How to adjust and have fun after moving to South Point

It is easy to have fun after moving to South Point, especially when you have moved there recently. There are many great places you can visit here as a tourist or resident. People here have used great outdoor activities, sports, and museums. The site is a suburb of Charlotte, North Carolina, with a population of 46,021. Most residents here own their homes, connecting a small community with the same interests and lifestyles. If you have decided to come here to live, you should know that most of the residents are young, tend to lean conservatively, and have great public schools. You should rely on one of the great moving companies Miami and organize relocation as soon as possible.

How to have fun after moving to South Point

Having fun after moving to South Point could be simple if you learn more about this place and its residents. There are many places you can visit with your children or alone, especially if you like outdoor activities.

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It is easy to have fun after moving to South Point

Freedom Park

Freedom Park, or City Liberty Park, is where you can have great moments and fun after moving to South Point. The park is in the center of the city of Charlotte, with lakes and vast grasslands in the park. The park is named to be a place for relaxing and playing with kids. You can picnic by the lake, looking at the ducks playing there. Although most parents recommend this park for parent-child activities, due to the zoo nearby, it could be an excellent place for adults, too. If you like butterflies, you should visit a room made for them. Movers South Point gladly recommends it as the first activity to see after moving.


One of the most attractive theme parks in South Point, with the largest rollercoaster in the US. It is great for family activities, but even adults can have fun after moving to South Point. Along with the typical activities in fun parks, there are great water sports, Planet Snoopy, a cartoon theme park, and an astonishing program during Halloween. However, one of the reasons why residential movers Miami organize relocation to this place often are rollercoasters, one of the greatest in the US. There are a lot of them, with various themes and sizes.

One of the biggest rollercoasters in US is in South Point

Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden

This place is made to be a space for relaxing, learning about the plants and flowers, and spending great moments with the family. If you come here between Memorial Day to Labor Day, you will see butterflies. Also, it has an excellent succulent garden and architecture around the peaceful gardens. Good enough to look for moving quotes Miami and ask for the best options for relocating.

Buzzard Rock Trail

It is a park, but not the usual one you are used to. Made to be in three lines, so you can walk, climb, and take great photos, the park attracts people as they move here. Not only can you relax here, but it is also made to amuse families, especially kids and pets. Many of them come here on weekends to make a picnic or walk through nature, only a ten-minute drive from the town center.

There are a lot of museums in South Point

As one of the best places for having fun after moving to South Point, people name museums and centers; most are very interesting and have a lot of details that attract people. You can learn about this place and have great family moments there.

Spectrum Center

It isn’t easy to define if this belongs to museums or sports activities since it includes both. On the one hand, it is a venue for concerts, basketball, and other events. On the other hand, it presumes excellent moments for sports fans, especially those that love basketball.

  • True basketball lovers will find a great NBA experience here, with a view from the nosebleeds;
  • The atmosphere here is excellent, like you are on the stage, so it represents a perfect place for true fans;
  • This place could be one of the best places to have fun after moving to South Point due to DJs, kids’ excitement, games, and other activities.

Carolinas Aviation Museum

Maybe you didn’t know, but Charlotte is the hometown of the Wright brothers, plane innovators and creators of the first airplane. In this museum, you can see the history of aircraft development and experience the feeling of sitting in the cockpit of a fighter jet. It is for sure that kids adore this place, but even adults can find great moments to enjoy. Do not miss this museum if you are a tourist, especially after moving to South Point.

Learn more about sport

Although you consider sports activities the most important in your life, you should expand your field of interest. After moving to South Point, you can have fun learning about new sports and activities. It will be surprised how many things you can quickly learn here and have great moments with friends and family.

You can walk and visit great nature in this place

NASCAR Hall of Fame

People who like NASCAR car races surely know this place. However, even those that have yet to learn about this sport can have fun after moving to South Point. The museum has an auto show with historical pictures and books. Visitors also can drive a racing simulator or learn more about this sport. Visitors also point to incredible architecture, many interactive activities here, and the options to meet one of the most significant drivers in this sport.

National Whitewater Center

People visit the places with families and alone, especially those who love outdoor activities, sports, and picnics. However, the site offers even more than that. You can enjoy festivals, races, films, adventures, and great programs here. Known as one of the most famous recreational centers in the US, this center is great for practicing, relaxing, and even learning outside. Take advantage of this opportunity to have fun after moving to South Point.