be tempted to just throw it all in boxes and be done with it.

A woman smiling at the camera
A great way to handle clutter when moving from Aventura to Edgewater is donating.

Donate clothing and shoes you don’t wear

“Does it bring me joy?” “Would I buy this again today?” If your answer is “No” then it means there aren’t any reasons to keep it. This is a good way to handle clutter when moving from Aventura to Edgewater. Is that suit, dress, or pair of jeans in the back of your closet something that you may wear? Consider donating it to charity (GoodWill or local women’s shelter), giving it to a friend, or selling it (try Poshmark, Mercari, theRealReal). Just because you spent money on it doesn’t mean you should keep it.

Do a practicality test

If you’re not sure you should keep or donate something, ask yourself if you’ll use it. Movers Aventura suggests setting a time limit for clothes. If you didn’t wear something in a year, you most likely won’t wear it again, so put it in the donate box. Check for duplicates with sheets, towels, or kitchen utensils. While it might be nice to have three sets of sheets, one or two are just fine. The same goes for spatulas and hand towels.

Check expiration dates

Chances are good your bathroom or pantry has a couple of items past their prime. Before you pack anything, take a look at the expiration date or think back to when you bought it. Spices can last for years however, they lose potency after around six months. If you’ve had that spice jar for a long time, open it up and smell the contents. If you don’t smell a strong whiff of the spice, you can toss the jar. In the bathroom, a lot of makeup products like mascara and concealer expire after a year. While it will not harm you to wear old makeup, this is a good time to toss products you haven’t worn in a really long time.

A man holding a pile of clothes
It’s good to give some of your items to family and friends if you don’t want to donate or sell them.

Learn to let go

It’s important to understand that consumption can never be completely quenched. We have urges. Vendors will continue to try and sell you more stuff. However, there is much freedom you can find in getting rid of stuff and consuming less. Subtraction doesn’t tend to be a natural part of the process when staying planted and living in one place for a long time. Moving offers a natural reason to learn how to let go.

Give items to your friends and family

You may have some items that you don’t want to either sell or donate to charity. You also still don’t see yourself using them and they are gonna be cluttering up your home. To handle clutter when moving from Aventura to Edgewater, and deal with this type of item, giving them to your friends or family members is the best idea. You are still going to see the items being displayed or used, and they will make a good “conversational piece”.

If you’re happy where you are, then great! In that case, you should consider looking for ways to engage in these processes regularly whenever you can. Evaluate, scan, challenge, practice, donate and embrace—regardless of whether you’re moving next week or not.