How to build a tool shed under budget

So, you want to build a tool shed under budget? This task may seem tricky when you are running on a tight budget. You may feel like acquiring all the materials will be a very costly affair. This mission may even seem impossible to pull off. But, don’t worry. We are here to help you!

The good news is that you can indeed build a tool shed under budget. You just need a little know-how. While Miami storage facilities where you can safely store your tools do exist, sometimes combining a rented storage unit with your very own tool shed can be just what you need. So, here is all the know-how you will need. Without further ado, let’s start building!

Getting a permit so that you can build a tool shed under budget

Before you actually begin working on your tool shed, there is one very important thing to care of. Namely, you may need a permit. Do not begin working before you have checked if this is the case. Otherwise, all your hard work could become undone. And besides, the need to apply for a permit exists for a reason. This regulation is in place because of safety reasons. If you proceed and you build a tool shed, you may be endangering your safety, as well as the safety of other people.

But, how will you know if you need a permit or not? The process of finding an answer to this question is a simple one. First, you need to locate your local building department. Their employees will instruct you on exactly where you can build, as you will want to avoid the lot lines. They will also issue you a permit if need be. Then, you will need to dial 811, in order to get instructions on how to find the utility lines that are buried beneath the ground.

A sign reading "Caution!".
Proceed with caution – if you build a tool shed under budget before acquiring a permit, you may be endangering people’s safety!

Cheap materials and modular structure

Now, it is time to actually build a tool shed under budget that will satisfy all of your tool-storing needs. What makes our shed so cheap to make? Two things: cheap materials and the fact that its structure is modular. This means that you will build your exquisite, yet highly affordable shed out of various different parts that are otherwise separate, as opposed to being an integral part of the one same whole, unable to be separated and to function on their own.

In practical terms, this means that you will also be able to work whenever you want to. Bad weather may prevent you from working on your shed whenever you want to. Not with modular components! You can simply carry these components, once you have gotten ahold of them, to the shed. Quickly install them without having to stand for a long period of time in the bad weather, et voila! Your shed is one step closer to completion. No matter the season – you can do this. You can build a tool shed under budget and view it as one of the autumn activities in Miami to enjoy.

Rain drops.
A bit of rain will not stop you when you are using modular components!

Sliding and foundation

Which materials are inexpensive and, at the same time, appropriate for this job? You will need an OSB sliding. There is no high-quality, inexpensive tool shed without the right sliding panels. And OSB sliding panels will be perfect in this situation. Forget about plywood panels or, even worse, wooden panels! While they can definitely be great, they do not offer the appropriate bang for your bucks. People use them when they have money to spare. They do add to the quality of your shed, but these are subtle details for aficionados. You can certainly build a tool shed under budget that will be amazing by only using OSB panels.

The foundation should be wooden, though. Again, the foundation-situation is similar to the one with sliding panels. A concrete foundation certainly has its advantages, but you do not really need it! Wood will do, and you will save a lot of money by foregoing concrete.

A piggy bank; with our advice, you will be able to fill it and build a tool shed under budget.
You will fill two piggy banks if you opt for OSB sliding panels and wood foundation!

Door and windows

Now, let us build the door and the windows. As for the door, if you build it by yourself, you can get the look of an excellent door that would have cost you 1000 dollars – if you are lucky. However, we do have to note one difference between such an expensive door, and the one you will build for some 100 dollars. Namely, these doors will only look like a bought prehung door. However, they will be less secure. Still, when we are talking about a shed, they should prove to be sturdy enough. So, get your wood, your pocket screws and your acrylic sheet, and you are good to go!

Similarly, with the same materials, you can create elegant arch-top windows. If you want an extra touch of elegance, we suggest painting them as well. Red is a great color for tool-shed windows, but you can go with any color that fits the rest of the shed.

One piece of advice for the road

We will conclude this post with one piece of advice. Namely, a lot of people relocate to a new home that is shed-free. And then they have to build a new shed on their own. Of course, that is perfectly fine. That is what we are here to help you. However, if you will be moving, we have to stress the fact that your move may look entirely different if you choose a wrong moving company. In other words, what is already a stressful procedure will be made even worse. Luckily, high-quality moving companies in Florida do exist! We wholeheartedly suggesting hiring one.

The challenges of moving locally in Florida are manifold. The same goes for an intrastate move. So, you will need all the help you can get. Good movers will take care of everything while you attend to your everyday duties. From packing to shipping, they make the process of moving much easier to handle. So, think hard on which company you choose, and then you can build a tool shed under budget while being relaxed and happy that your move turned out to be such a smooth procedure.