How to decorate your kid’s room after moving

Moving is a complex process that needs a lot of time and dedication. However, when moving with children, you need to take care of plenty of additional tasks. After the relocation, the first priority of every parent is to get their children’s rooms in order. Apart from other essential rooms such as a bedroom or your kitchen, you need to set up your kid’s room. After Pro Movers Miami brought your moving boxes into your new home, the decorating adventure can begin. At first, you will find yourself with an empty space. This is a great opportunity to come up with several ideas and start making the room a perfect fit for your child. Depending on the age of your kid, you can also consult and hear their wishes. In addition, discover in this article tips to decorate your kid’s room after moving.

a man planning to decorate your kid's room after moving
Have a floor plan so you can plan room decoration more easily

Start with space planning

When moving to a new home, the key thing is to know the size and the way your new space looks like. This way you will have a clear idea about the limitations and possibilities that your new home offers. Before you hire one of the white glove moving companies, you can start with space planning. If you have the option, the best would be to visit your new home and start planning. This way the space will become alive, and you will see its full potential. Start by creating a list of the functionalities that the room should have. These should include sleeping, studying, playing, dressing, etc. In addition, use the floor plan to visualize the space so you can zone the room more easily. Finally, decide which furniture you would relocate and if you need some additional purchases to make.

It is time to decorate your kid’s room after moving

In case you are out of ideas, the way the old room looked can be a starting point for decorating your child’s new room. The inspiration may come from colors, fabrics, or furniture that you already have. You can use wallpapers or color the walls to zone the space. Depending on your child’s age, you should create a cozy sleeping corner. Start by placing a crib or a bed in the right place. A few cushions and new bedding will give a warm and cozy feeling to this part of the room. Also, add a small bookshelf close to the bed. This way either you or your child will have the option to easily reach out to a book to read before bedtime.

Open shelves are good storage solutions

No matter if you have a small child and plenty of toys, or a school child, having open shelves is a good way to decorate your kid’s room after moving. Once your residential movers Miami bring in the moving boxes, you can start assembling the shelves and storage containers. On one hand, these shelves will keep certain things out of reach of young children. On the other hand, these will serve to display different decorating items. Also, there will be more space in the room for other items, since these will keep items off the floor. In addition, use the empty space under the bed to store some toys or some bulkier items. Various sizes and shapes of the open shelves will provide a unique room image and also add interest to your walls.

a girl cleaning a shelf
Use open shelves when trying to decorate your kid’s room after moving

The room will need frequent upgrading

As your child is growing, one of the greatest challenges for every parent is frequent room upgrades to fit your child’s needs. As your kid is growing up, they will have different preferences. For this reason, you can decide to go with certain colors to decorate your kid’s room after moving. Using white or neutral colors for your furniture will give space to some slight changes that you can make according to your child’s current age. Different bedspreads, wall panels, and artwork will add to the evolving taste of your kid. When local movers Miami bring in your child’s bed and you install it, make sure to leave enough space to fit in a bigger one when the time comes. Also, there should be more storage room if you need to fit in a bigger closet.

Define study zone

If you have a preschool or school child, it is necessary to set up a work zone in their new room. This will help them stay organized while having a nice working space that you adjusted to their needs. Make sure to place the study table near the window so that your child has more natural light when studying. Find the boxes with cabinets and start assembling them in the study area. This way they will have easy access to their school books and a clean space to do their homework. The key thing is to have enough space for the stationary on the desk, so there will not be any clutter and the surface will remain nice and tidy. This area should be as neutral as possible so your child can focus better.

a boy in a yellow T-shirt sitting at the study desk
Create a clean space on the study desk is very important when you decorate your kid’s room after moving

Create a play area according to your child’s needs

When creating a play area in your kid’s room, try to involve them in the process as much as possible. If the room is big enough, you can add a nice playing corner such as a teepee. You can find different designs on Amazon or other sites and add them to the playing space. Make sure to have various storage containers to sort out the toys more easily. This will not only provide easy access to the toys but also help maintain the room tidy and clean. One of the most interesting activities is decorating your kid’s room after moving. When styling their room, take their preferences into account, and also listen to their ideas. Encourage your child to take part in the whole action. This would be one of the best ways to spend some time bonding and having fun in your new home.