How to compare moving companies?

Deciding to move is a big deal. You need to be aware of all the stress you will experience and deal with that efficiently. Creating a stable moving environment is crucial to dealing with the whole process. One of the best ways to minimize stress during your move is to hire a moving company. Moving companies deal with everything related to moving, from packing to unpacking. If you hire a good moving company, you will not have to do much, except for deciding on the location. Be sure to compare moving companies to find the best one.

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Compare moving companies to get the best deal possible.

Compare moving companies

As soon as you begin looking for a moving company, you will see that there are so many to choose from. You need to decide which one to choose, by comparing the prices and services. Hiring the right one will help a lot because you will look at all the services you need and pick the most reliable ones considering your needs. There are some companies that specialize in moving art and pianos, so you have to think about this and many other factors when deciding on the right company. Take a look at this guide and pick the company that will best suit your needs.

Comparing ratings and reviews

You need to find companies that have good reviews on their websites. You should also look for websites that are not related to the companies themselves but act as a place to leave reviews, like Yelp. Try to find companies with the best reviews possible, both on their website and on Yelp as well. But, be wary of overly positive reviews. Some companies will try to scam you by leaving positive reviews on their own site by using fake accounts. This was done many times and many people fell for it. Use these reviews to compare moving companies and see which one have the most genuine positive reviews. Also, try to stay away from the companies that mostly have negative reviews, because there are many things that can go wrong if you choose them. This should be the first step to choosing the company that will suit your needs.

Compare the reviews and rating of each moving company to get the best deal

Compare moving estimates

Companies use different aspects of the move when they are making estimates. A moving estimate is when the moving company looks at everything you want to move and give you an estimated price of the whole move. Some take weight, distance, and insurance into account, and others focus more on weight, or on distance.

Many moving companies offer free estimates when you call them, but phone or email estimates are usually not reliable. You should try to get as many estimates from as many companies as you can, just so you can compare the prices, and see which company focuses on what. If you have clunky, but light objects, some companies will focus on the dimensions of the item, and not on its weight. Finding a company that focuses only on weight will make your move cheaper, because the items you want to move, take more space but weigh less. Also try to find companies that are specialized in moving art, should you need it, because it is crucial to have experienced movers handle your priceless inventory.

Types of estimates

There is also the aspect of binding and non-binding estimates. When they ask you this, you should go with the binding estimate, however, this will make the move more expensive. But a more expensive move usually means better handling of your items and less scamming ability. The binding estimate is a better option when considering price because they cannot issue you more costs for their services, beyond that which you agreed upon. In a non-binding estimate, the movers may try to charge you for “hidden” services, that they do not talk about in front.

There is also another option, which is binding not-to-exceed-estimate. This means that you agree upon a price when they give you an estimate. When the actual weighing comes, if your belongings weigh more than the estimate, the price will not exceed the estimate. This is the best option, but there are some companies that will not agree to this.

It is also very important to ask about any illogically low price. Compare how much do different companies charge for the something, in order to avoid a scam. Ask the company why do they charge so low for certain items. Look at these factors and decide accordingly.

Packing your belongings

One of the best additional services to consider is whether the company should do the packing. This will take a lot of work off your chest, provided that you are financially ready.

If you choose this option, the final price of the move will be higher. There are some companies that specialize in packing, so consider those as well. It is better to hire a professional moving company than to hire a moving company that also does the packing along the way and in an unprofessional manner. The movers may step out of their comfort zone if they are required to do the packing, as they may not know how to pack more delicate items that are more fragile. The next step is to compare moving companies, and packing companies and see which is the best one for you. Check for reviews and the prices, and be smart when making the decision.

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Your moving company may provide packing service. If not, contact a packing company.


Your move is the first step to your new life. This means that it should be done as good as possible. Doing the things that are mentioned in this guide is one of the best ways to make a good first step. Hiring the best moving company possible will make your job much easier. They will also be reliable and you will not worry about the state of your belongings. Try to compare moving companies to get the best possible deal before your move. Experienced movers will make a stable moving process and environment and minimize the stress that you may feel during your move. Try to follow this guide and good luck!