Hardest challenges of moving locally in Florida

When you are moving, there will be some problems that you will have to address even if you hire Pro movers in Miami. Talking about your local move, these problems will be a little different, but still quite existent. Changing the neighborhood but not the city will give you a fresh perspective of the city. You will also have a harder time adjusting to the different commuting times, and bus lines if you are using public transportation. To help you deal with all of these problems, we have created an article. So, the hardest challenges of moving locally in Florida. Without any further ado, let’s dive in!

Challenges of moving locally in Florida

When moving locally in Florida, you should expect some pitfalls. As with every local move. These pitfalls include adjusting to the new neighborhood, possible damage being done to your items during the move, meeting new people, shedding weight for your move, etc. We will talk about it in-depth now. Let’s get to it!

Not packing properly

People often underestimate a local move and do not prepare for it properly. They are thinking that they can probably pack everything one or two days before the move. This is a thing that residential movers Miami often cite as something that you should never do when you are moving. Improper packing can lead to a lot of damage being done to your items during the move and then they blame everything on the movers, while they are the source of the problem.

That is why you should pack everything properly and not rush anything. Underestimating a local move can prove fatal to your items and you should really try to prepare a schedule. The fact that the items are going to tumble from one location to another close by does not change that they will get the same treatment as a long-distance move, sitting in a truck with many different items.

Adjusting to the new neighborhood

Adjusting to the new neighborhood is one of the hardest challenges of moving locally in Florida. This is because people get used to their home and their neighborhood. Getting used to a neighborhood leads to you memorizing the distances and the time you need to get from one place to another. All of that changes when you move to a new neighborhood. You will have to find new bus stops and get used to commuting from there. You will also need to find new stores for your everyday groceries. In addition, you will probably reminiscence about the close proximity of your workplace from your old home. However, as time goes by, this will change. You will grow accustomed to your new neighborhood and everything will seem proper.

Adjusting to the now neighborhood is one of the hardest challenges of moving locally in Florida
Adjusting to the new neighborhood can be hard

People underestimate the price of the move

When you think of a local move, you probably think that a short distance move will cost less. It certainly will, of course, but it will still not be dirt cheap. If it is dirt cheap, you found yourself a scammer company, so get ready to be ripped off. Furthermore, every reputable moving company has a minimum price of the move. You may even move across the street, it will still not go under the minimum. So, do not underestimate the price of a local move and prepare your budget accordingly.

no money
Prepare your budget accordingly

How to reduce the price of your move?

Every moving company has a minimum. However, this is only for smaller moves. Bigger moves still cost real money. But, worry not! There are ways to reduce the cost of your move, maybe even reach the minimum if you shed enough stuff! There are several ways of shedding weight and decreasing the price of the move and we will now go in-depth.

Having a yard sale

A yard sale is one of the best ways to overcome one of the hardest challenges of moving locally in Florida. To decrease the price of your move, gather all of your extra stuff and it is time to have a yard sale! A yard sale is possibly the greatest way to shed extra items and decrease the price of the move, and earn some money in return. It is a win-win situation!

However, a good yard sale is not that easy to pull off. You need to pay attention to some details in order to do it successfully. The most important thing during your garage sale is to have good advertising. You can advertise your sale by printing out flyers and posters. You can then “hire” your kids to hand out the flyers around the neighborhood, and put up posters on notice boards.

In addition, you can also use social media as your advertising medium. Creating an event on Facebook will surely attract many people to your sale. Use the internet to your advantage!

yard sale
A yard sale is a great way to get rid of extra stuff

Selling the items online

If you do not manage to sell everything you wanted during your sale, you can always sell the items online. Go on a website such as eBay and list your stuff there. You will have a much larger audience so you will most likely sell everything.

Getting a storage unit

If you do not manage or do not want to sell your extra stuff, visit one of many Miami storage facilities and rent a storage unit! You can use the storage unit as a pitstop for your items until you decide what to do with them.

Donating the items

If all else fails, you can always donate the items. Call your friends and family and ask them if they want any of the stuff you are handing out. You can even “bribe” your friends into helping you with the move by handing out free stuff. If they do not want to take these items for you, you can take your stuff to a charity organization and give it to the neediest! With all that said good luck overcoming the challenges of moving locally in Florida!